Mini-ITX gaming rig

July 26th 2013
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Small Form Factor Water-cooled
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System Specs:
  • Intel i5-3570K
  • Asrock Z77e-ITX Wifi
  • Asus GTX 670 Mini
  • Cooltek Coolcube black
  • Cooler Master M700 Silent
  • Cooler Master Seidon 120m
  • Crucial M4 128Gb Msata
Performed Mods:
Bracket for placing radiator on back of the case
I wanted to build a mini-ITX gaming rig for a long time. This build has as few cables as necessary. The only harddrive is a msata flash drive on the back of the motherboard. The graphics card needs only one 8pins cable and the motherboard only has 2 power cables and 3 for audio, usb3 and power button. The Cooler Master 120M is mounted externally and does its job well of keeping the CPU below 60c.
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