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Outback Online - if Second Life is not enough

You don't like fantasy role playing games like World Of Warcraft and the graphical impression Second Life (say hello to 1992 vector graphics) gives is not to your taste? Then maybe you should get a picture of Outback Online which is not possible at the very moment because of missing screenshots or even a playable version. But the fuss it's creators at low down at Australia are generating at the written and online press is immense.
"We believe what Second Life did was great, but it's time for 'virtual worlds 2.0' . . . unlimited, open, scalable worlds."
The Age

Anyway, if you like to you can sign up for a beta account over here.

Blizzard sues maker of WoW Glider

During the last week already Blizzard Entertainment and Vivendi Games filed against Michael Donnelly, creator of WoW Glider. WoW Glider is a so called Bot which acts for you and controls your character while you are away. Blizzard respectively Vivendi, who are known for banning thousands of players because of using such 3rd party software, accused Donelly of violating their rights associated with "World of Warcraft", of infringing copyrights owned by them, violating the DMCA and so on.
A fairly one-sided and biased presentation of what happened can be found at MarkeeDragon.

If you are interested in more forensic details you can read a few documents regarding the claims and counterclaims over here.

Second Life users given a crude wake-up call

The Fairtrade Foundation, which was funded by the World Development Movement (WDM), placed a very interesting billboard in the game Second Life.

While it is not easily seen, at the bottom of the billboard is a very interesting counter. It counts how many preventable child deaths occur while people game away in virtual environments such as Second Life (one every three seconds). WDM's Peter Taylor said:
Millions of people are now spending more and more of their time in Second Life or similar virtual environments. We are here to remind them that they can't escape the problems of the real world.
The WDM founded the Fairtrade Foundation, which aims to help eliminate poverty and debt. The WDM is asking Second Life "residents" to remember reality and donate.
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