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Cougar Rolls Out VTE X2 ARGB Power Supply Series

Cougar today rolled out the VTE X2 ARGB line of mid-range power supplies targeted at e-Sports gaming PC builds, particularly those who value a lot of RGB bling in their PCs. This PSU is characterized by a 120 mm addressable RGB LED-illuminated fan, and an ARGB-illuminated Cougar logo along one of the sides (the other having the power distribution and regulatory stickers). The PSU features an internal ARGB controller, and a button near the AC receptacle lets you cycle between presets. You can also sync the PSU to your build's lighting through a 3-pin ARGB connector.

The Cougar VTE X2 ARGB comes in 550 W, 650 W, and 750 W capacities, and offers fixed cabling. Under the hood, you get a single +12 V rail design with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency, up to 99% power factor, Japanese standby capacitors, DC-to-DC switching, and most common electrical protections. All three models come with one 4+4 pin EPS connector. The 550 W and 650 W models include two 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors, while the 750 W model comes with four. The 550 W model comes with five SATA power connectors, while the others have eight. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Updates GEX Series with 1050W Model

Cougar today updated its GEX line of full-modular premium PSUs, with a new 1050 W model. The lineup, until now, only had 650 W, 750 W, and 850 W models. The GEX1050 comes with a 135 mm hydro-dynamic bearing fan that stays completely off when the load is under 41%. This means that the PSU is practically fanless as long as your machine is pulling under 420 W.

Under the hood, the Cougar GEX1050 features a single +12 V rail design with 80 Plus Gold efficiency, LLC resonant converters, DC-to-DC switching, and most common electrical protections, against over/under-voltage, overheat, overload, and short-circuit. Connectors included with the GEX1050 are one 24-pin, two 8+8 pin EPS, eight 6+2 pin PCIe power, twelve SATA power, three Molex, and one Berg. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Intros MX660 Mesh RGB-L Mid-tower Case

Cougar today introduced the MX660 Mesh RGB-L, an ATX mid-tower case. A highlight of this case's design is its front-panel, which features a "3-D mesh." A coarse outer mesh extends along three sides of the front-panel, concealing a finer, flat inner mesh that filters dust for the front intake that supports either three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans; and radiators up to 360 mm x 120 mm or 280 mm x 140 mm in size. The top-panel has another such large fan vent, supporting the exact same combinations of fans and radiators. A 120 mm rear exhaust makes for the rest of the case's ventilation feature-set. Three 120 mm fans with ARGB lighting come pre-installed along the front panel, and the case includes a 6-channel ARGB controller that can toggle between presets at the push of a button on the front-panel, or sync with your motherboard's 3-pin ARGB header.

The Cougar MX660 Mesh RGB-L features a tempered glass left-side panel, behind which is a conventional horizontally partitioned layout, with the upper compartment serving up room for motherboards as large as E-ATX, graphics cards up to 41 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16.5 cm in height. The lower compartment has a 20 cm PSU bay, and two 3.5-inch drive trays that can each hold 2.5-inch drives. An additional three 2.5-inch drives can be mounted behind the motherboard tray. Front-panel connectivity includes two USB 3.x type-A, one USB 3.x type-C, and HDA jacks. The case measures 213 mm x 495 mm x 474 mm (WxDxH), dry-weighing 6.3 kg. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Rolls Out Vantar AX Black: You Can Finally Read the Keycaps

Cougar today rolled out the Vantar AX Black slimline keyboard. This is a variant of the original Vantar AX keyboard the company launched in mid-2020, but with a big design change—the keycaps are finally legible. The original uses frosted, translucent keycaps with black lettering, which are hard to read with the lighting turned on. The new Vantar AX Black uses more sober-looking black keycaps with the letters being illuminated (like on most illuminated keyboards). The underlying scissor-type switches are unchanged from the original, as is the aluminium unibody with diamond-cut edges. The keyboard measures 445 mm x 127 mm x 15 mm (WxDxH), weighing 626 g. The company didn't announce pricing.

