My Nano case.......Finished.

October 11th 2020
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics Scratch Build Custom Paint Job Small Form Factor
System Specs:
  • Ryzen 2600.
  • R9 Nano.
  • 16 GB G skill
  • Pico 300w psu.
  • 1Tb Samsung ssd
  • 500GB samsung m.2 .
  • noctua cooler.
  • Custom sleeving.
Special Tools Used:
  • 3dprinter.
  • CNC.
Time Spent:
still in progress
  • my
Mini Case build from scratch all done with 3dPrinter and CNC. Build with Carbon fibre/Zebrawood/Petg and Acrylic everything is custom made. Finished (accept for the Black power button that is on his way from china). stickers on the front are gone they where just for Picture.
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4 Comments on My Nano case.......Finished.

I can't vote on it until you finish it.
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mike cornelissen
I can't vote on it until you finish it.
Understand that........but still i will do my best. :D
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Looks great, little bundle of joy
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