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IN WIN and EK Water Blocks Announce Strategic Partnership

In Win Development Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative PC cases, and EK Water Blocks (EKWB), the leader in the high-end PC water cooling components, today announced their strategic partnership, which includes jointly developed products, sales bundles and joint marketing activities. At the beginning of this year's CES in Las Vegas, Win will be exhibiting a D-Frame 2.0 of the Signature series, equipped with an assembly unit developed by EKWB, which takes up their high-end water cooling components. Further jointly developed products will be presented during 2017.

The future sales partner extends to North and Latin America as well as other European regions in which Win and EKWB have set the goal to offer enthusiasts perfect, matched products consisting of high-end water cooling components and exclusive enclosures.

Watch Dogs 2 Uses EasyAntiCheat - Monitors Systems, Potentially Prevents Modding

Watch Dogs 2 has recently made its debut, encountering both critical acclaim and inversely proportional sales - at least for now. The game features a living open world, achieving what the original promised but never delivered, with both single-player and multi-player modes being praised by their quality.

And when there is a semblance of multiplayer, there must also be an anti-cheating mechanism. Watch Dogs 2 makes use of EasyAntiCheat, which has, embedded in its TOS - and even on its features page - a field that claims "Client data analysis to identify anomalies in the game process runtime" is used to enforce it anti-cheat detection mechanisms. What it basically means is that EasyAntiCheat installs a driver in kernel mode and a service that monitors your systems' operating files (when Watch Dogs 2 is running). This mechanism is also running even when you're in single-player-only - and even offline - modes, meaning that you're not getting out of its crosshairs no matter how you are playing the game. The addition of file-integrity checks at the start of the game, so as to detect any changes to the games' files also precludes modding, with some injection-type modding also finding troubles in being able to access the game, due to it checking game memory and system memory as well. Popular applications such as Afterburner and OBS have their overlay and recording capabilities disabled, and Cheat Engine is also not working - though that just means EasyAntiCheat is doing its job.

NVIDIA Ansel Post-FX Based on Stolen MasterEffect ReShade.fx Code?

Game modder Marty McFly Modding accused NVIDIA of stealing their post-processing shaders for Ansel without authorization or credit. Ansel, NVIDIA's pioneering "in-game photography" tech, which lets you take artistic stills (2D and VR) of your games, gives you additional post-processing tools, to let you enhance your shot. Some of these post-processing shaders, Marty McFly Modding alleges, was copied verbatim by the people behind NVIDIA Ansel, without even a third-party credit.

Marty McFly Modding stated on their Facebook page that "Its (Ansel's) custom.fx contains almost 1:1 the colormod pass with my original descriptions. Same for the other files, where many variable names, code, comments and defines match MasterEffect code, also my 1D gausian blur solution, 1:1, just DX11 ported. There may be even more Framework code in it, I just recognized my own code, there might be SweetFX/other code in it as well. While it's an honour to be apprechiated by such a big company, they could at least drop some credits like we do."

Cooler Master Announces Case Mod World Series 2016

Cooler Master, today announced the Case Mod World Series 2016, a competitive modding event designed to connect modders everywhere with US$30,000 in cash and prizes to be won. Cooler Master has brought together sponsors such as ASUS, Avexir, Dremel, NVIDIA, and OCZ to support and engage with the PC modding community. The Case Mod World Series is now in its seventh installment and this year, Cooler Master is expanding the scope of the series to include local meet and greets, and modding sessions.

"Modding has exploded in recent years and is taking root in every corner of the globe. The Case Mod World Series is about fuelling that growth. It's about igniting the modding spirit - the maker spirit - on the web and right in your community," said Michelle Wu, Global Community Manager. "This year, we will be running local events to involve modders everywhere. Together, with the generous support of our sponsors, we hope to enable the modding community the world over. "

Darkside Sleeved Cables Now Available at ModMyMods

Darkside Computer Modding premium sleeved cables are now available though our friends at ModMyMods. Darkside has you 'covered' on 24-pin ATX, 8-pin/4+4 pin EPS, 6+2 pin PCIe, SATA, and fan cables, with a premium fiber-braided sleeve that comes in red, white, blue, green, and black. Individual wires are sleeved on the ATX, EPS, and PCIe cables, while the fan and SATA cables feature flat-braided sleeves. The fan cables come in a variety of options, including end-to-end 3-pin or 4-pin (PWM), Y-cables, and string cables with multiple connection nodes (useful for radiators). The best parts are the prices. ATX cables are priced at $9.99, EPS at $5.99, $8.99 for PCIe, $4.99 for SATA, and start at $3.99 for the fan cables. ModMyMods offers international shipping.

