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Antec Intros NSK 4480 II Mini Tower Case

After releasing the gamer-oriented Nine Hundred Two earlier this month, Antec made the NSK 4480 II official. This case serves as a standards-compliant mini-tower case that uses a simple, professional outlook. It includes the Antec EarthWatts 380W 80-Plus certified PSU. Measuring 420 (H) x 195 (W) x 420 (D) mm, this case provides three 5.25" and two 3.5" drive bays. Internally there are three additional bays for hard drives. The side-panel of this case has three rectangular ventilators. A single rear 120mm Tri-Cool fan provides active ventilation. Along with the PSU, the case weighs around 9 kgs (around 19.8 lbs) and is mostly composed of SECC steel. Backed by a 3-year warranty, the NSK 4480 II comes at a recommended price of US $109.95.

Nexus Launches 850W Tranquillity RX-8500 PSU

Nexus Technology, provider of authentic silent components for PC noise reduction and cooling, has introduced today its most powerful power supply unit - Nexus Tranquillity RX-8500. The 850W power supply is suitable for people that are looking for extremely quiet unit with modular cable design, Active Power Factor Correction and guaranteed 80% efficiency under load. Full specs follow below.

Thermaltake Unveils the New Generation of PSU – Toughpower XT

Thermaltake Technology, the leading brand of computer components, today announced the next generation of its high-performance Toughpower family - Toughpower XT. Toughpower XT features a number of cutting-edge innovations that set it above the competition. New features such as FanDelayCool for thorough cooling, S.P.T. Indicator for real-time monitoring, and 12Vin1 for the best compatibility have never been offered in most of the current PSUs. Toughpower XT is currently available in three models: 850W, 750W, 650W.

Since its successful launch in 2006, Thermaltake's top of the line PSU-Toughpower Series- has gained a great reputation for its high-performance and excellent quality in the past years. To maintain and even surpass its own leading position in the industry, Thermaltake's R&D engineers have redesigned the inner structure to upgrade the current Toughpower PSU.

Thermaltake Offers New Litepower Series PSUs

Thermaltake Technology launched today three new power supply units - the 350W, 450W and 500W Litepower PSUs. All three models are certified by the 80 PLUS Program and the 450W model is even certified as 80plus Bronze ready. The latest Litepower series come with a single ultra-silent 120mm fan, dual independent and dedicated +12V rails, Multi-Core GPU and NVIDIA SLI certificates. They also have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of over 100,000 hours and Active power factor correction. To support all of today's PC requirements, Litepower series power supply units comply with the latest ATX 12V V2.3 specification. You can find out more about the PSU's here.

Scythe Preparing an Entire Fleet of PSUs

Better known for their cooling products and case accessories, the Japanese hardware manufacturer Scythe, seems to have prepared an entire range of power supplies (PSUs) using the manufacturing technology of Enhance Electronics, a Taiwan-based company that specializes in OEM and enterprise segment PC power supplies. Scythe will name its PSU lineup as "ChouRiki".

The range starts off with a 400W model and extends all the way up to a 1000W model, including 500W, 600W, 700W, and 850W boxes. All PSUs on offer, are 80 Plus certified to show that they offer 80+ percent efficiency at any level of load. The PSUs come with single 120mm fan-based cooling with model-specific speeds and noise-levels. Scythe will begin introducing its ChouRiki range of power supplies across global markets within Q1 2009.

Model-specific power distribution charts follow:

OCZ Preparing New 910W Silencer PSU

OCZ is preparing a new power supply under its PC Power & Cooling brand. This PSU is part of a series of products lined-up for launch from the PC Power & Cooling subsidiary of OCZ. It provides 910W of continuous output. It boasts a massive 74A +12V rail and an 80-Plus Silver rating, which keeps its efficiency above 85%, a remarkable feat for a PSU with a heavy-duty 74A circuit. The Silencer 910W was pictured as a part of the Tech Report's CES coverage of OCZ's booth.

The PSU uses the standard PC Power & Cooling design, black in colour, no modular connections, and an 80mm fan to cool the unit. The PSU is NVIDIA SLI certified for use in multi-GPU systems. The Silencer 910W will reach stores soon with a price tag of US $199. It will be backed by a 5-year warranty.

Hiper Introduces New S-Series 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply Units

Hiper introduces its brand new S-Series with the first model: S625. This 625 Watts power supply has been certified 80 PLUS Bronze by 80 PLUS Program. The Hiper S625 performs extremely well and exceeds the 80PLUS requirements by far. The new S Series will offer a range of highly reliable and stable performing PSUs with the well-known excellent built quality by Hiper. It comes in Gun Metal with a new logo and packaging design. The Hiper S625 will be available soon and represents best price/performance ratio at probably the lowest RRP of all A-brand 625W PSUs with 80 PLUS Bronze certification: US$ 95 / € 72 / £ 65 (excl. VAT). The new model has also been approved for NVIDIA SLi and comes with a 3 years RTB warranty.