Cougar Rolls Out the Auric Line of Modular PSUs

Cougar today rolled out the Auric line of premium modular PSUs targeted at performance-segment gaming desktops. Available in 650 W and 750 W capacities, the Auric series offers a fairly premium feature-set, including 80 Plus Gold efficiency, full modular cabling, an RGB LED illuminated fan, and a user-controllable semi fanless mode. At the push of a switch, the PSU can be made to maintain complete silence until 40% of load. Another switch lets you toggle the RGB illumination presets (one of which is a dark mode). The lighting can be synchronized to the rest of your lighting via a 4-pin RGB input.

Under the hood, the Cougar Auric series PSUs feature single +12 V rail design that complies with the latest ATX12V v2.53 specification, active PFC, LLC resonant converter, DC-to-DC switching, and protection against over/under-voltage, overload, overheat, and short-circuit. Both the 650 W and 750 W models offer two 4+4 pin EPS, seven SATA power, three Molex, and one 24-pin ATX. The 650 W model offers four 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors, while the 750 W model offers six of these.

Cougar Announces the VTK Line of Power Supplies

Cougar announced the VTK line of mainstream power supplies for gaming PCs. Available in capacities of 400 W, 450 W, 500 W, and 550 W, these PSUs feature fixed cabling, and are targeted at those building on a tight budget. All the basics are covered, including a single +12 V rail design, 80 Plus Bronze efficiency, Japanese main capacitors, PFC up to 99%, protections against over/under voltage, overload, overheat, and short-circuit; and a low-noise optimized 120 mm fan. All four models come with single 4+4 pin EPS. The 400 W and 450 W ones have single 6+2 pin PCIe power, while the 500 W and 550 W ones have two. You get up to five SATA power connectors, and a trio of 4-pin Molex. The company didn't reveal pricing, although all four models are expected to be priced well under $80.

Cougar Introduces MX440-G RGB Mid-tower Case

Cougar today introduced the MX440-G RGB, an ATX mid-tower case with an airy design. The front panel features a large tempered glass face that's raised an inch above the actual fan intakes, with large air-dams along the sides. The three 120 mm intake fans are installed behind a dust filter. The top has two 120 mm exhausts, also featuring a dust filter. Overall, you can mount either two 140 mm or three 120 mm front intakes, two 120 mm top exhausts, or one 140/120 mm rear exhaust.

The interiors of the Cougar MX440-G RGB feature a conventional horizontally partitioned layout, but the bottom compartment isn't completely walled off when viewed from the left side. The motherboard tray has room for graphics cards up to 32 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 17 cm in height. Storage options include two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive trays, and four additional 2.5-inch mounts. Front panel connectivity includes two each of USB 3.x and USB 2.0/1.1 ports; and HDA jacks. The case measures 215 mm x 424 mm x 505 mm (WxDxH). The company didn't announce pricing.

Cougar Intros VM410 Gaming Headset with 53mm Drivers and Audiophile-grade Cables

Cougar today introduced the VM410, its flagship stereo gaming headset. The VM410 comes with a few segment-first features, including quite a few bits borrowed from audiophile-grade headphones. To begin with, its cans are suspended on a 3-axle metal joint that allows for horizontal and vertical adjustments. A silicone headband can be adjusted at the cans, while metal over-bands hold the two cans together structurally. The detachable microphone stock holds a large 9.7 mm unidirectional mic condenser.

As for the cans of the VM410, they pack meaty 53 mm neodymium drivers with graphene diaphragms, papylon mesh, and a cavernous back chamber. You get two sets of user-replaceable earcups, one with soft-touch leather, and the other with breathable polyester fabric. It doesn't end there. Cougar used audiophile-grade cabling to go with the headset, with each of the two cans having a triple-insulated copper cable running up to the plug. The headphones component offers sensitivity of up to 116 dB at 1 kHz, 32 Ω impedance, and 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response. The mic is -113 dB sensitive at 1 kHz, with the same 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response as the headphones, and <2 kΩ impedance. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Unveils the Gemini T Pro Case

Cougar today unveiled the Gemini T Pro, an ATX mid-tower case. Its design is characterized by bilateral symmetry, with a streaks of three acrylic ARGB LED diffusers running the height of the front- and top panels through the middle. Both the side panels of the case are tinted- tempered glass, and are fused with portions of the front panel. The two are hinged toward the end, and open up as shown in the picture below. Inside, the case features a conventional horizontally partitioned layout, with a completely concealed bottom compartment when viewed from the left side. The main compartment serves up room for graphics cards up to 40 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 17 cm in height, while the bottom compartment can house PSUs up to 20 cm in length. The case features 7 conventional expansion slots, and 2 vertical slots.

