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Antec Announces EarthWatts 750W PSU

In its 25th anniversary year, Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, today announced the EA-750 Green, the newest addition to its EarthWatts Green power supply line.

The EA-750 Green is a reliable, affordable power supply solution ideal for DIY enthusiasts and system builders. It consumes up to 33 percent less energy than an equivalent power supply with no reduction in performance, and it meets 80 PLUS Bronze certification - the most widely recognized independent standard in energy efficiency.

OCZ Displays Fatal1ty-Branded 1000W Modular PSU

OCZ displayed a new Fatal1ty-branded 1000W modular PSU at this year's Computex. The PSU bears 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, and is fit for gaming PCs with up to three graphics cards, or "hardcore gamers", as the placard puts it. The PSU is partially modular, i.e., essential connectors such as 24-pin ATX and 8-pin EPS are fixed to the unit, while everything else, is detachable. OCZ is said to be using special cables that are flatter and a lot more flexible, to reach around tight spots in the case. The unit is cooled by a 130 mm fan that is red LED-illuminated. It is backed by a 5 year PowerSwap warranty by OCZ.

Thermaltake Unveils New ''Smart'' Value PSUs

Thermaltake displayed some of the first PSUs in its new "Smart" series, which is designed to offer "just the right power", in other terms, cost-effective PSUs with proper connectivity. Some of these even feature modular cabling. Thermaltake Smart PSUs come in output capacities below 750W, we spotted a modular 550W model, fixed-cable 630W and 730W models. The Smart M550W is the modular box with 550W continuous power and 650W peak output, it is 80 Plus Bronze efficiency compliant.

The Smart 630W has peak output of 700W, and is designed for entry-level dual-GPU systems (two 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors), it is 80 Plus compliant. Leading the pack is the Smart 730W, with a peak output of 800W, and four 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors. All three models use single 12V rail designs, are standards compliant, and feature most protection mechanisms. Thermaltake is backing these value PSUs with 3 year warranties.

Thermaltake Displays Toughpower XT GOLD 1475W PSU

Thermaltake brought out its big guns in the field of PSUs at this year's Computex, with the Toughpower XT GOLD 1475W. As the name suggests, it's 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating compliant. Mind you, 1475W isn't its peak power, but continuous power guaranteed 24x7 @ 50°C. Further, the PSU uses a single massive 12V rail design to deliver that kind of power. The Toughpower XT GOLD 1475W is partially modular, with an angled 24-pin ATX connector and two 8-pin EPS connectors being fixed, and the rest let up for cable management. Thermaltake will back these beasts with 7 year warranty once released.

AmacroX Displays Calmer 4 Fanless 500W 80 Plus Gold PSU

PSU maker AmacroX displayed Calmer 4, its new silent PSU for mid-range gaming PCs. The PSU is fan-less, and relies on passive convectional air-flow to cool components inside. It can deliver 500W of power, with an efficiency that earns it 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating. The Calmer 4 has fixed cabling, and provides all essential cables, including two PCI-E cables for a single high-end graphics card. It is backed by a 5 year warranty.

In Win Shows off Carlian IV, MANA137, and 80 Plus Gold PSUs

In Win's latest case is the Carlian IV, a fancy-looking ATX mid-tower that features a wacky slide-out drive bay design, a space-age white+black color scheme, and plenty of cooling. The company also showed MANA137, an airy new, all-black mid-tower. To top it off, there were 80 Plus Gold Compliant PSUs with 900W and 1200W outputs.

EZCOOL PSUs Are Dipped in 80 Plus Gold

The EZCOOL booth had PSUs of various shell designs, some are fixed-cabled, others semi-modular. One thing common is they're all 80 Plus Gold certified. The run-up began with a compact 1000W fixed-cable PSU, the PS-1000. Next up, are a pair of PSUs with fancy air-intake grills that use acrylic-made designs. Maybe these structures are lit up. The 600W PS-600, and 900W PS-900 fall in this category. Moving on, there's a duo of mid-range, fixed-cable PSUs with fancy air-intakes. The PC-05 is 500W, 80 Plus Gold compliant, and has a gold-colored fan to "show" that. Next, there's the 690W PS-690, another fixed-cable box, but with a round, spirally-spoked grill. Lastly, there's a trio of familiar-looking PSUs, including the 700W PS-07, 650W PS-650, and 890W PS-890.