Corsair Launches 850 Watt Power Supply for Gamers and PC Enthusiasts

Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the launch of the Corsair TX850W power supply unit (PSU), the latest addition to the award-winning TX-series of high-quality PSUs.
The TX850W has been designed by Corsair and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of PC enthusiasts, creative professionals and gamers. It is built using Industrial Grade components to ensure clean and stable voltages, and has been qualified to operate at 100% load at an ambient temperature of 50ºC for unmatched reliability.

NOX Launches APEX Series Power Supplies

NOX launches in Europe the new series of modular PSUs, APEX. These are modular PSUs with Plug-n connections in 600W, 700W & 800 W represented in different colors. Its advanced modular design allows connecting only the necessary cables, saving space and improving the airflow inside the PC Case. All three models come with Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), and a ultra-silent 140mm fan with automatic fan speed control.

Corsair Launches Online Survey, Wants to Know What Features Do You Look for in a PSU

Memory and PSU expert Corsair has launched today a free online survey, seeking for information from us. The company is looking to release a power supply that will have all the features we want, and for that matter is launching a survey to collect all the information needed. To get a better idea of what the customer really wants in a power supply, Corsair's online survey asks ten simple questions. No registration is needed, only a couple of minutes from your time and maybe one day you'll see "your" PSU, the way you imagined it. If you want, feel free to participate in the survey here.

HIPER Launches M1000 Power Supply

HIPER has announced the availability of its high-end M1000 PSU. This 1000W PSU boasts of an 80 Plus Bronze efficiency rating. It offers semi-modular cabling, where the most important cables are fixed, while peripheral and PCI-Express power connectors are given modularity. It is NVIDIA 3-way SLI capable. It is backed by a 5-year warranty. It will be priced at € 169 in Europe. For more information please visit the product page.

A list of features are as follows:

Corsair Launches New HX450W Modular Power Supply

Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the HX450W, part of the newly-established Corsair Professional Series of enthusiast-class, modular power supply units. The new Corsair Professional Series incorporates the existing HX-series of PSUs, which includes the multi award-winning Corsair Professional Series HX1000W, and the new Corsair Professional Series HX450W is engineered to the same exacting standards.

BFG Technologies Announces Efficient, Performance Class LS and MX Power Supplies

BFG Technologies, Inc., the leading North American and European supplier of advanced NVIDIA-based 3D graphics cards, power supplies, and other PC enthusiast products, announced today the BFG LS Series and MX Series modular power supplies.

The BFG LS and MX Series offer performance class features and benefits as well as typical efficiency of up to 85%, so more power is converted to DC than many other power supplies on the market. The MX Series is identical to the acclaimed BFG LS Series with the addition of modular cable management, allowing customers to use only the cables they need, providing better aesthetics and airflow.

OCZ Technology Introduces New Line of Fatal1ty Power Supplies

high reliability memory and components, today revealed the first power supply models under the Fatal1ty series, offering gamers stable and efficient power for their mainstream or high-end rigs. OCZ is dedicated to delivering premium power solutions, and the Fatal1ty series options are the first step to creating an exceptional gaming system for the unique power and cabling requirements of today's gamer.

Corsair Ready with HX450W Modular PSU

Corsair has announced its newest PSU, the HX450W. This 450W PSU would be the company's entry-level offering with flat modular cabling. The unit measures 150mm x 86mm x 150mm, and features a quiet temperature-controlled 120mm fan. In many aspects this PSU could be seen as a modular version of the VX450W.

The PSU flaunts 80-plus efficiency badge with a company-rated efficiency level of above 85%. It features active PFC. The PSU guarantees continuous output of 450W under 50 °C, and an MTBF of 100,000 hours. The PSU is backed by Corsair's seven-year warranty. Corsair recommends this PSU for single graphics card setups.

Enermax REVOLUTION 85+ Power Supply Units Now Widely Available

First unveiled two months ago and then delayed a little bit for some last minute changes, Enermax is finally announcing the availability of it's new "REVOLUTION 85+" flagship PSU series. Produced as a worthy successor of Enermax's previous high-end 1kW-class GALAXY and GALAXY DXX PSUs, the new REVOLUTION series is a top-notch product that puts a new more aggressive outside look and some new innovations never seen in Enermax PSUs before. These power supply units will be ideal for server, workstation or gaming systems. The REVOLUTION 85+ series comes in four different wattages: 850W (ERV850EWT), 950W (ERV950EWT), 1050W (ERV1050EWT), and 1250W (ERV1250EGT - available only in Europe). All PSUs from the series have a total of six 12V rails rated at 30A to 35A each, no-load operation mode, power saving modes for upcoming CPUs, high efficiency of 85+ % and modular cable desgin. Besides that, these PSUs are nearly silent because of the double ball bearing low-RPM 135mm fan installed. The other normal features for the model include Enermax's PowerGuard status monitor, SafeGuard now with 8 protections instead of formerly six (SIP (Surge & Inrush Protection) and UVP now as separate AC UVP & DC UVP), AirGuard to reduce air turbulences and the new HeatGuard that keeps the PSU fan rotating in case the inside of the PSU is hotter than usual after shut-down. A good review of the PSU was also posted today, over at AnandTech.

