Corsair 900D

July 30th 2020
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Scratch Build Custom Paint Job Water-cooled Exotic-cooled
System Specs:
  • Corsair 900d details Corsair 900D , with custom full plex midplate white colour ,1 2 plexi black colour covers for 5.25 cage, 1 sode plexi black cover front lright side black colour,Motherboard Aorus Masrer Z390 G2, intel 9900k,cablemod pro black and white extensions psu kit,32 gb Corsair Vengeance Rgb Pro Ram 3600Mhz,,M2 Ssd 970 Evo Plus 1Gb,Power Supply Corsair HX1200I , 1 Coolermaster Drgb Splitter,1 Akasa Drgb splitter,1 akasa Rgb Splitter, 2 Cougar Drgb controllers, 3 Cougar Spb fans,9 Hpb cougar Fans, 7 Drgb cougar led strips,1 deepcool fan hub FH-1010, 1 bitfinex fan controller software and manual controlled, 1 Nzxt usb hub, 1 Ekwb Velocity Drgb cpu block, 1 Xspc Rx480 V3 Radiator Mounted on the Top, 1 Ekwb Pe 480 Radiator Mounted bottom Left, 2 Barrow drgb flow Meters,1 Ekwb Flt 360 reservoir with Ekwb angled 120 Bracket,1 aquacomputer D5 Next Pump,Fittings included Are.95 Percenf Ekwb and the rest are thermaltake. Tubes are petg from ekwb.
  • https //
Performed Mods:
Midplate custom made long version with pass through fittings. Custom made covers for 5.25 drive left right back and side panel. Angle loop bracket for Ekwb Flt 360 Removed sticker from Rtx 2080 super waterforce with heat gun.
Time Spent:
has being modded 3 times so alot of time
Corsair 900D Aorus Build all parts are rgb fusion compatible. Its Being case that have changed 3 times tubing and last change i did was changing from Tube Reservoir to Flat reservoir from Ekwb Flt 360 .
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Extreme Duilding?
I know it's meant to be a B, but looks like D.
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