Lian Li Announces the PC-7H Worldwide Modding Contest

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces the launch of its PC-7H Modding Contest. Beginning on October 19, 2012, Lian Li is inviting the worldwide modding community to join, and will be giving away prizes, including, Lian Li cases, motherboards, graphics cards, and cash.

To register for the contest, head to Lian Li's official forum at After registering at XtremeSystems go to the Lian Li Product Support forum and start a new thread with a post of your PC-7H and hardware before you begin modding.

CeBIT Preview: First Liquid Coolers from Enermax & Big Contest

With the successful market introduction of the CPU cooler range in 2011, Enermax demonstrated its know-how in the field of PC cooling. Behind the scenes, the manufacturer is already working on a further extension of his product portfolio. At CeBIT, Enermax will reveal the first results of its research and development department and present the first prototype of a new liquid cooler.

New Enermax Entry-Level Cases

During the last months, Enermax has also expanded its position in case market. Models like the Midi Tower Hoplite or the flagship case Fulmo GT have set new benchmarks and are recommended by hardware magazines around the globe.

CeBIT visitors will have the chance to preview the new entry-level class from Enermax including models like the Staray Silence or the plain and compact Midi Tower Ostrog (Pictured Below). Apart from that, the manufacturer will display a prototype of the Hoplite GT, a Full Tower version of the successful Hoplite case. It is dedicated to real hardware and gaming enthusiasts.

Crysis SDK Released

The Crysis SDK, or a compilation of Crysis mods, user created content, and other goodies, was recently punted out the door of Crytek studios. If you click "read full story", there's a big letter from the president of Crytek as to why this SDK came so late. If you'd like to nab yourself a copy, head on over here.

NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) Version 3.7a Released

MVKTech took it upon himself to punt another great version of everyone's favorite NVIDIA BIOS editor, NiBiTor, out into the hungry world of hardware enthusiasts/modders/overclockers. Version 3.7a mainly fixes a bunch of support issues. Namely, it fixes issues with the GeForce 8800GS, 6800XE, and QuaddroFX540. NiBiTor 3.7a also adds support for all current cards on the market running off of the G92 core. The Auto Select Timing Set is also fixed.

If you'd like to download, install, and run the latest version of NiBiTor, please go here. We're not liable if you blow up your computer.Source: Nordic Hardware

AMD Hosts AMD Overdrive Software on Their Website

So a company made a suite of software for their products, and released it. Big deal, right? The thing is, AMD launching AMD Overdrive is surprisingly important. Instead of various hardware enthusiast boards hosting buggy beta code, AMD hosting their software is a sign of maturity. Overdrive's upload signified that AMD is happy enough with their software to label it official, and is confident enough with the code to host it on their website.

Alright, enough chit-chat. You may download the AMD Overdrive software, which overclocks AMD processors of most sorts, and checks the overclock stability of all processors, here.Source: HardOCP

Scythe Announces Kaze Master Fan Controllers

For those of us who like to control the speeds of our fans via hardware, Scythe recently unleashed a product that is sure to please. Dubbed the "Kaze Master VFD display fan controller", this interesting thing will fit in your standard 5.25" or 3.5" drive bay. The 5.25" version can handle 4 fans, assuming none of them require a current of more than 1A (12V). The 3.5" version can handle two fans of the same strength. This controller allows fans to run with between 3.7V(±10%) and 12V(±10%) of current, and also has a switch that turns them off completely. You can get them in black or silver for roughly $40.

The 5.25" version is here, and the 3.5" version is here.

Source: Nordic Hardware

Radeon HD 3870X2 Voltage Modification Guide Surfaces

The AMD HD 3870X2 graphics processor needs no introduction. However, as some overclockers have already found out, there's no easy way to control voltages to get extremely high clocks out of their $400+ graphics card. Assuming you do not have a VCO PLL divider bug in your card's BIOS (which will limit the core clock to 860MHz no matter what), the only thing really stopping you from reaching 3DMark record books is a pesky voltage problem. Since the power layout of the 3870 is completely different from the 3870X2, the 3870X2 voltages cannot be controlled through software.

