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Humble Bundle and IGN Joining Forces

Co-Founder and CEO of Humble Bundle, Jeffrey Rosen, announced earlier today the company's "biggest bundle ever", the merging of his company with media giant IGN. "We chose IGN because they really understand our vision, share our passion for games, and believe in our mission to promote awesome digital content while helping charity. I can't think of a better partner than IGN to help Humble Bundle continue our quest", said Rosen. One consequence of the companies joining forces will be a new publishing initiative, but Humble Bundle will, it was claimed, maintain its independence going forward. A point reiterated by IGN executive VP Mitch Galbraith, in a conversation with Gamasutra today. But IGN, which reviews and critiques games, now owns a platform- albeit at arm's length- for selling them; a development that might strike some as creating the potential for future conflicts of interest.

The Official IPL PC is Available Now from ORIGIN PC

ORIGIN PC announced today its full support for the IGN Pro League (IPL), the competitive video game league presented by IGN Entertainment. ORIGIN PC will power the league's next highly-anticipated event, IPL 5, with "The Official IPL PC." Taking place November 29th to December 2nd at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, IPL 5 will bring together the best professional gamers from around the world compete to for $300,000 in prizes playing three popular titles: League of Legends, Starcraft II and Shoot Mania Storm.

"Like with any sport, we want to enable the best possible playing experience, and to do that we want to outfit our pros with the best possible equipment," sible equipment," said David Ting, founder of the IGN Pro League. "ORIGIN PC's state-of-the-art machines will help players perform at the top of their game. We're thrilled to have them on board as a partner that will help raise the bar on the level of play at IPL 5."

GTA V Pre-Order Poster Leaked

The next title in the smash hit game franchise Grand Theft Auto, GTA V is coming in Spring 2013 after all, according to a leaked European pre-order poster for stores. The poster shows some concept art of the game, and a pre-order notice. The fact that the poster is leaked, in Europe no less, shows that pre-orders should open shortly. An unsettling development is that the posters only feature Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 logos, with no "PC DVD-ROM" logos. This indicates that the game's console versions could launch ahead of the PC version, perhaps even months ahead - just like its predecessor.

Teamless Takes MSI NVIDIA Trophy Qualifier #3 - One Qualifier Remains

The past week has been chocked full of intense competition as Europe's best League Of Legends team's have been battling it out to earn their spot at the grand finals of MSI NVIDIA Trophy. A number of teams qualified through alternative factors; however, many of Europe's top teams still needed to qualify for the grand finals, which will take place at Gamers Assembly in France at the beginning of April. Four qualifiers was just the ticket those teams needed - and one week later, we have six new teams qualified for the grand finals.

That leaves us with one more qualifier to go. Teams will have to step up their game if they want to earn one of the last two spots earning them a seat at Gamers Assembly in April.

That Dodgy Intel Ivy Bridge DX11 'demo' at CES 2012

That Dodgy Intel Ivy Bridge DX11 'demo' at CES 2012 (UPDATED)

Word has been flying round the internet about Intel's dodgy Ivy Bridge DX11 'demo'. Intel's Mooly Eden, VP, PC Client Group was attempting to demonstrate a racing game on a prototype laptop – 'ultrabook' - fitted with an upcoming 22 nm Ivy Bridge processor with a racing wheel attached and allegedly rendering DX11 graphics. However, as is very apparent at the start, it's actually a video, because the control panel for the free VLC video player pops up for a few seconds. Eden then 'drives' a car and after a few seconds puts up one hand and then the other, because as he says "they are driving it from backstage". However, there was no one driving the game "backstage", as it was just a video and Eden doesn't say anything about this at any point in the presentation.

This gives conspiracy theorists lots of ammunition, as perhaps the game was actually played on a high powered desktop PC with NVIDIA or AMD discrete graphics cards? What game was it? Eden doesn't say. "IB can't really do these graphics!" they cry and so on. Sure, man 'didn't' go to the moon, either... However, we believe that while yes, there was a bit of deception going on, it was nothing more than a white(ish) lie. Why? Because Ivy Bridge comes out in April and people aren't going to forget this demo. They will immediately put IBs DX11 graphics to the test with similar games and if it doesn't deliver, Intel will have a lot of egg on its face. Here's what Intel had to say about this demo in an official statement:

IGN gets a first hand look at Guitar Hero 3

We already posted a press release which talked all about how there really was going to be a Guitar Hero 3, and how it was going to be for the PS2 and Xbox360. The press release went on about how sweet Guitar Hero was going to be.

While Guitar Hero 3 looks good on paper, IGN actually went through the trouble of reviewing a pre-release version of the game.

Guitar Hero 3 is much different from either of the two previous versions of the game. The first thing dedicated fans of the game will notice is Neversoft's interest in tweaking the difficulty. At this point, they aren't doing a good job...Guitar Hero "experts" were constantly failing songs in the pre-release version of GH3. Neversoft claims that when they actually release the game, the difficulty will be "just right", between the first and second game's level of difficulty.
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