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sTec Announces Industry's First Generally Available Micro SAS SSDs

sTec, Inc., a leading global provider of solid-state storage solutions, today announced it has expanded its s800 family of Serial Attached Storage (SAS) solid-state drives (SSDs) with the introduction of the industry's first generally available Micro SAS SSDs. Additionally, sTec announced that the new small-form-factor (1.8-inch) Micro SAS SSDs are available with stringent 256-bit AES-XTS encryption, enabling hardware-level security in cloud computing, data centers and web-based applications, as well as in government and defense environments where data protection is crucial. The new sTec Micro SAS drives are available directly from sTec and through its distribution channel.

Uniquely designed for blade servers, caching and high-density computing environments, the new Micro SAS drives provide storage-system developers with the smallest enterprise-class SAS SSD form factor yet. They meet the demanding performance, footprint and power requirements of today's enterprise-storage applications.

Mushkin Begins Shipping New Line of 1.8-Inch Chronos GO Deluxe SATA 6 Gb/s SSDs

Mushkin, Inc., an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance and mission-critical computer products, today announces the worldwide availability of its new line of 1.8-inch Chronos GO SATA III (6Gbps) solid-state drives (SSDs), now shipping in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities.

The new line of 1.8-inch Chronos SSDs feature a smaller, lighter footprint than the previous generation, and offer performance and reliability improvements for power users. Originally designed as an enterprise-class drive, the new Chronos SSD has been adapted and re-engineered to deliver the highest possible storage capacity in a drive that is optimized for high-performance and ultimate reliability, even in the most demanding 24x7 environments.

Gigabyte Intros A2 Tiny Portable Hard Drive

Gigabyte introduced A2 Tiny, a tiny version of the A2 portable hard drive series. Measuring just 78 x 59 x 13 mm (D x W x H), the A2 Tiny houses a 1.8-inch SATA hard drive, the original A2 packed a 2.5-inch drive. Its compact size and its 80 g weight makes it extremely portable. The A2 Tiny comes in just one capacity for now, 160 GB. It uses USB 2.0 interface for power and data transfer. Its enclosure packs a shock-absorbing mechanism to protect the delicate hard drive, although the company didn't give out a shock resistance figure. It is available in just one color option, Charcoal Gray. Along with its USB cable, the package includes a carrying pouch. Gigabyte didn't give out pricing or availability information.

Mach Xtreme Technology Unveils 1.8'' micro-SATA MX-MDS Series Solid State Drives

Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in top performance, high reliability and user friendly designed PC components, today unveiled the 1.8”micro-SATA MX-MDS Series SSD. Based on the best-in-class SandForce SF1222 controller, the 1.8” MX-MDS Series delivers an enhanced mobile computing experience with much faster application loading, ultra-fast data access, shorter boot-ups, and longer battery life of all laptops with micro-SATA interface.

This series maintains the highest level of read and write performance though the life of the SSD. Highly intelligent block management and wear leveling optimizes longevity of MX-MDS series drives. The MDS series supports DuraClass, DuraWrite and unique RAISE technologies. DuraClass technology provides best-in-class endurance, performance, and low power. DuraWrite technology extends the endurance of MLC memory providing at least 5 year lifecycles with 3-5K cycle MLC flash. RAISE provides the protection and reliability of RAID on a single drive without the significant write overhead.

Toshiba Expands 1.8'' HDD Leadership with Smaller, Larger Capacity Drives

Extending its innovation in the 1.8" hard disk drive (HDD) category, Toshiba Storage Device Division announces the industry's first 1.8" drives with low-insertion force (LIF) SATA (Serial ATA) connectors, enabling a 10% smaller footprint compared to standard 1.8" drives using microSATA connectors. Developed for use in multiple devices, including tablets, consumer electronics devices and external HDDs, the new MKxx39GSL series offers three models, at 160GB (MK1639GSL), 200GB (MK2039GSL) and 220GB (MK2239GSL) capacities. The MK2239GSL features the largest capacity 1.8" single-platter HDD (5mmH) available. The MK2239GSL, MK2039GSL, and the MK1639GSL are designed for the most demanding mobile computing applications, surpassing 2.5" HDDs in terms of vibration robustness, low power consumption, and quiet operation. Samples will be available for customer qualification in February.

