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Kickstarted - Calyos NSG S0 Fanless Chassis With Phase Change Cooling

Kickstarted pieces of tech aren't usually covered here, but knowing the community, I'd say this is an interesting take on traditional cooling systems. I, for one, know how much I loathe the sound of spinning fans - but I think I'm in the majority here. And this case by Calyos promises to put an end to all of those, in a much cleaner, environmental-friendly way that doesn't involve dipping your thousands of dollars worth of hardware in something resembling cooking oil.

EK Introduces New EK-CryoFuel Coolants

EK Water Blocks, the market leader in high-end liquid cooling for PC products, is proud to introduce the EK-CryoFuel, the most chemically stable coolant that provides enthusiasts and gamers with the best possible level of performance, color stability, and thermal efficiency.

EK-CryoFuel premixes
EK-CryoFuel is available as a premix and can be poured directly into any custom loop without any additional chemicals or kill coils. It comes as a Clear (transparent), Blood Red, Navy Blue, Lime Yellow and Acid Green color in a 900mL bottle. The amount of a single premix is more than enough to run a typical custom loop with multiple water blocks and radiators. To calculate the exact amount of coolant needed for a custom loop, users can always check with Custom Loop Configurator.

Inno3D Announces the iChill HerculeZ X3 Ultra Cooler Kit

Inno3D is excited to announce the new iChill HerculeZ X3 Ultra Cooler Kit that sports 11 scythe blades on each of its three enormous fans that work actively with the Herculez Bearing to keep the temperature cool under the hood. The fan casing and blades are removable so that the cleaning process is made much easier allowing for a thorough removal of dust and grime from all parts of the fan.

The Herculez is made up of a large copper base heatsink with 5 large high heat flux heatpipes protruding from both side. Heatpipes are an efficient way of moving heat from one area to another and are usually used to connect the high density block of the cooler with the large surface area fins. A new addition to the HerculeZ range is the HerculeZ backplate designed to withstand and protect from potential knocks and bumps to the PCB

Xigmatek Orthrus SD1467 Released

Displayed initially at the recently concluded Computex event in Taipei, Xigmatek's newest cooler employs a number of unconventional design choices, meant to usher "the future of CPU cooling." The cooler sits on a solid copper base from which seven 6 mm heat pipes conduct heat into two distinct fin stacks, the five central heat pipes feed the upper, larger aluminium fin stack, which is cooled by a 140 mm PWM fan spinning at 800-1200 RPM, while the two peripheral heat pipes conduct the heat into a smaller aluminium fin stack, situated underneath the larger one, and being cooled by its own 80 mm PWM fan with a maximum speed of 2000 RPM. The heat sink's weight is 875 grams and its makers claim it can dissipate up to 180 W using the two stock fans. Xigmatek chose to dress up the cooler in a black plastic shroud which some may find appealing. I, however, do not find myself among them.

First Commercial IBM Hot-Water Cooled Supercomputer to Consume 40% Less Energy

The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ), in collaboration with IBM, today announced the world's first commercially available hot-water cooled supercomputer, a powerful, high-performance system designed to help researchers and industrial institutions across Europe investigate and solve some of the world's most daunting scientific challenges.

The new LRZ "SuperMUC" system was built with IBM System x iDataPlex Direct Water Cooled dx360 M4 servers with more than 150,000 cores to provide a peak performance of up to three petaflops, which is equivalent to the work of more than 110,000 personal computers. Put another way, three billion people using a pocket calculator would have to perform one million operations per second each to reach equivalent SuperMUC performance. Also, a revolutionary new form of hot-water cooling technology invented by IBM allows the system to be built 10 times more compact and substantially improve its peak performance while consuming 40 percent less energy than a comparable air-cooled machine.

Cougar Announces Challenger Case, Platinum PTX PSU, Vortex Fan

As every year, COUGAR, leading German PC case and power supply brand, will be showing a strong presence at the Computex 2012 Tech Fair in Taipei, Taiwan. At booth J0409a, Floor 1 in the Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 5 through June 9, COUGAR will be challenging serious gamers with their latest high-end PC equipment line-up. Prominently on the floor ground will be the long-awaited Challenger ultimate gaming case, the most power efficient 80 Plus Platinum certified PC power supply Platinum PTX, as well as the patented and award-winning Vortex series of PC case fans.

