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Cooler Master Launches The NR200P MAX SFF Solution

Cooler Master today launches the NR200P MAX, the first iteration of its new MAX line of building platforms. The NR200P MAX's extraordinarily optimized ecosystem provides small form factor enthusiasts a fail-proof jump start on their builds through fine-tuned components and thoughtful design. MAX products serve as a physical culmination of Cooler Master's years of mechanical, thermal, and power delivery expertise, aiming to break industrial limits and perfect technological achievements. Case, thermal and power solutions come pre-customized with never seen before product features, calibrated to work together in exquisite harmony.

Editors Note: You can find our review for the Cooler Master NR200P MAX here.

Cooler Master Launches their First All-In-One Live Streamer: the StreamEnjin

Cooler Master, a global leader in PC component manufacturing, is launching the StreamEnjin, their first ever All-In-One live stream broadcasting device.

Streaming. Simplified
Cooler Master is adding a new device to their vast lineup of technology within the portfolio - the StreamEnjin. The StreamEnjin is an all-in-one livestream mixer that allows you to edit and switch your inputs for seamless broadcasting of your content. Easily create and deliver your customized livestream to multiple CDN broadcast destinations, with 8 preset scenes for convenient personalization. Simple button layout makes switching and mixing a breeze, with the versatile iPad app giving you the freedom to edit your overlays to your liking. The StreamEnjin is designed with a portable form factor with a handle-stand to grab and go to stream from any location you desire.

The StreamEnjin gives you the simplicity and versatility to broadcast your content, integrating simple controls with a portable device for any level streamer looking to share their personalized stream or enhance their stream content for a more entertaining and eye-catching livestream.

Cooler Master Launches The NR200P In 4 New Colorways

Cooler Master today launches four new colorways for the NR200P. In close collaboration with Reddit's community of builders, the colors are the result of a Reddit survey hosted by our fellow PC enthusiasts.

By Popular Vote
The popularity of the original NR200(P) was made possible only by the community's support. Having garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews and shifting an industry to make m-ITX builds more accessible, Cooler Master has decided that it is time to celebrate. All 4 colors are debuting during Cooler Master's Summer Summit 2021:
  • Flamingo Pink
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Sunset Orange
  • Nightshade Purple

Ready Player One: Cooler Master Announces Self-Contained ORB X GamePod

Taking cues from sci-fi in general and mainstream successes like Ready Player One, Cooler Master has introduced a self-contained, semi-enclosed workstation for gaming and professionals. The ORB X GamePod is being hailed by Cooler Master as a privacy-geared solution for increased immersion and productivity throughout all planes of PC usage, whether you're a professional or a mainstream user with gaming aspirations. Catering to those use-cases, the ORB X features support for either one 49" monitor, or up to three separate 27" monitors, and includes a 2.1 surround sound system in its carcass.

Cooler Master Introduces the MasterLiquid Illusion AIOs: ML240, ML360, and ML240 White Edition

Cooler Master has added another liquid cooling AIO family to its stable of products. The new MasterLiquid Illusion AIOs are available in either 240 mm, 360 mm, and a special, all-white ML240 version. Cooler Master has gone out of its way to make sure the RGB looks good on this new family of products, employing as many as 12 ARGB LEDs in the transparent pump. The AIOs ship with the company's MasterFan MF120 Halo fans, which themselves have a dual-loop 24 ARGB LEDs for added RGB pizzaz. The ARGB options can be customized with the included Addressable Gen 2 RGB controller and Cooler Master's MasterPlus+ software.

The MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion and MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion White Edition will soon be available for purchase for a starting MSRP of €119,99. The MasterLiquid ML360 Illusion will be available for a starting MSRP of €139,99.