Zotac Announces New Passive-Cooled ION-ITX R, S and T Series Motherboards

ZOTAC International, a leading innovator and the world’s largest channel manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and mini-PCs, today introduces three new do-it-yourself friendly mini-ITX platforms – the new ZOTAC ION-ITX R, S and T-series. The new ZOTAC ION-ITX R, S and T series reinvigorates the ION-ITX series with an added boost of graphics power.

Next-Generation NVIDIA ION graphics and a dual-core Intel Atom D525 processor combine to deliver a perfect balance of performance and energy-efficiency in the new ZOTAC ION-ITX R, S and T series. High-definition video playback capabilities enable the ZOTAC ION-ITX R, S and T series to deliver a premium multimedia experience with hardware decode acceleration for smooth playback of high-definition Blu-ray 3D and streaming Internet video content.

Toshiba Introduces Industry's Largest-Capacity, Single-Platter 1.8-inch HDD

Toshiba Corporation, the industry pioneer in small form factor hard disk drives (HDDs), today introduced a new line of 1.8-inch HDDs with a capacity of up to 160GB on a single-platter, and a slim five-millimeter high profile targeting next-generation portable media players, digital video cameras and other consumer electronics products.

With an areal density of 723 Mbit/mm² (467 Gb per square inch), the industry's highest, Toshiba's new MK1634GAL family of 1.8-inch HDDs offers consumer electronics manufacturers a thin and light package with the industry's largest storage capacity, best power consumption efficiency, highest durability and quietest seek operation of any HDDs on the market.

Samsung Intros 250 GB 1.8-inch Spinpoint HDDs with Native USB 2.0 Controller

Strengthening its line up of portable 1.8-inch hard drives for external use, Samsung today announced its 250 Gigabyte (GB) 1.8-inch hard disk drive, the Spinpoint N3U which incorporates a native USB 2.0 controller on its printed circuit board. Most external hard drives require the addition of a bridge circuit board to convert the hard drive's current interface into a USB interface. Samsung's N3U drive, however, uses a native USB interface and as such does not require this bridge board. This optimized design results in a smaller foot print, less power consumption and optimized performance, which is ideal for portable external storage devices. The N3U 1.8-inch drive consumes about 40 percent less power than a normal 2.5-inch hard drive of an equivalent capacity. It has two 125 GB platters for a total of 250 GB data storage capacity. The Spinpoint N3U also comes in 120 GB, 160 GB, and 200 GB capacities, the disk rotation speed is 3600 rpm. The drives are equipped with an 8 MB of cache memory. Initial shipments to OEMs are scheduled from mid-July with a MSRP of $199.00.

Source: NewsWire

MSI Preparing Custom GeForce GTX 260 with 1.8 GB Memory

MSI is said to be readying a custom graphics card called the N260GTX Lightning, based on NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 260 GPU. There is currently no word on clock speeds but one would expect this card to come factory overclocked. The graphics card has a custom red PCB, featuring 8+2 phase power, 5000 hour capacitors, 1792 MB of GDDR3, D-Sub, DVI and DisplayPort or HDMI and a dual slot, dual fan cooler, featuring 5 heatpipes. MSI will also be bundling an AirForce panel which appears to allow on the fly adjustments to core and memory voltage, core, shader and memory clock speeds, as well as profile selection and brightness and contrast adjustments. The MSI N260GTX Lightning is expected to make its first official appearance at CeBIT 2009.

Sources: TechConnect , Matbe

Plextor Intros Miniature 1.8-inch Pocket Hard Drive

Personal storage expert Plextor unveils the first truly pocket-sized external hard disk – one of the smallest 1.8-inch drives in the world. Weighing just 90g, this miniature device enables home users and business users to carry and share important data with them anywhere.
Perfect for PC and Mac users who find memory sticks too limiting, yet don’t want the bulk of a full-sized external drive, the Plextor Pocket HDDs are only about the size of three memory sticks, yet offer much larger capacities - up to 120GB of storage. Plextor’s pocket HDDs come in two sizes, the 60GB PX-PPH60U and the 120GB PX-PPH120U.

