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Thermalright Rolls Out AXP-90 Full Copper CPU Cooler

Thermalright rolled out the AXP-90 Full Copper top-flow CPU cooler for low-profile PC builds. A smaller sibling of the AXP-100 Full Copper, and a variant of the aluminium-based original AXP-90, this cooler features a dense copper fin-stack that's arranged along the plane of the motherboard. Four 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes make indirect contact with the CPU over a mirror-finish copper base-plate, pulling heat through the fin-stack. A 15 mm-thick 92 mm TL-9015R fan ventilates the fin-stack. This fan takes in 4-pin PWM input, spins at speeds of up to 2,700 RPM, pushing up to 42.58 CFM of air, with as low as 22.4 dBA of noise output. With the fan in place, the AXP-90 Full Copper measures 97 mm x 92 mm x 47 mm (WxDxH), weighing 490 g. There are two sub-variants of the cooler specific to CPU socket type supported, the AXP-90 Full Copper LGA115X, and AXP-90 Full Copper AM4. Available on Chinese e-tailers such as T-Mall, the AXP-90 Full Copper is priced at RMB 299, or the equivalent of USD $42.70.

Thermalright Intros AXP-100 Full Copper CPU Cooler

The last time Thermalright gave a "Full Copper" twist to one of its bestselling CPU coolers was 10 years ago. The AXP-100 Full Copper sees the coming together of a pure copper fin-stack, six 6 mm exposed copper heat pipes, a copper base for indirect transfer to the heat pipes, and a reddish-orange fan. The height of the heatsink is 44 mm, which interestingly, is less than even that of the AXP-100 RH (reduced height) variant. The heatsink measures 108 mm x 121 mm x 44 mm (WxDxH), weighing 640 g, almost double that of the AXP-100 RH, and about the same as the AXP-100 Muscle. The included TY-100 fan is a 120 mm spinner, with a range of 900 to 2,500 RPM, PWM input, 16 to 44.5 CFM air-flow, and 22 to 30 dBA noise output. Among the sockets supported are LGA2066, LGA115x, and AM4. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Swiftech Introduces New Drive X3 All-in-One CPU Cooling Kits

Swiftech is proud to announce the latest advances in All-in-one Liquid Cooling CPU Cooler, the Drive X3. The new X3 AIO series has received a number of improvements, along with a new sizing and naming convention as well.

The Swiftech X3 will be available in two radiator sizes, dual 120mm fans and triple 120mm fans at the time of the release. These will include a new 120mm fan design that include improved static pressure and maximum discharge, lower operation noise level, and Swiftech IRIS compatible addressable RGB's built into the frame of the fans.

CRYORIG Releases Full Copper C7 Cu Heatsink

After nearly a year from first announcing the Cu line of full copper coolers PC cooling innovator CRYORIG is now releasing the C7 Cu copper enhanced SFF ITX cooler. The C7 Cu is built from the award winning C7 architecture with one obvious upgrade, the extravagant use of copper for the whole heatsink body. By exchanging for a full copper build from aluminum has allowed the C7 Cu see improvements of up to 15% in thermal performance. The increased thermal performance without increased size is a key advantage of the C7 Cu especially in ultra compact SFF/ITX builds where space is limited.

Aimed at solving the space limits of Small Form Factor ITX systems, the C7 Cu was set with the task of further improving performance but without increasing size or fan speed. Utilizing higher thermal conductive materials was the only answer for the C7 Cu. Copper is nearly twice as thermal conductive as aluminum but nearly three times as expensive. That's why copper is normally only used on the most thermal critical components such as heatpipes and heatsink base plates. With the C7 Cu, CRYORIG has swapped out the aluminum elements of the C7 with pure copper. Thermal performance gains are close to 15% when compared to the original C7.

Heatkiller IV Waterblocks for AMD Threadripper CPUs Go Up for Preorder

Watercool started development on their waterblocks for AMD Threadripper processors back in August. The brand made an announcement today on their Facebook stating that waterblocks are ready to come out of the oven. The Heatkiller IV waterblocks will come in three variants: copper, nickel, and nickel/black. All three models are available for preorder tomorrow. If you're quick enough to pull the trigger, you can also net yourself a nice 10% preorder discount. According to Watercool, the copper model ships on November 10th, while the other two remaining nickel models will start shipping on November 24th.

The full copper model is a waterblock aimed at copper lovers. It comes with an unique, huge Threadripper cooling plate made entirely of copper. The massive top is milled out of one solid block of copper. On the other hand, the nickel block caters to those who prefer a more glossy look. Both the huge cold plater and top are milled out of solid copper; then consequently nickel plated. Lastly, Watercool calls the nickel/black model the jack of all trades. The copper cold plate is nickel plated, while the top is manufactured from acrylic (Plexiglas GS) and comes with a black anodized aluminum cover. RGB lighting is present thanks to the preinstalled RGB LED strip which connects to the RGB LED headers on X399 motherboards through a black, paracord sleeved cable.
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