Enermax ELC-120 CPU Cooler Pictured

Enermax showed off the ELC-120, one of its first closed-loop (self-contained) CPU liquid coolers. While the cooler looks very similar to several other products in its class, Enermax claims to have dropped in some innovations of its own, such as a unique copper micro-channel base, which improves heat dissipation to the coolant, a powerful ceramic bearing pump for higher coolant flow, and Enermax' very own 120 mm Twister Bearing fan, that's silent, and comes with a very long life. The ELC-120 supports all current CPU socket types, Intel LGA775-thru-LGA2011, and AMD AM2-thru-FM1.


Xigmatek Gigas Brushed Aluminum Micro-ATX Cube Case Announced

Xigmatek is celebrating a first with the Gigas Micro-ATX Cube, as it is their first Aluminum chassis. Even with its compact dimensions, the Gigas Cube manages to fit high-end Hardware, allowing one to easily build a potent HTPC or Gaming system. USB 3.0, space for up to 4 fans, along with a fan controller round up the list of features.

The word "Gigas" is part of the Greek language and means "giant". In the modern language, the prefix "giga" can be found in many different areas to quantify the sheer size. Gigabyte or Gigawatt are such examples and the new chassis from Xigmatek carries the name "Gigas" for good reason.

Cool Electronics, Greatly Improved Thermal Management Thanks To New Form Of Graphene

A new form of graphene created by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin could prevent laptops and other electronics from overheating, ultimately, overcoming one of the largest hurdles to building smaller and more powerful electronic devices.

The research team, which includes colleagues at The University of Texas at Dallas, the University of California-Riverside and Xiamen University in China, published its findings online today in the Advance Online Publication of Nature Materials. The study will also appear in the print journal of Nature Materials.

HD 7970 Overclocked to 1.26 GHz: 28 nm Tech Really Stretches Its Legs

Welcome to the first TechPowerUp news post of 2012! Read on for a couple of impressive overclocking feats with the HD 7970 graphics card.

It looks like the new AMD Radeon HD 7970 could be a bit of a dark horse and a lot more potent than its stock specifications would suggest – excellent for creating a competitive graphics card market. The reviews at stock speeds show the flagship HD 7970 to be around 10-15% faster than NVIDIA's flagship GTX 580, which doesn't seem all that impressive since the GTX 580 has been on the market for over a year now. However, what the reviews haven't really shown, is what kind of an overclocking monster the HD 7970 is. It definitely looks like AMD could have easily beaten the GTX 580 by a much bigger margin than they did, had they wanted to and it makes one wonder why they didn't.

VR-Zone have spent the New Year weekend overclocking this beast, having reached a whopping 1.26 GHz core clock speed with their HD 7970 - and decent benchmark improvements to go with it. Also, with the fan at 100%, the card never got above a very comfortable 68 degrees centigrade while running Furmark, which is amazing considering how this test is specifically designed to heat a graphics card to the max - but please see the update at the bottom of the article. The stock cooler may be noisy, but it's certainly very effective: an excellent result which will prolong the working life of the card.

Enermax Announces U.R.Vegas USB Rubber-Frame Fan

ENERMAX is proud to lead the cooling fans to a new era by its latest fan series: U.R.VEGAS, USB RUBBER VEGAS FAN. Think outside the case. Cooling fan is no longer stationary and hidden inside the case. U.R.VEGAS breaks the rule by special designed magnetic skin pad and USB power. U.R.VEGAS provides mobility and flexibility with its magnetic skin pad.

It can be attached onto case and moved easily to anywhere that needs extra cooling. With 18 LEDs, the U.R.VEGAS not only shines 4 times brighter than other fans, but also has 7 switchable lighting effects for users to enjoy the fabulous light show.

Noctua Shows New D-Type Heatsink Prototype Built on NH-D14 Design

Noctua is designing a new double fin-stack D-type CPU Cooler its prototype is on display at Computex. Its heatsink follows the same design principle as the NH-D14, and is roughly the same size, but with a few design optimizations. First, the two aluminum fin stacks aren't cuboidal. Towards the bottom, the fins are narrower, creating more room for components on the motherboard, next to the heatsink (such as memory modules and VRM heatsinks). The recessed lower fins create 60 mm of height clearance for memory modules. The density of the aluminum is also increased, with 50 fins, increasing surface area. The 120 mm NF-P12 from the original NH-D14 design are replaced by the company's new Focused Flow 120 mm fan.