GlacialPower Releases GP-AL650 Power Supply

GlacialPower made an addition to its AL Series high-efficiency power supplies (PSUs), with the GP-AL650. The PSU provides 650W of continuous power output, and is ATX12V v2.2 certified. The power output distribution diagram shows this PSU to feature two +12V rails of 26A and 21A.

The unit is cooled by a 120mm fan, some units may feature an 80mm fan instead. Outputs include two 6+2pin PCI-Express connectors, six SATA power, six Molex and one floppy power connector. It offers built-in PFC and a rated MTBF of 100,000 hours. It flaunts an 80 Plus efficiency rating badge. The PSU is backed by a two year warranty. Technical details of the PSU could be read in this company-published PDF document.

Thermaltake Toughpower Series Upgraded to 80 PLUS Bronze

Thermaltake Technology is pleased to announce its high performance power supply line Toughpower series, had been upgraded to the 80 PLUS Bronze standard since September 2008. The first three Toughpower models certified as 80 PLUS Bronze ready are Toughpower 600W, Toughpower 700W, and Toughpower QFan 500W. With our commitment to offer users quality and environmental friendly products, the remaining models of Toughpower series, and QFan PSUs are all under the application process of 80 PLUS Bronze standard.

Corsair Launches New Power Series Power Supply Line

Corsair, a worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, announced today a new line of economical, quiet, and energy-efficient desktop computer power supplies. Dubbed Corsair Power, the new series provides unprecedented features at a surprisingly affordable price point. Building on the tremendous success of previous Corsair units such as the award-winning HX1000W, the new Power series was developed using the same extensive engineering knowledge and rigorous testing to produce a best-in-class power supply for mainstream users.

Lian Li Launches the All New Silent Force PSU Series

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the Silent Force Power supply unit (PSU) series. After one year in development, and with strict attention to detail, the Silent series has been extensively researched to make it stand out from the crowd. The Silent Force PSU's offer outstanding cooling while containing noise from fans, and also offers safety features with 80 Plus certification showing Lian Li's commitment to quality, while exemplifying Lian Li's attention to detail through craftsmanship.

Thermaltake Releases New 750W and 850W Toughpower QFan PSUs

Thermaltake today also updated its line-up of power supply units to include the new Toughpower QFan 750W and 850W models. The QFan PSUs are named upon the big 14cm silent QFan with unique blades and the 360° open frame design featured on the power supplies. The QFan helps well in reducing the overall noise output and accelerating greater internal air flow at the same time. Both new high wattage PSUs are 80Plus compliant, offer a powerful single +12V 60A rail and meet the latest requirements for powering up to four graphics cards. Additionally they use Japan made capacitors only and come with a five year warranty. Both new PSUs are set to become available before the end of this quarter. Find more information at Thermaltake.

ARCTIC COOLING Introduces its First PSU - Fusion 550R

The Swiss cooling solutions provider ARCTIC COOLING, which is famous for its low noise cooling-solutions for CPUs and GPUs is presenting its first power supply unit - the Fusion 550R. In a close cooperation with Seasonic, ARCTIC COOLING has developed a PSU that not only fulfils highest demands but is at the same time virtually silent and highly efficient.

Enermax Announcing the Revolution 85+ PSU Series

Do you remember when Enermax first released the Modu82+ and Pro82+? They were new a shiny, but despite the misleading name they were rated at only 625W for the highest end model, not exactly the wattage we're used to see for an enthusiast grade PSU. Now with a little help of our collegues at AnandTech, Enermax is announcing their new Revolution 85+ series, a new line of power supplies with higher wattage output and better compatibility with future requirements. The Revolution 85+ will be available in 850W, 950W, 1050W, and 1250W, though the last is slated to be available in Europe only with support for 230VAC. Specs wise, all PSUs will have six +12V rails each rated at up to 30A, and 3.3V and 5V rails that come from VRMs. The Revolution 85+ series will share a modular cable design that allows for up to ten extra cables to be plugged in. Four of these cables are with 6/8-pin PEG connectors for video cards. AnandTech will have a full review of the 1050W Revolution 85+ model soon. No pricing and availability information was released at the time of this publication.

Games Convention 2008: Cooler Master

Cooler Master did not have their own booth, they just had a few glass cabinets on the show floor.

The Cooler Master Storm mockup we see on the image above gives a good impression what to expect in the final product. Three 200 mm fans create massive airflow in this steel case. An included fan controller will allow you to optimize the acoustics and cooling performance to your needs.

OCZ Intros the ModXStream Pro PSU Line-up

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and components, today announced the ModXStream Pro, a superior gaming-grade power supply series that offers consumers a combination of OCZ's cutting-edge PSU architecture and an efficient modular cable management system. Designed for enthusiasts and gamers in 400W, 500W, 600W, and 700W configurations, the ModXStream Pro is built for unparalleled stability and will provide optimal high-performance power to the latest GPUs and CPUs while promoting a tidy case environment.

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