The Big RED 1

November 12th 2017
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Custom Paint Job
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System Specs:
  • Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 7
  • i7-6700K@4.7ghz
  • Corsair Vengeance Red LED 16GB DDR4 3200 xpm-2 Zotac GTX1060-6GB oc'd
  • 2x 256GB 950 PRO NVME
  • 1x Hitachi 2TB spinner
  • Thermaltake 5 channel fan controller with LED readouts.
  • 11x Corsair AF140's with Red LED's
  • 2x Coolermaster 100mm intakes in front
  • Corsair H110i GT AIO Cooler w/3 AF140 Red LED
  • EVGA 850 SuperNova Windows10 Pro- w/all background shiitzu disabled ||
Performed Mods:
USB, internal console mods, paint job, and wire management completed. All least for now :)
Special Tools Used:
  • Dremel tool, electric palm sander, drill,
Time Spent:
36 hours total.
11-12-2017 And so it begins :) This is the start of my pre-holiday hobby build, starting with a ThermalTake TT-900 case. Below you can see pics of the case dis-assembled into its component pieces with NO mods yet, except for the installation of the fans. If you are not familiar with this case, do not let anyone fool you.... it is HUGH, Heavy and extremely well made. Everything just fits together prcisely how its supposed to. I have an Air 540 now, which is very nice, but does not even hold a candle to this case! All throughout the disassembly I was shaking my head asking myself, "now why can't other cases be built like this?". I know this case, by its very nature, is designed for watercooling, however I'm not really into that at this time, but may do it in the future. Mods I plan to do include: 1. Adding a 4 port USB-C hub to the lower left side. 2. Multiple lighting effects. 3. Center console mesh panels 4. Move TT name badge from console to top of front glass panel. 5. Custom Paint job, inside and out. 6. Whatever else I can figure out :)
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I voted 10/10 because:

Damn these voters are idiots. Nice start man! Good luck with your build.
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Shouldn't this be posted in Project Logs instead?
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