Cooler Master Releases SK620 Gaming Keyboard, A Wired Version of the SK622 Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components, announces today an addition to the SK600 series of low-profile gaming keyboards with the Cooler Master SK620 wired gaming keyboard available in silver white and gunmetal. The SK620 is a compact gaming keyboard in a 60% layout for small form factor and portability. It retains many of the same features as its wireless counterpart, the SK622 Bluetooth gaming keyboard: sleek brushed aluminum styling, TTC low profile mechanical switches, improved keycaps and adjustable feet, and signature Cooler Master customization capabilities. It provides all of this in a convenient, wired format for a simple, straightforward package.

"The SK622 is one of our most popular gaming keyboards in the lineup, but not everybody needs Bluetooth wireless in their keyboard, which is why we designed the SK622 for gamers who want a viable portable input option, and for creative professionals who want something a little more durable than your standard chiclet keyboard" says Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager. "The SK620 maintains the striking aesthetics and improved typing experience of the SK622, but in a wired format for those who prefer it."

Cooler Master Introduces White Edition V850 Gold V2 PSU

Cooler Master has introduced a new high-debit power supply to the market, increasing the available choice for users looking to put together an all-white bill. The V850 Gold V2 White Edition PSU offers a modular cable arrangement, all-Japanese capacitors, and a 135 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan that works in a passive mode when load on the PSU is up to 40%.

Connector-wise, we're looking at 1x 24-pin, 1x EPS 4 + 4, 1x EPS 8-pin, 12x SATA, 4x 4-pin, and 6x PCIe 6 + 2 pin. These PCIe pins come in 16AWG form, instead of the more usual 18AWG - Cooler Master promises on improved amperage, higher power delivery stability and lower in-case temperatures, since the 16AWG cables don't lose as much energy as 18AWG ones.

Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth Will be Hard to Miss Once Installed

Cooler Master unveiled the MastarAir MA624 Stealth CPU cooler in Hong Kong. The company's latest dual aluminium fin-stack cooler is massive, measuring 144.9 mm x 153.2 mm x 160 mm (WxDxH). It features two aluminium fin-stacks skewered by six 6 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes. Included with the cooler are three fans, of which two are SickleFlow 140 mm, and the third SickleFlow 120 mm. In its typical configuration, the 140 mm spinners are take up the middle (convey) and last (pull) positions, while the 120 mm takes up the first (push) position, 70 mm clearance for tall memory modules. For those with standard height memory, 140 mm fans can take up push and convey, with the 120 mm fan pulling in from the end. In its "stealthiest" config, you can just put one 140 mm fan in the middle.

Each of the two SickleFlow 140 mm fans included with the MA624 Stealth turns between 650 to 1,400 RPM, pushing up to 67 CFM of air-flow, 10-27 dBA noise output, and 2.25 mm H₂O static pressure. The 120 mm spinner does 650 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 62 CFM of air-flow, 8-27 dBA noise output, and 2.50 mm H₂O static-pressure. The six heat-pipes converge at the base, making indirect contact with the CPU over a copper base. The two fin-stacks are topped off by a brushed aluminium top-plate, which is detachable. Among the CPU socket types supported are AM4, LGA1200, LGA2066, and LGA115x. The MA624 Stealth started selling in Hong Kong for HKD $785 (converts to roughly USD $101).

The Great Equalizer: KFC Unveils KFConsole Powered by Intel x ASUS, Cooler Master, Seagate (Featuring Chicken Chamber)

The dankest of memes has come out of the digital underworld to spread fear through all chickens out there in the world. KFC has announced the KFConsole, a development made in partnership with Intel, ASUS, Cooler Master, and Seagate, do deliver a console that "runs better than any other console" - which means bugs relating to chicken movement have been ironed out before release. The chassis is a KFC chicken bucket-shaped one, and is based on Intel's NUC 9 Extreme compute element paired with an unspecified ASUS graphics card - that supports ray tracing.