Fortunately for all you hardcore overclockers out there with 3870X2s and meaty power supplies, extreme overclocker "Shamino" published a voltage modification guide.

Enjoy.Source: Foxconn

Korean Modding Team Stumbles Upon Method of Enabling CrossFire in Crysis

Since the X800 series of cards, ATI has been ensuring that just about every new game can get a performance boost from CrossFire technology, which allows people to use more than one video card in the same computer. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for the EA shooter Crysis. A Korean modding team, which goes by the name "ParkOZ", accidentally stumbled upon a method which brought a CrossFire performance boost of between 8 and 60% in Crysis, mainly dependent on the resolution you are gaming at (the lower the resolution, the faster the performance, and the higher the gains). Since the majority of you don't read Korean, I took the liberty of running the website through Google translator and detailing the procedure below. If you can read Korean, want the exact benchmark graphs, or are just a sucker for awesome Crysis screenshots, please follow the source link. The exact modding procedure is here. If you can read Korean, it is here.Source: ParkOZ

Court Convicts Man of Selling and Possessing Mod Chips

Apparently, creating, owning, and selling computer chips that modify gaming consoles is very illegal in Britain. A certain Neil Stanley Higgs, who goes by "Mr. Modchips", was found guilty of 26 offenses of "advertising, possessing, supplying, and selling mod chips." The chips Mr.Modchips was selling themselves seem harmless enough, all they do is allow someone to remotely activate or disable a console. Mr. Modchips was found by the court to have made selling the modchips a very lucrative venture, and had made over £1,000,000 just from selling them. Mr.Modchips plans to appeal the decision.Source: Reg Hardware

NiBiTor v3.5 Released

One of the most popular BIOS editors for NVIDIA cards was recently updated to it's latest version, 3.5. The main changes in this version include support for the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, such as the GeForce 8800Ultra. NiBiTor is known for allowing advanced changes that can't be found in even the most modified versions of NVIDIA ForceWare drivers.

You can download the famous BIOS editor here.Source: [H]ardOCP

Beta Hack Brings BioShock to Shader Model 2 Cards

Anyone with an ATI X8x0 series card is pretty angry at the fact that their card cannot handle a game that an X1300 can. Fortunately for gamers that still have a Shader Model 2 card, hackers are working day and night to bring BioShock to said cards. Instead of buying a SM3 or SM4 card that would cost at least $60, old-school gamers can now apply a hack. You can download and read into this hack here. However, while this is all well and good for people with hearty graphics cards, such as the previously mentioned X8x0 series, people still running the Radeon 9x00 series and the NVIDIA GeForce FX series will probably suffer quite low framerates.

Keep in mind that this is still a beta.Source: NeoSeeker

New Jersey Teenager Trades Unlocked iPhone for Nissan Sports Car

American teenager George Hotz enjoyed quite the busy summer this year. While simultaneously preparing for college, tinkering with his car, and working to complete several other projects, Hotz managed to find a risky (yet completely effective) method of unlocking the iPhone. While everyone else seems to think that the best way to unlock the iPhone is with a software program, Hotz unlocked it with an intricate 10-step technique involving soldering irons and voltage meters. And while it's not good for the day-to-day hardware modder, a factory could automate the process, and make a substantial amount of profit. Certicell founder Terry Diadone thinks so, and felt that the unlocked iPhone was worth a Nissan 350Z sports car, and three brand-new iPhones. George Hotz gladly accepted the offer, and the official trade was made on Saturday. Hotz drives off to college in style tomorrow, and will be giving away all three iPhones to his best benefactors and friends. While in college, Hotz plans to work with Certicell to do some consulting work, and to add GPS functionality to the iPhone.

If you think you can unlock the iPhone yourself, check out Hotz' blog here.Source: Neoseeker

Croatian Hackers Run iPhone on T-Mobile Network

As everyone knows, the $600 Apple iPhone is designed to run exclusively on AT&T's cellular network, as well as the occasional Wi-Fi hotspot. Hackers decided that they didn't want to be forced into buying a 2 year contract from AT&T, and worked day and night to get the iPhone to run on alternative networks. Finally, we are seeing some progress. Croatians, using a particular SIM card (SuperSIM - V1, U types), a SIM read/writer, a Silvercard, and a particular software suite, succeeded in making the iPhone run on T-Mobile's European network. The hacking software works on both Mac OS X and Windows computers. The only thing lost with the hack is YouTube functionality However, considering the limited library available on the iPhone's version of YouTube, The Inquirer does not consider it that great a loss.