Spire Announces Sentor 6004 High-End Gamer Chassis

The Sentor 6004 PC case is a high-end, versatile and strong chassis. Well thought out complete tower structure ensuring both maximum performance and computing satisfaction for the professional user, enthusiast and gamer alike. Every element of the Sentor 6004 has been engineered to provide maximum cooling performance. Up to nine (9) LED 12cm fans can be mounted throughout the chassis, ensuring unbeatable cooling. The meshed aluminum front panel and meshed side panel allows unrestricted fresh air intake which is mandatory for today’s extremely hot Micro-processors, Graphic cards and Data Drives.

The spacious internal design enables flexible and neat assembly. Neatly guide and tei cables to the drive cage and mainboard plate modular notches. Sufficient room is available for the installation of water-cooling and long 320mm Graphic-cards. The Chassis is pre-applied with rubber grommet holes for feeding the external water-cooling tubes. In total ten (10) universal drive bays with tool-free support ensure easy and simple installation of your devices. Two drive cages with direct cooling and tool free mounting for five (5) 5.25-inch and five (5) 3.5-inch data / optical drives provide massive storage capabilities. Anti-vibration mountings and application of low speed cooling fans can make this the silent power machine you have been looking for.

Fractal Design Launches the Define XL PC Case

As the name implies, Define XL is the larger sibling of the acclaimed and award winning Define R2/R3 case. Similar to Define R2/R3, it offers a number of interesting functions with a very stylish appearance. It’s a case focused on low noise level, without neglecting other important features such as cooling, expandability and ease of use.

The XL is pre-fitted with dense noise absorbing bitumen material, covered with a soft foam texture. This material effectively absorbs noise generated by the components and fans inside. Paired with other noise preventing features such as a covered top panel with a 180mm fan mounted with an angle to blow out air in the rear and silicone grommets for hard drive mounting, the XL truly excels in delivering a low noise solution.

3R System Boss 2 Surfaces

3R System, a Korean company that specializes in PC cases, cooling products, and power supplies unveiled a new high-end CPU air cooler, the Boss 2. This cooler uses the most common tower-design coolers in its class use. The unit measures 131(L)x95(W)x152(H) mm, and weights around 730 g (1.61 lbs). The cooler design consists of a CPU block that doubles up as a tiny heatsink. Here, five heatpipes make direct contact with the CPU. The heatpipes propagate through a dense array of aluminum fins. Its air-flow is care of a 120 mm LED-lit fan that rotates at speeds between 1000 and 2000 rpm, 53.5 CFM to 78.5 CFM, with a noise output range of 19 to 32 dBA. Sources indicate that the cooler will be released worldwide very soon, though there is no word on its price.


Spire Announces VertiCool II Pro

Spire is officially introducing the release of the all new Spire VertiCool II Pro. This universal turn-n-lock mounting, high-performance cooler has everything that you could need. Featuring 45 stamped aluminum micro-fins thermally supported by 2 U-shaped 8mm thermally improved heat-pipes and all copper base for rapid heat transfer. Patented Turn-n-Lock EZ Installation is simple and tool-free, Spire 420 Thermal compound and multi language installation manual is included in the retail package. Supporting the latest Intel 775 & AMD AM2 and AM3 micro-processors, this towering cooler is a great pick for those upgrading their system with a modest budget.

ASUS Marine Cool Motherboard Concept Becomes Official

Following the first news we heard of ASUS' new concept motherboard, they have now released an official press release, including some close-up imagery of the new cooling solution. The odd "backplate" to the rear of the board is in fact a built in UPS (uninterruptible power supply) through the use of a polymer battery. The board also features built in memory to guarantee a successfull boot in the event of installing faulty or incompatible RAM. Then of course is the new cooling solution utilizing a combination of ceramincs and metals which ASUS say doubles the cooling efficiency. The official press release follows.

Danamics to Launch its Liquid Metal LM10 Processor Cooler in November

Denmark's Danamics LM10 CPU cooler, the world's first commercially available liquid metal-based processor cooler, was reported today to have received a release date. The LM10 will land in Europe as of November 17th, but it will come in limited quantities. Outside of Europe, Danamics is still awaiting approval of its liquid metal-based technology, and after one is obtained the company can start selling.
Recently, Danamics engineers claimed to have developed a CPU cooler that will put to shame every air cooling solution available and most of the current water cooling kits. The LM10 has no moving parts and an unlimited mean time between failures. Inside is a yet-to-be-named liquid metal that's said to provide superior thermo physical properties and is circulated without moving parts thanks to a built-in electromagnetic pump. Expect more information next week.


