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Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Ultra-portable Notebook Available for Preorder

The Lenovo ThinkPad X300 ultra-portable notebook with a 13.3-inch LED backlight display (1440x900 pixels), Intel Core 2 Duo ULV 2GHz CPU, Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics, a 64GB solid state drive, 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 memory, and an ultra-thin DVD burner is now available for preorder at select retailers. The X300 was first mentioned not long ago after Apple announced its MacBook Air. This model is supposed to be Lenovo's direct MacBook Air competitor. Aside from the main hardware specs, ThinkPad X300 offers built-in 802.11n wireless module, a Gigabit Ethernet connection, broadband wireless and WiMax support, Ultra-WideBand (UWB) technology, integrated web camera, fingerprint reader and more. Major online retailers such as BestBuy ($2,743.99) and ($2,939.99) are starting to take preorders now.

Lenovo and Fujitsu Planning to Use Intel's Core 2 MacBook Air Processor

CNET has learned that Lenovo and Fujitsu are in the process of putting together systems based on the special Core 2 Duo chip that Apple is using in the MacBook Air. The new laptops should be out shortly, according to sources familiar with the companies' plans, and will give customers a chance to see what the rest of the PC industry can do with the ultra-low-power chips. Both manufacturers did not comment on the story. Apple asked Intel to design the special Core 2 Duo chip last year as it was putting together the design that would become the MacBook Air. The chip fits into a package that's significantly smaller than the standard Intel notebook chip, and it uses less power than the standard Core 2 Duo, allowing it to fit into the slim MacBook Air without melting the inside of the package or eating the battery.

Lenovo Outsources Laptop Production to Taiwan Makers

Lenovo has decided to change its manufacturing strategy and will outsource the whole of its own-brand notebook production to Taiwan makers, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report, citing the vice president of Lenovo's worldwide consumer notebook division. In order for Lenovo to expand its economic scale, the company has decided to remove one maker from the original four (Quanta, Compal, Wistron and Inventec) that produce consumer-based notebooks, while the company will add more makers to its ThinkPad manufacturing list.

Ultralight Lenovo X300 Series Thinkpad Leaked

New offering from Lenovo may threaten Apple's MacBook Air soon enough. At a glance, the new ultralight X300 series Thinkpad from Lenovo will feature a 13.3-inch LED backlit 1440x900 screen, an ultralight 2.5 pound form factor, optional 3G or WiMAX, Intel Merom Santa Rosa Dual Core CPU 2.0GHz (800MHz FSB), single 64GB SSD drive, up to 4GB of DDR2 PC2-5300 memory, and 4 hours of battery life. No release date or price has been announced.

Dell Tops US PC Sales

Whilst HP may be the top global computer brand, Dell has retained its crown in the US market, accounting for 29.6% of sales. Dell managed to ship 5.5 million units, which represented a 15.2% year-on-year increase, with HP in second place selling 4.5 million units, a figure which gives it a 24.3% market share. Acer took third spot following its acquisitions of Packard Bell and Gateway last year, with sales of 1.5 million units - up 294.2%. Apple was fourth in the US with 1.06 million units, ahead of Toshiba in fifth. Global sales saw HP commanding a market share of 23.3%, with Dell on 14.6%. Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba came in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Lenovo Launches New Family of IdeaPad Notebooks

Lenovo has launched three new notebooks aimed at the heart of the consumer market. The new IdeaPads are available in three models: the U110, the Y510 and the Y710. All three IdeaPad mobile devices feature Centrino technology, frameless widescreen displays, touch-sensitive control surfaces, VeriFace face recognition security feature and premium Dolby Home Theatre surround sound systems. The IdeaPad U110 is the smallest member of the family and features an 11.1" widescreen display screen backed by a red, aluminum-alloy LCD lid. The notebook weighs just 2.3 pounds and is only 0.7 inches thick. Lenovo will make a solid-state disk (SSD) optional when the notebook launches in March. The 6.4 lb, 15.4" widescreen Y510 is the middle-child and sports a textured black LCD lid. Lenovo includes a Core 2 Duo T5550 processor, 2GB of memory, a 250GB HDD, DVD+-RW drive and adds four speakers plus a subwoofer with the Y510. The Y510 will be available for purchase on January 6, 2008. The top-of-the-line 7.9 lb, 17" Y710 features hot-swappable second hard drive bay. Also included is Game Zone functionality which provides larger directional keys for gaming and four user-defined buttons and a secondary display. The Y710 also supports overclocking of the Core 2 Duo T9300 processor and includes an ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 GPU - a Blu-ray drive is optional. Like the U110, the Y710 will be available in March. Pricing begins at $799 USD for the Y510 and $1,199 USD for the Y710. Pricing has not yet been set for the U110.

Lenovo to Drop IBM Brand

After purchasing IBM's PC division three years ago Lenovo has continued to use the IBM brand until now. Although the agreement gave Lenovo rights to the IBM name until 2010 the company has now announced that, starting from next year it would drop the brand.
By making substantial progress on all of our critical priorities over the past few quarters, we're now a stronger, healthier company,
One important sign of this progress is our decision to completely transition our Think products from the IBM brand to the Lenovo brand two years earlier than planned.
said William Amelio, chief executive of Lenovo, in a press announcement relating to its quarterly results.