Intel Solid State Drives Price Cuts, New Models Revealed

In addition to the new LGA 775 processors, Intel is preparing price cuts for its solid state drives. Intel's super fast 2.5-inch 80GB multi-level cell (MLC) X25-M SSDs - and its 80GB 1.8-inch X18-M counterpart - will drop from $600 to $525 on November 30th. On the very same day Intel will also introduce its new single-level cell (SLC) high-performance 32GB X25-E SSD for $700. A month later on December 28th, the price of this drive will already be dropped to $575. In the first half of 2009, Intel will be migrating to higher density, releasing 160GB variants of the X25-M/X18-M MLC SSDs priced at $990, and 64GB versions of the high-performance X25-E SLC SSDs priced again at $990.Source: DailyTech

Toshiba Introduces Industry's First 250GB 1.8-inch Mobile HDD

Toshiba Corporation, the industry pioneer in small form factor hard disk drives (HDDs), today announced expansion of its market-leading 1.8-inch lineup with three new high-capacity, high-performance Serial ATA HDDs for mobile PC applications, including the industry's first 250GB) 1.8-inch HDD. Toshiba's third-generation 5,400 RPM SATA 1.8 HDD family also features 120GB and 160GB capacities, along with the throughput power of the SATA 3.0Gb/s interface. In addition, the new series includes Toshiba's state-of-the-art free fall sensor option, which enhances protection from external shock and vibration events by responding to drops as low as five inches in height.

Toshiba Announces 240 GB 1.8'' Hard Drive

Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD), the pioneer in small form factor hard disk drives (HDDs), today announced the world's first dual-platter 240GB(1) (MK2431GAH) and single-platter 120GB (MKxx31GAL series) 1.8-inch HDDs for integration into portable media players, camcorders and compact ultra-mobile PCs for the holiday shopping season. The new MKxx31GAL series also includes an 80GB capacity offering, rounding out the most complete line of high-capacity 4,200 RPM 1.8-inch HDDs for consumer electronics (CE) and mobile PC system manufacturers.

Toshiba's two new Parallel ATA HDD families feature the industry's highest areal density at 344 gigabits-per-square-inch, using fourth-generation perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology, which was first introduced and commercialized by Toshiba in 2005. Toshiba's technology leadership in PMR has enabled the company to consistently deliver leading-edge capacities in the 1.8-inch form factor to support growing demand for the miniaturization of mobile devices to run digital video, photo, audio and computing applications.

Samsung gets 128 GB SSDs into Production

The Korean semiconductor giant says that it will begin mass-producing 1.8" and 2.5" Solid-state drives (SSDs) for use by the mobile-computing industry. With the scale at which Samsung claim they're producing these parts, they hope to sell the parts at very competitive prices. This indicates a full-on reach of the SSD into consumer strata and of SSD becomming mainstream.

The Multi-Level Cell (MLC) drives slated for production feature 70 MB/s of write and 90 MB/s of read speeds, that's below what a single level cell (SLC) drive can offer, read speeds of 130 MB/s, an important specification to look out for when in the market for an SSD.

Samsung claims that the 128 GB SSD, which is built from 64 MLC NAND flash memory chips of 16 Gb (2 GB) each, is energy efficient at 0.2 W in standby mode and 0.5 W in active mode. Samsung claims the drive's expected life to be over 20 times that of conventional drives....80~100 years if a conventional drive lasts 5 years.

Source: TG Daily

Toshiba Expands 1.8-inch HDD Line with New 160GB 5400 rpm SATA HDDs

Toshiba's Storage Device Division (SDD) launched today the industry's highest-capacity 160GB Serial ATA (1.5Gb/s) 1.8-inch HDDs. The new 5400 rpm hard drives come in single-platter 80GB (MK8017GAS) and dual-platter 160GB (MK1617GSG) models, delivering market-leading capacity, high-performance and compact size for space-efficient mobile PC systems. Toshiba's new 80GB and 160GB HDDs will ship to PC manufacturers and distribution partners in August 2008.

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