Norwegian Police Pwn MPAA Lawyer

"Pirate chasing" lawyer Espen Tøndel works for the MPAA, and would love to see everyone who's ever used a file sharing network/client to download or upload copyrighted content either make reparations or go to jail. Tøndel was most recently seen in Norway, chasing a bunch of IP addresses. When Tøndel took this list of IP addresses to the police, they flat out told him that they will not chase petty criminals when murderers, rapists and other baddies roam Norwegian streets. Tøndel, infuriated, decided to take his case to higher court. He requested a meeting with the Norwegian department of justice. He instead got a flat "no" answer, and was effectively told that he might as well file suits against the pile of IP addresses, because no Norwegian police agency was going to bother itself with solving the petty piracy cases. It is unclear whether or not Tøndel has actually tried to sue the IP addresses, or if the suits utterly failed because he never could tie the IP addresses to a name.Source: TorrentFreak

'Text to Pee' Service Launched on Finnish Highways to Curb Vandalism

It's pretty obvious that vandalism is not a small issue when it comes to public restrooms, especially those at rest stops on highways. The local highway patrol in Finland decided to do something to curb said vandalism. Called "SMS lock", anyone hoping to utilize a public restroom will have to text something along the lines of "open" to the phone number posted on the side of the stall, subject to standard SMS fees. While this may sound ridiculous for anyone who does not have text messaging on their phone, it actually has a sound reason behind it. Vandals may be a lot less tempted to vandalize if their mobile phone number is tagged to the crime.Source: Reg Hardware

New Controller Interfaces With Your Brain

While new joysticks and racing wheels attempt to make you feel like you're actually in a helicopter or race car, we have yet to see a control interface that properly emulates something fanatical, like a wand for Harry Potter games, or a goat for World of Warcraft. Emotiv Systems is working on a controller that can fill in the blanks, by connecting right to your brain. In the Electronic Arts game Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, prototypes of this controller have already been used to trigger spells and move the character, based on nothing more than the thoughts of the user. With a lot of help from James Breen, who used to work for EA and Lucas Arts, the Emotiv Systems controller will find a way to retail shelves by late 2008.

Source: Neoseeker

Man Who Voiced Mario Writing Autobiography

Charles Martinet, the man whose voice will forever be associated with plumbing, multi-billion dollar video game franchises and "Mama Mia!", is writing an autobiography. In the autobiography, Martinet will talk about what it feels like to be the guy behind "woohooo!" Martinet is aiming the book at a 2008 release, and hopes to talk about a view of Nintendo from the inside. The main thing inspiring Martinet to writing this book is the feedback he gets for his voice talents. And really, if someone said you were the "the voice of my childhood", wouldn't you want to live up to that?Source: 1Up

'IYule' Log Puts Fireplace in Your Pocket

If you ignore the bad romance novel pun, the iYule really does put a fireplace in your pocket. You can install the iYule on various digital devices, including the iPod, iPod Touch, Zune, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and of course computers (as a screen-saver). When initiated, the clever 30-minute looping track is a full-screen video of a crackling log fire, complete with crackling, popping, and sizzling sounds from a fire recorded in HD. It also comes with an intriguing piano soundtrack, but you can choose to get a version that does not include the music. The iYule is priced at $5 for mobile versions, $7 for the PC/Xbox 360 version, $7 for all versions sans music, and $10 for every version available, with "bonus features". 10% of all proceeds from the iYule will go to charity. You can see a full flash sample here, to help you decide whether or not a digital fire is your kind of thing. If you'd like to buy your very own iYule, please go here.

Source: The Inquirer

Nissan Develops Car That Dynamically Changes Exterior Paint Color

So Nissan is developing another sports car, the 2009 GT-R. While it offers quite a lot in the line of horsepower and torque, the consumer must ask, what makes this car better than the others? Nissan is proud to say something along the lines of "why, the paramagnetic paint job, of course." For anyone who does not know what a paramagnetic paint job is, it's the best thing since LED rims for anyone who enjoys the exterior look of their car. At the flick of a switch, a driver can choose whether their car is red, blue, pink, black, silver, or any number of colors. There's no word as to how hard it is to make paramagnetic paint, or how much it'll cost.Source: DailyTech
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