Cooler Master Introduces MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero TEC AIO

Cooler Master has recently announced the MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero AIO with Intel Cryo Cooling Technology. This AIO features the same Intel Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) found in the EK QuantumX Delta water block to achieve sub-ambient temperatures. The ML360 Sub-Zero features a 52.52 mm TEC unit and Intel software to enable maximum cooling. The AIO features a 360 mm radiator equipped with three SF120R fans and a second-generation pump. The unit is only compatible with 10th and 11th generation Intel processors due to the deep software integration. The MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero will be available to purchase from the end of November for 349.99 Euro.

Cooler Master Introduces New Blue Steel and Wilderness Colorways for the Lightweight MM711 Gaming Mouse

[Editor's note: This press release is from Cooler Master USA, and other regions may not be covered by it.]

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components, has announced a series of new, limited edition colorways for the MM711 RGB ultra-lightweight gaming mouse. These new colors include:
  • Blue Steel - a stunning metallic blue color scheme, available now at MicroCenter.
  • Wilderness - an eye-catching metallic forest green colorway, available on October 15, 2020 on Amazon.
One of Cooler Master's most innovative gaming mice to date, the MM711 weighs approximately 53g thanks to a durable, perforated honeycomb shell. It is among the lightest pro-grade gaming mice on the market today. In conjunction with a lightweight ultra-weave cable for virtually no drag, PTFE feet for effortless glide, and top-of-the-line pro-grade internals, the MM711 allows for longer gaming sessions and quicker response time with minimal fatigue and reduced wrist strain. These newest color variants add vibrant personality to an already unique gaming mouse - providing aesthetic options that appeals to all users.

Cooler Master Releases New Lightweight 49g Gaming Mouse: MM720

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components, has released the MM720 Gaming Mouse, a lightweight gaming mouse with ergonomic form factor. The MM720 launches in matte black and glossy white and is available for pre-order starting today, September 30, 2020. It will be available for purchase on October 27, 2020 via Amazon, respectively, for $49.99.

The MM720 takes the iconic shape of Cooler Master's previously popular Xornet and Spawn mice and replaces the housing with an ultralight honeycomb shell, similar to that found on the MM711 series of lightweight gaming mice. In addition, a lightweight ultra-weave cable reduces drag without compromising durability. As a result, the mouse weighs in at a total of 49 g and retains the same ergonomic benefits of its previous iterations.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid AIO CLC with Infinite Reflection Block Ornament Pictured

Cooler Master released a pair of new MasterLiquid all-in-one (AIO) closed-loop coolers (CLCs) in the Chinese market that feature the company's latest pump+block design. Available in 240 (240 mm x 120 mm radiator size) and 360 (360 mm x 120 mm) variants, the cooler is characterized by a pump+block ornament that features a laser-etched Cooler Master hexagon motif onto a glass surface that's backed by infinite reflection. This glass is surrounded by a ring-shaped ARGB LED diffuser. Depending on the variant, you get two or three Vortex 120 fans that spin between 650 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 62 CFM of air at 2.5 mm H₂O static pressure, with 8 to 27 dBA noise output, each. The 240 mm variant is priced at RMB 549 (USD $80), and the 360 mm variant at RMB 699 ($102). There's no word on availability outside China.

Cooler Master Kickstarts Pi Case 40, Passively Cooled Raspberry Pi Case

Cooler Master, a popular maker of computer peripherals, has today launched a Kickstarter campaign for its latest project - a Raspberry Pi 4 case. Called the Pi Case 40, it is made from 100% aluminium and provides passive cooling to the Pi chip. Designed exclusively for Raspberry Pi 4, the case has precise port cutouts so every port is accessible. The case has a hatch on the side for GPIO cutout, however, the use of HATs is prevented as it gets blocked. The case is capable of providing sufficient cooling to the chip, and the design files are open source. With the purchase, you get the VESA mounting adapter so you can attach the case to anything with a VESA mount. If you sign up for the waitlist now, you get a 25% off discount, however, exact pricing is unknown.
Cooler Master Pi Case 40 Cooler Master Pi Case 40