Storage options in the Cougar Gemini T Pro include two 3.5-inch drive bays that can each hold 2.5-inch drives, and three 2.5-inch drive mounts. Cooling options include either two 140 mm or three 120 mm front intakes; ditto for the top panel, a couple of 120 mm side intakes, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. You can mount 360 mm x 120 mm or 280 mm x 140 mm (or smaller) radiators along the front panel, 360 mm x 120 mm (or smaller) radiators along the top panels, and a 240 mm x 120 mm (or smaller) radiator along the side panel. Front panel connectivity includes a USB 3.x type-C, two USB 3.x type-A, HDA audio jacks, and a button that lets you cycle between presets for the ARGB lighting element. The case measures 227 mm x 535 mm x 527 mm (WxHxD). The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Intros Aqua ARGB AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

Cougar today introduced the Aqua ARGB line of all-in-one, closed-loop, liquid CPU coolers. It is available in three variants based on radiator size - the Aqua ARGB 360 (360 mm x 120 mm), Aqua ARGB 280 (280 mm x 140 mm), and Aqua ARGB 240 (240 mm x 120 mm). All three include a cuboidal pump-block design with ARGB LED diffusers at the top, along with an illuminated Cougar logo; and the company's VA-series ARGB fans (either 120 mm or 140 mm, depending on the variant).

The cooler includes an ARGB controller with an RF remote control, so you can set lighting, color, and pattern presets on the fly. The VA120 fan included with the 360 and 240 variants spin at 600 to 2,000 RPM, pushing up to 74 CFM of air at up to 2.78 mm H₂O pressure, and 39.55 dBA max noise, each. The VA140 fans with the 280 variant does 500 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 98.39 CFM, at up to 2.21 mm H₂O pressure, and 40.56 dBA max noise. Among the CPU socket types supported are LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA2066, and AM4. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Intros the Ultra-Slim Vantar AX Gaming Keyboard with Scissor Switches

Cougar today introduced the Vantar AX, a unique gaming keyboard that should please those who also use their PC for extended typing/coding sessions. The keyboard uses scissor-type switches that can be found in premium notebooks. Another selling point is its height of just 15 mm (including keycaps), compared to most keyboards that can be over 35 mm tall. The Vantar AX offers a full 106-keyset with flat, translucent keycaps that have zonal RGB backlighting. The electronics support 19-key rollover and anti-ghosting. It all comes together in a matte-silver, CNC-milled, aluminium unibody resembling MacBooks. The Cougar Vantar AX measures 445 mm x 127 mm x 15 mm (WxDxH), weighing about 626 g. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Intros MG120-G RGB Micro-ATX Case

Cougar today introduced the MG120-G RGB, a Micro-ATX tower case. This rather broad and roomy tower is characterized by dark tinted 4 mm-thick tempered glass panels along the front and left side panels, and the inclusion of three premium Cougar VK120 ARGB fans (two along the front intakes, one at the rear exhaust, pre-installed). Its ventilation features include the ability to mount either two 140 mm or three 120 m fans along the front panel, two 140/120 mm top exhausts, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. Maximum radiator sizes supported include a 280 mm x 140 mm radiator along the front panel, and a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator along the top.

