Black & White 2

August 22nd 2006
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics Custom Paint Job
System Specs:
  • New Parts
  • DFI NForce4 UT Ultra-d
  • Sapphire x1800xt 256mb OC 700/1800
  • AMD 3200+ ~2.6 at 1.4vcore
  • Red LEDs on video card, heatsink, and ram
  • Old Parts
  • XP-90Alu Heatsink/ThermalTake 92mm 2600rpm Fan
  • 2x 512mb Corsair Value Ram Unmatched
  • 20 Tigerdirect Case
  • Creative Audigy 2 ZS
  • 2x 80gb Western Digital Pata 133 Hdds
  • Sunbeam 4 Channel Fan Controller
  • ThermalTake 420W +12v 18A PSU
  • 2x Masscool 80mm Fans
  • 2x Aspire Blue Led 80mm Fans
Performed Mods:
Case Paint LEDs Cable Management
update of Black & White. just got new parts and finally took pics to show you guys here. no changes on the case paint but i did add some leds behind the exaust fans to showcase the new mobo and video card. the leds i used are for car stereos and have built in resistors. all i had to do was wire them up to a 12v source and go. i spliced the 4 leds into a 3pin fan connector so i could dim them witht he fan controller.
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18 Comments on Black & White 2

hey fix that link all i got was a bunch of porn sites
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pron sites? what link? certianly isnt anything i typed.
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i clicked on the pics on your second post and three sites came
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newmodder you sure its just not a couple sites you hotkeyed or set as your home pages ;)

Very nice case by the way. Put enough LED's in there and you wont even need a lamp in your room :)
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I think i may have clciked the banner and got some site..but i am not sure
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yeah those leds i have in there are really nice. they are Optix brand (made by streetglow). they are just a led with the resistor and wires all connected into a small case which makes mounting very easy. i cant wait til i get a half decent case as i dont even have a window. they have a bunch of them at my local meijer (think wallmark/kmart). they also have 3 led strips that can be mounted anywhere and are the very thin diodes. they also have ldes pods, strobes, lots of stuff.
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Very nice externally, but i do see a lot of exposed cables internally. i recommend getting some cable wrap and really tie them down to one side. but it really doesnt matter because the case is windowless.
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IIRC the way you have your RAM setup, it's not running dual channel. Switch it to being in the orange slots. The orange slots OC the best. ;)
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Azn Tr14dZ
wtf8269IIRC the way you have your RAM setup, it's not running dual channel. Switch it to being in the orange slots. The orange slots OC the best. ;)
Not really. If you have TCCD or TCCC type memory, orange slots are the best. If you have Winbond UTT BH-5 or CH-5, then yellow is the way to go. Also, there are different BIOS's for different type of memory.
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well there inlies the major problem with sub $20 cases. they are crap. and the problem with $30 psu's is no cables are wrapped. theres like 7 leads off that psu and very long at that.

btw with the ram its not a matched pair. i have no idea what kind of ram it is even. but either way i cant run it at 3/4/4/8 at 200mhx so i have a 5/6divider at 2.5/3/3/7. at that i can oc to 2.6ish.
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winter boredom is here.

two hours worth of cleaning and about 75 zip ties. what ya think compared to the pics in the first post?
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He cant run dual channel because he has a big ass fan covering the firs two slots.
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Dual channel

Come on people he clearly said the ram was unmatched and you have to have exact matched sticks of ram to dual channel! besides as much as i hate/love to say it kenny probly thinks ur uber n00bs now
i got a new case and a bunch of articcooling fans for xmas. so after the switch i redid the lighting and wire management. for my birthday im getting some ballistix tracer ram (512x2). then i will be able to run dual channel and the ram is tested to 250mhz at 2.5-4-4-8. then i should be able to overclock.

velcro the xp-90 is high enough off the motherboard to allow ram with ease. in fact thats one of the reasons to the heatsink design....

i will have new pics up soon once i get the side panel fans hooked up and the uv ccfl's installed along with the ram.
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hey guys i got my new case and ram. heres some pics
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