Cooler Master Intros MasterFan ARGB + PWM Hub: Control Both Speed and Lighting

Cooler Master earlier this week rolled out the MasterFan ARGB + PWM Hub (model: MFX-ZHHN-1NNN6-R1), a handy accessory to simplify both fan speed and lighting management. The device, which is slim enough to be tucked away in the crawlspace behind the motherboard tray, puts out six each of 4-pin PWM and 3-pin addressable-RGB connections. It draws power from a SATA power connector, and takes input from one each of 4-pin PWM and 3-pin ARGB connections from your motherboard. Among the six downstream PWM headers is a high-powered header marked in red, meant for multi-fan units. The hub comes in a metal body with a transparent plastic top, it measures 103 mm x 65 mm x 16 mm (WxDxH). The company didn't reveal pricing.

Update May 29th: Cooler Master informed us that this product is only officially available in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and China regions, although you may find it from 3rd party sellers in other areas of the world.

Cooler Master Intros MasterFan MF120 Halo in White

Cooler Master added a new White color variant to its MasterFan MF120 Halo series, which debuted in January. It sees white take up almost the entire fan frame, including the rubberized bits, a decal over the impeller hub, and the impeller itself has a brighter tint. As with the original, the MF120 Halo White is characterized by two independent lighting zones, one made up of diodes in the impeller hub, and the other along the mouth of the frame, on both ends. There are no mechanical changes from the original. The fan takes in a single 3-pin ARGB connection for both lighting zones, and 4-pin PWM header for its main function. It spins between 650 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 47.2 CFM of air, at 1.6 mm H₂O pressure, and noise output up to 30 dBA. Its bearing has a rated lifespan of 160,000 hours. It is expected to be priced around $18 a piece.

Cooler Master Announces the New SickleFlow 120 Series Fans

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative computer components, today announces the new version of the Sickleflow 120 mm case fans. Featuring the new air balance blades and entirely new models, the Sickleflow 120 introduces a new generation of cooling solutions. The Sickleflow 120 mm includes the new Air Balance blade technology - an optimized fan blade design with increased curvature that improves air flow and air pressure.

The MasterLiquid ML120/240L V2 features a two-tier sealing mechanism designed to improve dustproof capabilities while preventing lubricant oil leakage for overall extended lifespan and performance. The Sickleflow 120 series includes a variety of lighting and non-lighting options, including non-LED, Red/Blue LED, RGB, and ARGB. The Sickleflow 120 non-LED/LED/RGB/ARGB variants are available for purchase at select retailers, including Amazon and Newegg.
Sickleflow 120

Cooler Master Outs Hyper 212 ARGB Turbo CPU Cooler

Cooler Master rolled out an updated version of its Hyper 212 Turbo dual-fan tower-type CPU air cooler, the Hyper 212 ARGB Turbo. This cooler is almost identical to the Hyper 212 RGB Turbo and the LED Turbo; except that it packs a pair of Sickleflow 120 ARGB fans with an updated addressable RGB LED setup. The cooler includes an ARGB controller module to which you plug in the 3-pin ARGB cables of both fans, which then lets you cycle between a presets, pulling power from a SATA power connection; although you can directly plug in the fans to any 3-pin ARGB headers.

The heatsink at the heart of the Hyper 212 ARGB Turbo is standard CM 212 issue - an aluminium fin-stack tower with four 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the CPU at the base. The "Turbo" moniker is from the fact that two 120 mm fans are included in the package, which ventilate the heatsink in a push-pull arrangement. Each of the two Sickleflow 120 ARGB spinners does 650 - 1800 RPM, pushing 61 CFM of air at top speed, with a noise output of 27 dBA (max). With its fans in place, the cooler measures 120 mm x 109 mm x 155 mm (WxDxH). Among the CPU socket types supported are LGA2066, LGA1200, LGA115x, and AM4. We expect this cooler to be priced around $50.