Storage options for the Cougar MG120-G are equally impressive, with three 2.5-inch mounts along the horizontal partition separating the two chambers, two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive trays in the bottom chamber, and a 2.5-inch mount behind the motherboard tray (so up to six 2.5-inch or four 2.5-inch + two 3.5-inch). The motherboard tray serves up room for graphics cards up to 33 cm in length and CPU coolers up to 17.5 cm in height. Cougar includes a 6-channel ARGB controller with the case that control the lighting of the three included fans (besides room for expansion). The front panel includes a pair of USB type-A ports (one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.x), HDA jacks, and a button to cycle through the ARGB controller's presets. The case measures 210 mm x 415 mm x 400 mm (WxHxD). The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Rolls Out MARS 120 ARGB Compact Gaming Desk

Cougar today expanded its gaming furniture lineup with the MARS 120 ARGB compact gaming desk. A variant of the original Cougar MARS, the MARS 120 gets its name from the 120 cm surface width (5 cm added by the edges). Unlike the original MARS, it has a fixed height of 81 cm, while the surface is 74 cm deep. The side edges of the Cougar MARS 120 feature a couple of RGB LED diffusers. Besides an auxiliary power connection, the desk plugs into a USB 3.0 port and HDA jacks of your machine to put out one each of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 downstream ports, headset jacks, and a button to cycle through some RGB presets. The RGB setup can interface with most popular ARGB control software. The desk has a load bearing capacity of 150 kg. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Intros DarkBlader X7 Mid-tower Case

Cougar today released yet another variation of its DarkBlader line of ATX mid-tower cases that feature an asymmetric trapezioid front panel design, following last week's release of the DarkBlader X5. The X7 is nearly identical to the X5 from last week, including the translucent (frost finish) larger half of the front-panel. Where it differs is the smaller half featuring a vertical ARGB lighting strip at the front intake; and the inclusion of one 120 mm ARGB fan instead of three, pre-installed at the rear vent. The translucent front panel comes in two trims, "midnight green" and "translucent black." These aside, the DarkBlader X7 is identical in every way to not just the DarkBlader X5, but also the original DarkBlader series from 2019.

Cougar Introduces the DarkBlader X5 Mid-tower Case

Cougar today expanded its DarkBlader line of asymmetric front-panel mid-tower cases with the new DarkBlader X5. This case retains the core design of the older DarkBlader series cases, with a handful changes: firstly, the larger trapezium-shaped half of the front facade is a tinted, translucent (frost finish) plastic surface, instead of a solid slab of metal-finish plastic. The smaller half has three large air intakes for the fans inside. The DarkBlader X5 by default doesn't include front fans, but its slightly pricier DarkBlader X5 RGB variant include three. The RGB variant also includes a 6-channel ARGB lighting controller, and a front-panel switch that lets you toggle between several lighting presets. Both the base- and RGB variants further come in two color-based sub-variants: black and white. These aside, the DarkBlader X5 has identical dimensions and features to the original DarkBlader series. The company didn't reveal pricing.

COUGAR Launches its First Ergonomic Chair ARGO

COUGAR, leading brand in the development of PC gaming hardware and peripherals, announces today the arrival to the world markets of an innovative Ergonomic Gaming chair, the combination of Gaming and Ergonomics to help gamers optimize their performance.

"In the last five years, COUGAR has been receiving feedback from customers that expressed a wish for an improvement in the gaming chairs market, which had long been plagued by problems such as non-functional designs, poor quality, overheat and humidity from the body, pain and fatigue and more problems. In view of this, COUGAR decided to take matters into their own hands. We love gaming, and we have worked hard for years to provide PSUs, cases, cooling and peripherals suited to gamers' specific needs. We took a long, hard look at the gaming chairs market and to be honest, with few exceptions, we did not like what we saw. We knew it was time for us to do something about it," said Lio Huang - Brand Director.

Cougar Intros MX331 Line of Mid-tower Cases

Cougar late last week rolled out the MX331 line of ATX mid-tower cases. The case comes in four variants based on looks and functionality: the base variant has a mesh front and an opaque left side-panel with some fan vents. The next variant comes with a mesh front, and tempered glass side panel. The variant after that, the MX331 Mesh X, builds on this with RGB embellishments and an included 120 mm RGB rear exhaust fan. The top variant has piano-black acrylic front, with tempered glass side panels. All four variants are internally identical, the top two come with additional USB 3.x ports.