X Marks the Air Intake on New, Stylish Strike-X Modular PSUs

Strike-X showed off its groovy-looking performance-segment, semi-modular PSUs. Boasting of 80 Plus Silver and 80 Plus Bronze efficiency ratings, the Strike-X PSUs come in 500W, 600W, 800W, and 1100W models. The part that caught our eye was the red+black styling with the "X" cutout design at its air intake. The PSUs are cooled by large 140 mm fans. Essential cables like ATX, EPS, and one set of PCI-E, are fixed, with everything else detachable. Expect these PSUs to be relatively affordable in their segments.

Xigmatek Displays 80 Plus Platinum 1450W Goliath PSU

An 80 Plus Platinum-compliant 1450W PSU? No, we're sober. Xigmatek is flexing its engineering muscle in the PSU department with a semi-modular PSU that has both high-power and high-efficiency. The Goliath GP-1451 from Xigmatek gives you all the connectors you'll ever need, and with 1450W, enough power for 4-way SLI, 4-way CrossFireX, dual-socket systems. What's to not to like? The Goliath uses an asymmetric double 12V rail design, the first rail can deliver 55A, and the second 75A. Apart from 24-pin ATX and EPS connectors, most connectors are detachable to improve cable management. The beast is cooled by a 130 mm fan.

Be Quiet! Displays Dark Rock Pro 850W Modular PSU

Leading the pack of Be Quiet! PSUs at Computex is the Dark Power Pro 850W, an almost completely modular 80 Plus Platinum-compliant PSU. The Dark Power Pro has a classy product-like feel to it, not coming across as a "component". Internally, the Dark Power Pro 850W uses a quad 12V rail design. The 24-pin ATX is the only fixed connector, leaving eight PCI-E power connectors in four sets, five sets of drive cabled (SATA/Molex), 8-pin EPS and 4-pin ATX, and four 2-pin voltage-controlled fan power outputs. The unit is cooled by a 140 mm fan, covered by a cool-looking grille with just parallel metal rods.

Cougar Shows off 92% Platinum Efficiency Modular PSUs

If 80 Plus Gold was the order of the best PSUs shown at Computex 2010, this year, the trend is with even higher efficiency ratings, such as 80 Plus Platinum. For any PSU to be certified 80 Plus, it has to go though independent testing, a bad thing if you're rushing in new products. At the same time, having buyers discover that your 80 Plus certifications are fake would be a disaster for your brand. To tide over this dilemma, PSU major Cougar came out with an efficiency rating badge of its own for use on new models, 92% Platinum, denoting that the PSU offers efficiency on-par/close to 80 Plus Platinum. It's probable that these PSUs will get the actual 80 Plus Platinum rating later. Up on display at Cougar's booth were beautiful-looking Cougar PTX 500W and Cougar GX 500W two semi-modular high-efficiency boxes.

Corsair Expands Professional Series and Professional Series Gold PSU Lines

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the Professional Series HX1050 and Professional Series Gold AX650 high-performance power supplies.

The Professional Series HX1050 delivers 1,050 watts of continuous power and joins the Professional Series HX1000, HX850, HX750, and HX650. The Professional Series HX1050 is 80 PLUS Silver certified, with a rated 88% efficiency or higher at 50% load.

Enermax Announces MaxRevo 1350W Modular Power Supply

Enermax enters the heavyweight class with its new MaxRevo, high-performance PSU specially designed for multi-GPU systems, industrial PC, workstations and servers. It complies with the strictest standards for server PSU, and is equipped with six powerful 12V rails for a safe and stable supply of power to today's high-end systems with full modular design for easy customized use for various peripheral GPU settings.