Update May 7th: Cooler Master confirmed to us that this cooler will initially only be released in the Asia-Pacific region, before making it to Europe, while not being sold in North America.
Cooler Master Hyper 212 ARGB Turbo

Cooler Master Announces the MasterLiquid ML120/240L RGB Version 2

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative computer components, releases the MasterLiquid ML120/240L RGB (Version 2) all-in-one (AIO) liquid CPU cooler. Featuring a newly designed dual-chamber pump and the newest iteration of the SickleFlow 120 RGB individual fans, the MasterLiquid ML120/240L V2 introduces a new generation of cooling solutions.

Cooler Master Introduces the MH600 Gaming Headset Series

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and PC components, has unveiled its latest lineup of headsets for gamers of all types: the MH600 Series.

The MH600 Series emphasizes high performance and premium sound quality with a core suite of features standard in every model:
  • Swiveling ear cups and fabric mesh cushioning for superior, long-lasting comfort
  • Hassle-free portability with detachable cords and foldable frames
  • Adjustable omnidirectional boom mic for superior voice quality and minimal background noise
  • Premium sound quality with 50 mm neodymium audio drivers

Cooler Master Launches the MasterBox MB311L ARGB and MasterBox MB320L ARGB Desktop Computer Cases

Cooler Master today announces two mATX ARGB Towers: the MasterBox MB311L ARGB (Mesh Front Panel) and MasterBox MB320L ARGB (Acrylic Front Panel). Following in the principles of the award-winning MB Series, versatility is paired with presentation to ensure that any gaming system built inside the MB300 series looks as good as it performs.

MasterBox MB3LL ARGB: Mesh Front Panel
The MasterBox MB311L ARGB is a Micro-ATX airflow PC case pre-installed with two ARGB fans and made to be built with the latest gaming hardware. The front panel's façade is made entirely of Fine Mesh, placed between two honeycomb vents on either side to maximize airflow.

MasterBox MB320L ARGB: DarkMirror Acrylic Front Panel
The MasterBox MB320L ARGB is a Micro-ATX PC case with two pre-installed ARGB fans and honeycomb mesh ventilation on either side of the DarkMirror front panel. The DarkMirror acrylic front panel is smoked a shade darker to sharpen the contrast of the ARGB fans pre-installed behind it, highlighting its best features.

Cooler Master Launches MasterAir G200P CPU Cooler & MasterFan MF120 Halo ARGB Fans

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative computer components introduces the MasterAir G200P Low Profile CPU cooler and the MasterFan MF120 Halo ARGB case fans. The MasterAir G200P is a 39.4 mm low-profile CPU cooler designed for small form factor cases and compact PC builds. Built with a powerful 92 mm squared PWM fan to maximize top-down cooling, the G200P features a wide fan speed range that is fine-tuned for maximum airflow, overall cooling performance and silent operation.

The MasterFan MF120 Halo provides an Ideal air-cooling solution for CPU coolers and chassis in-take fans. Built with Air Balance fan blades, the fan includes multiple layers of noise reduction technology that cools components in silence. Featuring dual loop addressable RGB lighting, the MF120 Halo exudes vibrant colors while generating high-pressure airflow.

Cooler Master Redesigns its TIM Packaging so Parents Don't Think Their Kids are Doing Drugs

Applying thermal interface material (TIM) properly is a simple task that is under-documented or sometimes even misrepresented by the press. A bad application harms, rather than help your thermals. Their application varies from either the "pea drop" method, where you squeeze the TIM syringe or sachet to put out a tiny pea size blob onto your chip, letting the pressure from the heatsink spread the TIM out; or using an included spatula or plastic card to spread the TIM out to a very thin film. Of course when minors have plastic cards and syringes lying around in their rooms, parents sometimes get the wrong idea.