Internally, the MX331 comes with a conventional horizontally partitioned layout. The top (motherboard tray) compartment can hold graphics cards up to 35 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 15.5 cm in height. Storage options include two 3.5-inch trays that can each hold 2.5-inch drives; and two additional 2.5-inch mounts behind the motherboard tray. Ventilation includes two 120 mm front intakes, two 120 mm exhausts at the top, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. The case measures 481 mm x 204 mm x 443 mm (HxWxD). The company didn't reveal pricing.
Cougar MX331 Mesh X Cougar MX331

Cougar Intros Immersa Pro Prix Gaming Headset

Cougar today rolled out the Immersa Pro Prix gaming headset. A variant of the Immersa Pro from 2017, the Pro Prix features an upgraded C-Media sourced CMI6533X1 USB DAC with Xear3D 7.1-channel virtual surround, an upgraded pair of 50 mm drivers with a wider 10 Hz to 20 kHz frequency-response range (vs. 20 Hz to 20 kHz on the original), an upgraded headband design with better cushioning, an improved microphone muffler, and a slightly longer 2.5 m cable (vs. 2 m on the original). The headset is still driven by Cougar's UIX software that provides audio- and RGB lighting control. The headset's dimensions are otherwise unchanged. The company didn't reveal pricing.
Cougar Immersa Pro Prix

Cougar Unveils GX-F Aurum Full-Modular Power Supplies

Cougar today unveiled the GX-F Aurum line of premium power supplies for gaming PCs. Consisting of 550 W, 650 W, and 750 W variants, these PSUs offer fully modular cabling, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, a single +12V rail design, DC-to-DC switching, and tight ±3% voltage regulation. All three models offer two 4+4 pin EPS connectors keeping in mind upcoming processor architectures. The 550 W model includes two 6+2 pin PCIe power and six SATA power, while the 650 W and 750 W ones offer four 6+2 pin PCIe, and eight SATA power. Common to all three variants is a 135 mm hydro-dynamic bearing (HDB) fan. Cougar is backing these with 7-year warranties. Availability is slated for late-April.

COUGAR Releases the Ranger Gaming Sofa for Royal Gaming Comfort

COUGAR today announced the release of a gaming-styled sofa (and yes, now you can believe it isn't a typo or this editor simply mixing home furniture concepts up in his head). The Ranger has been designed, according to COUGAR, for smartphone and console gaming, and features a reclining mechanism (95º to 160º) that allows you to take a quick nap whilst your teammates do all the hard work through that raid or pesky dungeon you've already gone over and over again. In this chair, you're royalty, after all.

The frame is surely made of viking-smithed steel (COUGAR only states steel, which is surely a technical oversight from someone having written the description in a sofa other than the Ranger). The material is high-quality, breathable, heavenly leather with a real diamond-cut pattern. There's lumbar support, a headrest, and a footrest. Sadly, there's no support for that 12-year single-malt whiskey you've been saving up for such a gaming-oriented occasion, which seems like a slight oversight. This Ranger doesn't feature the usual mobility associated with that particular gaming class, though: at 700 mm width, 980 mm depth, 1,025 mm height, and 31 Kg of pure, comfortable mass, it won't be a good companion for either your wallet (shipping costs) or an accessory to prove your supremacy in battle, to be carried over by a page. One-year warranty and an April 22nd shipping date have been given, and the Ranger should be available for $280.

Cougar Releases Phontum Pro Gaming Headset

Cougar finally got around to releasing the Phontum Pro gaming headset to the market, having unveiled it way back at the 2018 Computex, and announced it in December 2019. The Phontum Pro is an upscale variant of the Cougar Phontum, featuring a USB DAC in addition to the 4-pole 3.5 mm jack input. When plugged into USB, a single cable provides audio I/O and ARGB LED illumination around the cans.

The Cougar UIX software provides Azalia-USB class audio drivers, and a centralized application for audio- and lighting control for the headset. As a pair of cans, the Phontum Pro is stereo, with a pair of 53 mm drivers. A C-Media Xear3D DSP provides virtual 7.1 surround. The drivers provide 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, 98 dB ± 3 dB sensitivity, and 32 Ω impedance. The mic features 9.7 mm of active noise cancellation, 100 Hz to 10 kHz frequency response, and -47 dB ± 3 dB sensitivity. The mic stock is detachable from the rest of the headset.