Source: The Inquirer

Uniquephones developing software to allow iPhone to work on alternative networks

Since the iPhone was released, various reverse engineers, hackers, and entrepreneurs have been working night and day to make the iPhone work on networks other than AT&T. Considering that the iPhone was only released last week, progress has been substantial. While individual reverse engineers can get all functions other than cell-phone to work, UK-based Uniquephones has gotten much farther. With their crack team of scientists, they have developed a pre-release crack that activates 75% of all Apple iPhones...without signing a contract with AT&T. An open beta is "almost ready", and the full version should be $50 USD. A fully operational retail version of this software would effectively allow an iPhone to be used with any network (Verizon, Sprint, and others).Source: Reg Hardware

NVIDIA threatens NGOHQ over ForceWare Distribution

It seems that NVIDIA is upset that the folks over at are distributing their ForceWare drivers with modified install scripts. NVIDIA is threatening legal action towards the site and its owners if they do not comply with their demands.

Of particular note is AMD/ATI's stance on modifying install scripts for their Catalyst package:

"Feel free to distribute and endorse Catalyst software. Just please let your users know that if they use modified drivers we aren't able to support them properly. Keep up the good work in the community." -AMD/ATI

Asustek develops graphics card overclocking tool

Asustek Computer, one of the world’s largest producers of computer components, on Tuesday unveiled what it calls “the world’s first hardware based real-time overclocking device for graphics cards” along with its new Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT-based graphics board. The tool may be useful for not very experienced overclockers.

Asustek’s OC Gear real-time overclocking device should be installed into a spare 5.25” bay and connected to an USB port. Specially developed software will allow end-users to adjust system master volume, graphics processing unit’s (GPU’s) clock-speed, GPU fan speed using a simple knob as well as monitor GPU temperature and current frames per second (FPS) information.

The EN8600 GT OC Gear graphics card from Asus is equipped with 256MB of high-speed 1ns GDDR3 memory as well as high-performance cooling system, thus, can provide sufficient overclocking potential for those seeking additional performance.

The Asus OC Gear device itself is also compatible with various graphics cards by Asustek Computer, the company said, however, it did not reveal whether the software needed for Asus OC Gear will support other than EN8600 GT graphics boards.Source: X-bit labs

Guru3D Driver Sweeper 0.4.5

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper is a fast tool to remove driver leftovers from your system. It's very important to remove your drivers on a proper way, because driver leftovers can cause problems like stability and startup problems. You can use it if you want to update/remove drivers from your system.

The change log for this release is:

NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) v3.4a Released

NiBiTor is the original and definitive BIOS tweaker that supports the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, and which is updated on a regular basis. NiBiTor allows graphics card enthusiasts, or the hardcore overclockers to have full control over some advanced features and functionality found on firmware of supporting cards. This new version is build upon the logic of the previous version, with some minor fixes and added support for GeForce 8800 Ultra PCI-E, GeForce 7900 GS AGP and GeForce Go 7600 PCI-E graphics cards. See the full change log or download the NiBiTor v3.4a from here.Source: MVKTech

AMD GPU Clock Tool - Works on R600 !

GPU Clock Tool - Works on R600 !

Ever since R600 samples were handed out by AMD, people have been asking me for R600 support in ATITool. It's coming along nicely, but is not quite ready yet.
In the meantime you can use this nifty little tool from AMD. It can change 2D/3D clocks and lets you monitor temperatures of the card. It also works on RV610, RV630 and all previous products like the R5xx Series. It works under 2k, XP, Vista, 32-bit & 64-bit.

Download (440 KB)

CPU-Z Version 1.40 Released

CPU-Z is a freeware software that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system. This version has preliminary support for Intel Penryn CPUs family (45 nm). It also adds support for Intel Core 2 Duo E6x20, Pentium E2140/2160 processors and Intel P35, G33, G31, Q35, Q33, X38 chipsets. Download CPU-Z v1.40 from here.Source: CPU-Z
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