MaxRevo incorporates the Copper-Bridge Array transmission technology to replace traditional wires, which offers four times wider and shorter transmission path, and results in up to 3% improved regulation that ensures system stability and clean DC output quality.

In Win Readies Second Generation Commander-series PSUs

In Win announced that it's working on the second-generation Commander-series power supplies (PSUs). The new line includes three high-wattage models: 750W, 850W, and 1200W. With modular cabling design, the Commander 2G PSUs stick to the woodland camo color scheme on the body, a quiet 135 mm fan is employed to cool the unit. The new PSUs are ATX v2.31 compliant, and offer efficiency of up to 88 percent. In Win did not give out any further information.

Club 3D Announces New 1200W 80 Plus Silver Compliant Modular Power Supply

Club 3D B.V. announces the introduction of the 1200 Watt Switching Power Supply CSP-X1200CS as the new top of the line of its award winning Switching Power Supply Series. The new Club 3D 1200 Watt Switching Power Supply CSP-X1200CS is a real powerhouse and allows you to combine all lately introduced hardware in your high end system and play the most powerful games without risking any lack of power.

The new CSP-X1200CS gives you the power you need with the efficiency that is required on today's PC thanks to its 80-Plus Silver Certification and an ultra-quiet-135 mm fan.

Corsair Updates its Builder Series Power Supplies

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced it has updated the Builder Series with new CX V2 models. The Builder Series CX V2 is the successor to the current CX family of PSUs, offering 80 PLUS certification and European Commission Energy-Related Product (ErP) directive compliance for guaranteed efficiency and low standby power consumption. The warranty on the CX V2 PSUs has been increased to three year s, one year longer than the original Builder Series models.

Builder Series CX V2 power supplies are designed for entry-level to midrange home system builds and desktop PC upgrades, providing a great value along with low noise and dependable, continuous power delivery.

OCZ Appoints Steve Lee as New SVP of Product Management, BU General for PSU Division

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and power supplies for computing devices and systems, today announced the appointment of Steve Lee as Senior Vice President of Product Management and BU General Manager for power supplies.

"We are pleased to announce Steve Lee's new position as he is an expert in the power management field and an excellent addition to our executive team," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. "Steve's extensive experience in power supply design and product management will help OCZ to enhance our position and expand the company's PSU product offerings in both the consumer and commercial markets."

Gigabyte Readies Cheaper PowerRock EX Series Mainstream PSUs

Gigabyte is readying a series of more inexpensive variants of PowerRock mainstream PSUs, the PowerRock EX. Available in similar models of 300W, 350W, 400W, 450W and 500W, the PowerRock EX lacks 80 Plus compliance and sleeved cabling found with the original PowerRock series. The new PSUs are ATX v2.0 compliant, use Taiwan-made capacitors, feature dual 12V rail design for the 450W and 500W models, and single 12V rail design for the 300W, 350W, and 400W ones. OVP, OCP, UVP, and short-circuit protections come standard. The PSUs are cooled by a 120 mm fan, and have a rated MTBF of 100,000 hours. Gigabyte did not give out pricing or availability details.

Comprehensive New Guide to Understanding PSUs

Power supply units (PSUs) are perhaps the least understood components when buying or building a PC. Very often, buyers don't look beyond the output power rating, and connectors provided. Slightly more discerning buyers look for efficiency rating, but that's about it. TechPowerUp's new PSU reviewer crmaris wrote an expansive article about the workings of a PSU, its various components, to give you a much more informed idea about what to look for when buying a PSU.

READ: A Detailed Look Into PSUs

Cubitek's M4 and M4 Silencer PC Chassis Now Available

Cubitek Co. Ltd., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of uniquely designed computer cases, today released their new mid-tower M4 and M4 Silencer computer chassis. Designed to look fantastic while silencing PC components, these cases can house the latest in hardware and come at a price-point that gamers, power-users, and enthusiasts can all afford. Both the M4 and M4 Silencer come with innovative features like a CD/DVD storage compartment, on the front-panel, and a Mini USB cable (plus a Micro USB adapter), on the top-panel, to connect devices like mobile phones and cameras for easy uploading, syncing, and internet tethering. The all-black powder-coating finish coupled with the unique front-panel design give Cubitek's M4 and M4 Silencer the look and feel of quality.

