Old Machine

October 27th 2017
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Key Features:
Intel CPU AMD Graphics Scratch Build Custom Paint Job
System Specs:
  • MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard
  • Pentium G3258 Intel Processor
  • Scan Disk 120 GB SSD
  • Western Digital Blue Hard Drive 500 GB
  • Western Digital Green Hard Disk 1 TB
  • Asus Strix R9 380X
  • Ram 16GB Vengeance 2400MhZ
Special Tools Used:
  • scredriver
  • saw
Time Spent:
8 Days
Modding an old low cost case :)
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3 Comments on Old Machine

Sorry ......... your PC looks like a bad carnival .... didn't even look at the hardware powering it ( I will tho ) .... but .... no .... that needs to be on a 12 year olds desk who plays minecraft or still uses AOL as a ISP !
Looked at the specs .... will that run " time " ???? LOL
Long as you enjoy it ......... hopefully you did not spend more then $400 on it !
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