Lenovo Fails to Appear in American Court; Arrest Warrant Issued

Lenovo Inc. recently found itself in a bit of financial trouble, and so they were called into court for an Order of Examination hearing, which was supposed to have happened on October 5th. If they had actually showed up, Lenovo Inc. would have discussed with the State of California their current assets and debts. However, since they didn't show, Lenovo Inc. is now in contempt of the Superior Court of California. In fact, Lenovo's Corporate Representative, who was supposed to show up in court on the 5th, now has a $10,000 bench arrest warrant.

Lenovo Launches 22-inch WUXGA ThinkVision L220x

Lenovo launched today what it claims to be the industry's first 22-inch widescreen WUXGA (Widescreen Ultra eXtended Graphics Array) monitor with 1920 x 1200 resolution. Aside from its unique resolution, the Lenovo ThinkVision L220x features an integrated USB hub, HDCP support, VGA / DVI inputs, 6ms (GtG) response time, 300 cd/m2 brightness, 178-degree viewing angles, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The ThinkVision will start at around $550 when it launches in November 2007.

Lenovo Goes Green

Chinese computer manufacture Lenovo has taken a step towards becoming more environmentally friendly with the introduction of its new ThinkCentre A61e (AKA BlueSky). BlueSky is the first desktop from a major computer builder which uses AMD's new low-power Athlon X2 BE-2350 and Sempron LE 1150 processors, resulting in a maximum power consumption of just 45W. The computer, which is of a similar size to your typical phone book, is also built from around 90% reusable or recyclable materials along with 90% recyclable packaging. Prices start at $400, which will give you a Sempron LE 1150 CPU, 512MB memory, an 80GB hard drive, a 64MB Radeon X1200 graphics card and a 16X DVD-ROM drive, with $100 extra giving buyers twice the memory and a CD burner. The cheapest dual-core model, which features 1GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive, costs $649. It's hardly a power house, but it's nice to see computer companies taking notice of the environment.

Lenovo Planning Linux-Based Notebooks

Following in the footsteps of other major computer manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo (formerly IBM's PC division) is set to launch a new line of notebooks at the end of the year which will come pre-loaded with Novell's SUSE Linux operating system. Customers will be able to obtain direct support and updates for the hardware and software running Linux, with the machines being offered to both commercial firms and individuals. This announcement coincides with the start of the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco earlier today and should help to mix things up with Microsoft a little bit as the open source competition continues to gain momentum.

Microsoft to Set Up Joint Research Centre with Lenovo

US software giant Microsoft said yesterday it will set up its first joint research facility with Lenovo Group, in Beijing(China). The facility will be based in Lenovo's research and development center in the capital, with around 40 engineers from Lenovo and tools, training and some staff from Microsoft. "Based on our common understanding that personal computers will extend to every part of people's work and life, we believe our cooperation will bring many many opportunities to Lenovo and Microsoft," said George He, senior vice-president and chief technology officer of Lenovo. Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer at Microsoft, said the two companies will try to identify opportunities in the consumer and mobile markets such as digital photography, digital media and the Internet. He also noted that the joint center will develop products for Lenovo in areas like corporate computing, digital homes, Windows value-added services, as well as ultra-portal computing devices and smart handheld devices.

Lenovo is the Greenest Electronics Manufacturer

Greenpeace has produced a new report in which it ranks Chinese-based computer manufacturer Lenovo as the world's most eco-friendly electronics firm, beating other environmentally friendly companies such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Dell and Samsung. Out of the fourteen different companies detailed in the report, Apple Inc. came last. The companies are ranked according to the amount of toxic chemicals that are used when producing their electronics, not how energy efficient the devices themselves are, something that is beginning to become a major problem in countries such as China where many of these electronic devices are manufactured. Unsurprisingly, Apple responded by saying "We disagree with Greenpeace's rating and the criteria" as part of a statement.

Lenovo Recalls 208,000 ThinkPad Batteries

On March 1, 2007, Lenovo voluntarily recalled certain 208,000 9-cell lithium-ion batteries. These batteries were manufactured for use with ThinkPad notebook computers that shipped worldwide between November 2005 and February 2007. All ThinkPad R60, R60e Series, ThinkPad T60, T60p Series and ThinkPad Z60m, Z61e, Z61m, and Z61p Series with 9-cell 10.8V, 5.2 Ah batteries with part number FRU P/N 92P1131 are being recalled. All affected batteries will be replaced free of charge. Lenovo suggests those computers with defective units remove the battery and use the AC adaptor until a replacement has arrived.

IBM sells off Lenovo shares

The Inquirer reports that IBM has sold off more than a quarter of its shares in the Chinese computer maker Lenovo.

Lenovo gave IBM the shares as part payment when it bought IBM's PC outfit last year.

IBM sold 300 million shares at a fairly low price, triggering a seven per cent share slide before there was a suspension in sales.

IBM made $123 million by selling the shares which made up about 3.5 percent of Lenovo's holdings.

Lenovo had seen its stock increase in value this week, unfortunately, IBM's sale has wiped out most those gains.
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