Frankenstein Dell T5500 system

June 10th 2018
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics
System Specs:
  • Dell T5500 motherboard
  • Xeon E5520 CPU
  • 12 GB RDIMM (4gb x 3) DDR 3
  • 875 Watt Dell Power Supply
  • Nvidia 295 NVS video card
Performed Mods:
None yet
Time Spent:
4 hours testing so far
Work in progress
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3 Comments on Frankenstein Dell T5500 system

I always get a kick out of seeing these old dells revived. Keep it up.
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Still deciding what case to go with. Best suggestion so far is something custom with wood paneling om the sides. Unfortunately I am unskilled as a woodworker.
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You can get stick on wood grain laminate to cover panels with, just trim to size.
Some of the older Dell cases still look good and lend themselves to modifying also.
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