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Scythe Announces Christmas 2008 Survey

Scythe EU GmbH looks back on a successful year 2008. We have to owe this success to YOU, our customers. Without the confidence in our products, such a positive development would not have been possible.

Since there is always cause for criticism, we as a manufacturer try to detect and fix problems as early as even possible being in constant dialogue with distributors, resellers and consumers. Only through constant informational exchanges, it is possible to achieve our efforts to implement new ideas effectively and to develop innovative products with superior quality.

Scythe Introduces Kama Angle CPU Cooler

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces its newest CPU-Cooler. Together with, there was a product developed which uses a unique design to fit everybodys’ needs. The special angular shape of the cooler allows to optimize the airflow through a PC system by utilizing the PSU and rear case fans. For perfect compatibility and flexibility, Kama Angle can be mounted in four different directions.

Scythe supplies Kama Angle with a new ultra silent SlipStream-fan, which uses PWM. The PWM-technology allows a temperature-dependent regulation of fan speed directly controlled by mainboard BIOS and is supported by lots of motherboards available on the market. The supplied fan can be mounted in three different ways to supply optimal airflow inside the case.
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