Cooler Master, in a tweet confirmed that it redesigned its TIM packaging to address exactly this: that TIMs supplied in syringes that look and function identical to medical syringes, make parents think their kids are doing drugs. "We didn't change the shape of the syringe to make applying thermal paste a lot easier, but because we we're getting tired of having to explain parents that their kid isn't using drugs," reads the Cooler Master statement. The new packaging by Cooler Master looks closer to a highlighter or Play Doh tube than it does a medical syringe. It still uses a syringe-like manual piston to dispense TIM, but the nozzle is wide and flattened to put out a layer of TIM directly on your chip. It's no longer round, and you can no longer attach injection needles. This nozzle also takes away the need for plastic cards or spatulas. The design, however, has a downside: the "pea drop" application is impossible, and a somewhat sub-optimal method is being forced upon users. Did Cooler Master just give in to pressure from an uninformed section of the market? Could a printed disclaimer on a conventional round syringe have helped instead? Tell us in the comments below.

Cooler Master Rolls Out New Cases at CES 2020: MasterBox TD500 Takes Centerstage

Cooler Master rolled out a handful new cases at the 2020 International CES. This include a new high cost-value mid-tower called the MasterBox TD500, available in black and white trims. The case is characterized by a polygonal, asymmetric front panel that beats boring flat surfaces. A large mesh intake covers almost the entire front, from which the case breathes through three 120 mm intake fans. This spot can be used even for a 360 mm radiator. The 3-D design extends to even the precision-milled tempered glass side panel, which defies convention of being flat. Inside is a conventional horizontally-partitioned layout. Available from later this month, the MasterBox TD500 is priced at USD $89.

Next up is the massive MasterBox NR600P, a full-tower designed for workstations, HEDTs, and RGB heathens. The case supports SSI-EEB, E-ATX, and smaller form-factors. It's opaque on all sides, but there are enough vents for a basic positive pressure air-channel. Slated for May 2020, Cooler Master is pricing the case at an inviting $129. Lastly, there are the MasterBox MB311L and 320L ARGB, a pair of roomy micro-ATX gaming cases characterized by large front intakes that are dominated by a pair of RGB fans, and a horizontally-partitioned interior. The MB311L ARGB has a mesh intake, while the MasterBox MB320L ARGB has front intakes along the sides of the front panel, with a mirror-finish transparent panel along the front. Both these cases are slated for Q2-2020, priced at $40 a pop.

Cooler Master CES 2020 CPU Cooler Lineup Detailed: Updates to Best-selling 212 EVO

Cooler Master unveiled several new CPU coolers this CES, including major design updates to some of its best-selling models. To begin with, the new Hyper 212 EVO is refreshed with a new V2 model. The tower-type aluminium fin-stack heatsink now comes with an asymmetric design that offsets the fin-stack away from your motherboard's memory slots. It also comes with an updated mounting bracket set for easier installation; and an updated Cooler Master SickleFlow V2 120 mm fan that comes with higher airflow, letting the designers lower RPM and noise. Available from February 2020, the Hyper 212 EVO V2 is priced at USD $36.99. Speaking of the SickleFlow V2 fan, an updated rifle-bearing frame, and updated Air Balance fan-blade design. The 120 mm spinner comes in four variants based on lighting: $7.99 for lack of it, $9.99 for red/blue single-color, $13.99 for RGB, and $16.99 for ARGB.

Next up, is the MasterAir G200P, a low-profile, top-flow cooler designed for thermal loads under 100 W. With a height of just 39.4, the cooler features a dense aluminium fin-stack heatsink with a copper base-plate, which is ventilated by a thin 92 mm PWM fan. Available from January 14, it is priced at $44.99. Cooler Master also refreshed the top-end of its MasterAir line of air coolers, with the new V8GTS ARGB, an "8 heat-pipe masterpiece" that uses three aluminium fin-stacks sandwiching two 140 mm fans. The heat-pipes on this thing pull heat from a vapor-chamber plate that makes contact with the CPU. Slated for June 2020 availability, the V8GTS ARGB will be priced around $89-99. The Hyper DT614 is another premium cooler: a dual fin-stack heatsink with a 140 mm fan in the middle, and a stylish metal top-plate. Available from Q2-2020, it is expected to be priced at $79 to $89.
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