Chieftec Intros Nitro 88+ Series 80 Plus Silver Compliant Modular PSUs

Chieftec unveiled its latest creation, a line of high-wattage PSUs with 80 Plus Silver compliance, the Nitro 88+. Available in 650W, 750W, 850W, and 1000W models, these PSUs feature totally modular cabling, and single +12V rail design. The PSUs are compliant with ATX 12V 2.3 specification, and feature active power-factor correction (PFC). The unit is kept cool by a 140 mm PWM fan, and offers mean time before failure (MTBF) of 100,000 hours. The 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W models are priced at €112.05, €120.61, €158.87 and €198.97, respectively, and available for pre-order.

LEPA Readies New Mainstream PSU Lines for Gamers and System Integrators

Ecomaster is readying new LEPA-branded power supply units (PSUs), targeting mainstream system integrators and gamers. LEPA's new products are branched into N-series, targeting system integrators, and W-series, targeting gaming PCs. Both lines consist of non-modular PSUs that are compliant with the latest PSU standards, including EU ErP Lot 6 2010 standby power draw requirements.

Starting at €34.90, the N-series includes 400W, 500W, and 600W models. The N-series boxes feature active PFC, a single 12V rail design; Over Power, Over Voltage, Over Current, Short-Circuit, and Brown Out protection mechanisms; and are cooled by a 120 mm PWM-controlled fan. The W-series, on the other hand, starts at €59.90, and includes 450W, 500W, and 600W models with higher-grade components, are 80 Plus (std.) compliant, single 12V rail design, and all the protective mechanisms available with the N-series.

Thortech Shows off Platinum Plus 850W PSU

GeIL brand Thortech showed off its high-wattage PSU bearing the coveted 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency rating, the Thortech Platinum Plus 850W. The PSU gives out 850W of continuous power, complemented by over 92% efficiency. It makes use of a single large 100A +12V rail design, backed by high-grade components. While the PSU features a suite of powerprotection mechanisms, it also features a native hardware monitoring heads-up display like its 80 Plus Gold compliant cousins. The display sits into a 5.25" drive bay, displays various PSU parameters, and also gives a bit of control. Thortech's PSU is modular, and packs enough PCI-E cables to power a system with up to three graphics cards.

Enermax Readying 80 Plus Platinum Compliant 900W Modular PSU

Enermax is ready with a high-wattage power supply unit (PSU) model that boasts of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency rating, which the company will launch at the CeBIT event. Known as EXX900, the 900W modular PSU will be able to deliver at least 91.07% efficiency at 20% load; 92.51% at 50% load; and 90.12% at 100% load, qualifying for the coveted Platinum rating, making it ideal for high-end PCs with 2~3 graphics cards. Following CeBIT, Enermax' new EXX900 should reach stores.

Corsair Announces TX V2 Enthusiast PSU Series

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the Enthusiast Series TX V2 power supplies. The Enthusiast Series TX V2 is the successor to the award-winning Enthusiast Series TX power supplies, which have won dozens of awards worldwide and received widespread critical and customer acclaim. The TX V2 PSUs offer improved energy efficiency, with 80 PLUS Bronze certification and European Commission Energy-Related Product (ErP) directive compliance.

The improved efficiency results in lower noise levels than the original TX PSUs under typical usage conditions, and a new DC-to-DC converter design provides tighter voltage regulation, with measurably lower ripple and noise. Features carried over from the acclaimed TX PSUs include the use of Japanese capacitors, enthusiast-grade performance, and a comprehensive fixed cable set that accomodates tall PC chassis and multiple-GPU installations.
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