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Loyal PC Call of Duty Gamers: No CoD Elite For You?

Just over a week ago, we brought you frustrating news that the brand new Call of Duty Elite social network was going to be delayed for the PC, once again leaving the PC gaming crowd feeling like second class citizens compared to their console counterparts. Now, in a bitter blow, it appears that the Elite service may shut out loyal PC gamers altogether. Plus, as is typical of big companies, the message was delivered in the most terse and disrespectful way possible, via a short Twitter tweet:
@thejuggz We are working towards a universal Elite experience but we cannot guarantee if or when a version will be available for the PC.
So, that's it then, PC gamers may never get it and there's no explanation why. One can only surmise that it's due to the alleged "security issues" previously alluded to. Therefore, hopefuls will just have to wait on tenterhooks for an undefined period of time. So, the biggest sales launch in history isn't enough to convince the company to support the PC platform? It looks like detractors of the Call of Duty franchise have a very legitimate axe to grind this time, doesn't it? Probably the best way to view this unfortunate news is that the benefits weren't worth it anyway.

Electronic Arts' Massive 2012 $1.6m Battlefield 3 Tournament: Consoles Yes, PC No

While PC gamers are getting understandably excited about one of the year's biggest releases, which is guaranteed to have standards-setting graphics at least, there's a kick in the teeth waiting just around the corner. EA and Virgin Gaming have teamed up to launch a massive BF3 contest with $1.6m in cash and prizes - for consoles only. Yes, you read that right. And the reason? Consoles are the "gold standard". That's the aging console platforms reported on TechPowerUp a few days ago. GameStop's president Tony Bartel said in an interview with IndustryGamers:
We continue to believe that the console is a strong platform and will continue to be the gold standard.

Sunday Special: PC Gaming On the Rise, Set To Outsell Consoles by 2014 - NVIDIA

Some claim that PC gaming is dying. However, recent trends as explained by NVIDIA, disagree and it is in fact console gaming that will soon decline, as PCs have some compelling advantages such as ever improving graphics and moddability, to keep the gaming scene thriving. Techgage held a conference call with NVIDIA, where the company explained why PC gaming is on the up and up. PC gaming software sales are growing fast, according to this comparative graph and the predicted crossover point is 2014:

Sharkoon Announces Pair of Stereo Headsets for Game Consoles

At gamescom, Sharkoon presents two new gaming headsets: With their platform independent surround sound headset and bestselling "X-Tatic Digital," the accessory specialist introduces two new additional stereo models which are specifically designed for use on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gaming consoles.

The Sharkoon X-Tatic SX has a white headband, white ear cups and a light green design application to not only match the Xbox 360, but also provide direct microphone access to the Xbox console and support VoIP voice communications for the online service Xbox Live. The microphone connects through the integrated cable controller of the headset with the enclosed chat cable (3.5 - 2.5mm stereo jack) which then directly plugs into the Xbox game pad. The headset is powered through the console's USB port. Another adapter cable is provided (3.5 stereo jack into 2 x Cinch) to connect with the stereo sound of the Xbox, it is simply attached from the AV Multi Out cable of the console to the audio input of the TV device. The headset cable offers USB connection and a stereo input 3.5mm microphone plug, in which the X-Tatic SX can also be used on the PC.

Acer to Enter Games Market?

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are the three big names in the console market at the moment, but if a story from German site Gamestar is to be believed, Acer could soon be set to join in the action. Apparently the company’s senior vice president, James Wong, cited the proprietary nature of current consoles as the firm’s inspiration for creating an open-standard, PC-based “games machine”. Unfortunately that’s pretty much all Acer has revealed at the moment, and the story remains a rumour, but this could certainly spice-up future console wars a little bit if it’s true.Source: Kotaku

Xbox 360 Console Failure Rate Forecast: 16.4%

An electronics trading firm recently did some professional analysis, and discovered that the standard Xbox 360 has a 16.4% chance of failing. Out of a sample group including dead 1000 consoles, 60% died due to Red Ring of Death (RRoD). While this is certainly a lot better than the 1/3 chance given during last summer before Microsoft significantly redesigned the layout of the console, it's still pretty high. Both the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii have a failure rate of roughly 3%. The firm did not specify the failure rates of specific Xbox 360 SKUs. If they did, they would have likely found that the "Falcon" Xbox 360, or any Xbox 360 with a 65nm processor or an enhanced cooling solution, would have a much lower failure rate. Speaking of the previous 1/3 failure rate fiasco, the replacement program/3 year warranty has cost Microsoft an estimated $1 billion USD to date.Source: Reg Hardware

Electronic Arts Pushing for Single Open Platform for Games

When a gamer is shopping for the proper device to game upon, they get a huge headache. There are no less than four different choices (PC, Xbox360, PS3, Wii), and all of them have their individual set of games at different price points that perform differently. Electronic Arts is getting very tired of coding it's games four times over, and wants there to be one open platform to ease the headaches of both consumer and developer. Unfortunately for EA and gamers, console manufacturers would not get very much profit if they all just surrendered their proprietary stuff and made one big happy open-source console. Analysts predict that if game consoles do fade out in the near future, they will be replaced by terminal servers, so that users can simply plug in with a set-top box.Source: DailyTech

40GB PS3 To Arrive in Japan and Australia

While the 40GB PS3 is confirmed for Europe and possible for America, Sony took the time to officially announce the release of the 40GB PS3 in Japan and Australia. On November 11th, Japan will see the 40GB PS3 for $340USD. It will be just like it's European sister: two USB ports, no memory card slots, and no backwards compatibility. Price cuts were also announced for Japan. On November 11th, the Japanese 20GB PS3 will cost about $380USD, and the 60GB model will cost $469USD. In Australia, there will be no price cuts, but the 40GB model will be available for $699.95 AUD (roughly $620USD).Source: 1Up
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