I Don't Know

March 6th 2007
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Key Features:
High Rated AMD CrossFire
System Specs:
  • Opty 144 CACJE @ 2.9 1.51v
  • A64 freezer pro
  • DFI Lanparty CFX-3200-dr ut
  • 2x512 patriot ddr400 @430 2.5-3-3-7
  • x1800xt 512 meg flashed to pe
  • x1800 master card
  • X-Fi Extreme Music
  • WD Raptor 80 gig
  • WD Caviar 80 gig
  • 2x120mm
Performed Mods:
Moved power switch to top Replace psu with better fan had accelero x2's on 1800's but both died ironically adding window to top soon
Rig isn't entirely done, will get some better pics soon, just snapped some with my sis' crappy cam
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2 Comments on I Don't Know

9/10...need more lights ;) great specs, and good wiring job.
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I voted 10/10 because:

Am sorry, but that thing scared me, incredible, finally a Crossfire rig :P
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