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Sapphire X550 XTX HyperMemory

Graphics Processor
Pixel Shaders
Vertex Shaders
128 MB
Memory Size
Memory Type
64 bit
Bus Width
Sapphire X550 XTX HyperMemory Image ATI RV410 Image

Graphics Processor

GPU Name: RV410
Process Size: 110 nm
Transistors: 120 million
Die Size: 156 mm²

Graphics Card

Released: Jan 24th, 2007
Production Status: End-of-life
Bus Interface: PCIe 1.0 x16

Clock Speeds

GPU Clock: 400 MHz
Memory Clock: 300 MHz
600 MHz effective


Memory Size: 128 MB
Memory Type: DDR
Memory Bus: 64 bit
Bandwidth: 4.800 GB/s

Render Config

Pixel Shaders: 8
Vertex Shaders: 6
TMUs: 8
ROPs: 8
Pixel Rate: 3.200 GPixel/s
Vertex Rate: 600.0 MVertices/s
Texture Rate: 3.200 GTexel/s

Board Design

Slot Width: Single-slot
TDP: unknown
Outputs: 1x DVI
1x VGA
1x S-Video
Power Connectors: None

Graphics Features

DirectX: 9.0
OpenGL: 2.0
OpenCL: n/a
Pixel Shader: 2.0
Vertex Shader: 2.0


Our review database contains 6 reviews of the X550 XTX HyperMemory.

Card Notes

Variant Memory: 128 MB DDR 128-bit
Variant Memory: 256 MB DDR 128-bit
Variant Memory: 256 MB DDR2 64-bit
Variant Memory: 256 MB DDR2 128-bit
Variant Memory: 128 MB GDDR3 128-bit

Other retail boards based on this design (2)

Name GPU Clock Memory Clock Other Changes
Sapphire X550 XTX HyperMemory 400 MHz 300 MHz DDR
Sapphire X550 XTX HyperMemory LP 400 MHz 300 MHz DDR2, 64 bit