Cougar Launches the Conquer 2 Full-tower Chassis

Cougar today launched the Conquer 2, a premium ATX full-tower chassis it unveiled at Computex 2019. It features a "chassis within chassis" design, in which an inner SECC steel chassis holds all your components and slides into the outer chassis that has the case's industrial design that combines aluminium and tempered glass panels. Massive ARGB LED diffusers dominate the front portion. The inner chassis has a horizontally-partitioned layout. The upper compartment has the motherboard tray with room for CEB, ATX, and smaller motherboard form-factors. You get room for graphics cards up to 40 cm in length. There are 10 expansion slots in all, from which two are vertical.

The bottom compartment houses the PSU bay with up to 22 cm headroom; and two 3.5-inch drives. Two additional 2.5-inch drives can be mounted behind the motherboard tray. Cooling options include two 120 mm front intakes that can hold onto a 240 mm radiator, and three 120 mm top exhausts, which can hold a 360 mm radiator. Measuring 368 mm x 631 mm x 744 mm (WxHxD), the case weighs about 18 kg. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar Unveils the DarkBlader Line of Full-tower Cases

Cougar unveiled the DarkBlader line of ATX full-tower cases characterized by an asymmetric trapezoid front design, and two variants based the front panel. The DarkBlader-G has a tinted tempered glass front insert, while the DarkBlader-S has an anodized-aluminium insert arranged in a stepped pattern. The rest of the front panels on both models have a brushed metal finish. The right side panel is dominated by a tempered glass panel, and the case's front-panel connectivity are arranged along the side, with light-framing that glow in RGB. On both cases a trapezoid RGB LED diffuser runs along the height of the case. Besides ATX, the case supports E-ATX and CEB motherboard form-factors.

Inside, the DarkBlader features a conventional horizontally-partitioned layout. The motherboard tray has room for graphics cards up to 38 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 17 cm in height. Storage options include two 3.5-inch trays that can also hold 2.5-inch drives; and 3.5-inch mounts behind the motherboard tray, which can also hold onto 2.5-inch drives. Ventilation includes three 140/120 mm front intakes, either two 140 mm or three 120 mm top exhausts, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. You can mount a 360 mm x 120 mm radiator along the front, and a 360 mm x 120 mm radiator along the top. The case includes an RGB LED lighting controller. Measuring 232 mm x 523 mm x 518 mm (WxDxH), the case offers 8 + 2 expansion slots. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Cougar at COMPUTEX 2019: Conquer 2, Gemini S, Gemini M, and Blazer Essence Chassis

Cougar at COMPUTEX 2019 showcased their newest iteration of the Conquer chassis. Christened the Conquer 2, this is more than simply a revision of their Conquer chassis, featuring modernized, almost "sci-fiyei" looks illuminated by the company's orange toning (selectable and changeable with their Trelux RGB lighting system). The Conquer 2 features a detachable sub-chassis so that users can mount components on the exterior of the chassis' carcass for easier access and installation. The Conquer 2 keeps support for 360 mm radiators despite these design characteristics, and is a case that's sure to draw attention wherever it stands.

Cougar Announces Helor 240 and Helor 360 Liquid CPU Coolers

Cougar is proud to introduce its very first CPU liquid coolers, the Helor 240 and Helor 360. The Helor Series is the first by Cougar that utilizes liquid cooling! The Water Block combines all the reliability and performance expected from a high-end CPU cooler. With its large transparent window, it's the perfect solution for gamers that require a powerful CPU and enjoy beautiful visuals. The window also allows the user to check the coolant level.

Combine the production of the Water Block with the Vortex Omega fans, which have 16% longer blades and include speeds from 600 R.P.Ms to 1800 R.P.Ms, and the heat will dissipate from the CPU with ease. The fans. And if you love customizing lights for your mood, you are in for a treat!
You will have access to over 100 different lighting effects with two ways to control your RGB. The Helor includes a Core Box V2 and a remote control. You will be able to enjoy system-wide RGB through the 3-pin 5v RGB motherboard synchronization.
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