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Thermaltake Announces the Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium Series PSUs

Thermaltake, a leading brand in producing green power supply unit, today released the latest Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium Series (850W/1000W/1500W). Thermaltake released the Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Titanium at CES 2016, and it has been the most discussed power ever since. To provide users more options, Thermaltake has extended the range with the 850W, 1000W, and 1500W. The Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium Series is pre-installed with an ultra-silent 140mm patented RGB fan and manufactured by premium components, the Titanium Series is the most ideal choice for those looking for the perfect balance between PC aesthetics and 4K gaming performance.

To provide unbeatable performance for Virtual Reality, the Titanium Series is equipped with 100% Japanese capacitors which are rated up to 105°C. The fully modular Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium Series is specially designed with a digital control board, and adopted a 32Bit Microcontroller Unit (MCU) from STMicroelectronics. In addition, the Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium Series (850W/1000W/1500W) offers a 10 year warranty, ensuring the best power supply quality and top VR experience.

Lian-Li Announces PE Series SFX-L PSUs

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd is pleased to announce its two high-wattage SFX-L PSUs: the PE-550 and PE-750. These fully modular, small form factor power supplies are excellent choices for small form factor builds using powerful, high-end hardware. The most general trend in electronics is miniaturization: the smaller the better. This is reflected in nearly every facet of PC hardware and cases are no different. Small form factor, mini-ITX cases are popular and for a reason; if one can have a smaller footprint without compromising performance, why not? The PE-550 and PE-750 provide 550W and 750W respectively - more than enough to drive even multi-GPU gaming PCs.

Thermaltake Announces the Toughpower DPS G RGB Gold Series

Thermaltake, a green pioneer in power supply unit, is proud to introduce the latest Toughpower DPS G RGB Gold Series (650W/750W/850W) that is pre-installed with an ultra-quiet 140mm patented RGB fan. To deliver unbeatable performance for Virtual Reality TT Power VR Ready, Thermaltake utilized the highest quality components and 100% Japanese capacitors to produce the Toughpower DPS G RGB Gold Series.

Furthermore, the fully modular Toughpower DPS G RGB Gold Series is not only equipped with a digital control board but is also installed with a 32Bit Microcontroller Unit (MCU) from Microchip Technology. The new Toughpower DPS G RGB Gold Series is a definite asset to your computer; serving all your security, financial, entertainment, and aesthetic needs.

Enermax Announces Availability of Platimax DF Series PSUs

ENERMAX new 80 PLUS Platinum certified power supply with up to 93% high efficiency, Platimax D.F. made its debut on CeBIT 2016 and is now available on the market with two models: 500W and 600W. Platimax D.F. is the successor of ENERMAX awarding-winning series, Platimax, with full modular cable design. Platimax D.F. capitalizes on 2016 ENERMAX innovation, patented Dust Free Rotation (DFR) technology which enables the PSU fan to spin in reverse for 10 sec. upon startup to blow away the dust swiftly for self cleaning. The DFR technology can reduce the dust accumulated on the fan blades and around fan guard to provide a smooth intake airflow path without obstruction.

GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming XP1200M Power Supply Now Available

GIGABYTE announced availability of its first Xtreme Gaming series high-end power supply, the XP1200M. The unit was first shown to the public at the 2016 Computex expo, last month. As its model name suggests, the XP1200M is a 1200W PSU with fully-modular cabling. The unit boasts of 80 Plus Platinum switching efficiency, with an all Japanese capacitor design, single +12V rail, DC-to-DC switching, and most common electrical protections.

The unit has enough juice and straws for a high-end gaming PC build with 3-4 graphics cards. Besides the 24-pin ATX, you get a total of six 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors, two 4+4 pin EPS connectors, twelve SATA, eight Molex, and two Molex-to-Berg (floppy) adapters. The unit is cooled by a 140 mm fan, which stays below 20 dBA when the load is under 720W. It's 30 dBA at 1000W load, and 35 dBA at maximum load.

FSP Announces 700W Variant of its Twins Series Redundant PSU

FSP, the performance power specialist, is pleased to announce its new FSP700-70RGHBE1 PS2 redundant Power Supply. The FSP700-70RGHBE1 joins the FSP500-70RGHBB1 as the latest server-grade power supply from FSP. This time, two highly reliable 700W power supplies are offered, achieving 22.4W/in3 (watt per cubic inch,) the highest power density currently available in a standard PS2 redundant form factor.

The two fully redundant, modular power supplies operate at 80 Plus Gold efficiency, and no specialized bracket is needed for installation. It is the first PS2 redundant which fits 80% of ATX chassis on the market without needing a special bracket. It's compliant with both desktop ATX 12V and server EPS12V standards, suitable for many industrial PCs, and also compatible with rackmount server chassis 3U and above. It offers reliable, 24-hr performance at temperatures up to 50°C.

Be Quiet! Announces the Pure Power 9 Series PSUs

Be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for ten consecutive years, is introducing the Pure Power 9 with fixed cables in 300 to 700 watts, offering a new option for quiet PC configurations as well as powerful multi-GPU systems. Models with cable management are on the market since March. Thanks to extensive development work, both the efficiency and the voltage stability are improved when compared to its predecessor while reducing noise to a minimum.

Be quiet! continues its extensive development of the Pure Power series by relying on the newest technologies. The 400-watt and higher models utilize the so-called "Active Clamp + SR" topology which leads to increased efficiency. The Pure Power 9 achieves an efficiency of up to 91 percent, leading to an 80 Plus Silver certification and a top performance in this price segment. The lower wattage models are 80 Plus Bronze certified. By implementing two independent 12 volt-rails, be quiet! is able to further improve the signal stability compared to its predecessor.

EVGA Announces the DG-8 Line of Full-tower Cases

Introducing the EVGA DG-8 line of full-tower cases. These cases are built for the enthusiast with an optimized airflow path that gives you dedicated cooling fans for your graphics cards, a K-Boost button that automatically boosts fanspeed and CPU/GPU, a built in fan controller and much more. These new line of cases are the ultimate platform for any gaming or graphics enthusiast. With these features and more, it is easy to see how DG means Designed for Gaming.

FSP Twins Series Redundant ATX PSU Pictured Up Close

Here are some of the first close-up pictures of the Twins Series 500W redundant power supply for ATX desktops. The PSU is essentially a hot-swapping and redundancy enclosure for two 500W 80 Plus Gold-efficient 1U server PSUs, which fits into a standard ATX (PS/2) size. The enclosure features the unit's cabling on one side, and the hot-swap bays of the two subunits on the other. The enclosure also features a USB system interface, with which you can monitor the performance of each of the two subunits, and their reliability, with programmed alerts, via included software. FSP is including two 500-Watt subunits, which are each cooled by their dedicated 40 mm server-grade fans. The arrangement is ideal for home-servers that stay on 24/7, and for mission-critical workstations.

SilverStone SX800-LTI Leads the SFX-L Pack

SilverStone may have the most powerful and efficient power supply you can buy in the SFX-L form-factor. The new SX800-LTI from SilverStone belts out 800W of power at 80 Plus Titanium switching efficiency, with a single +12V rail design, DC-to-DC switching, APFC, most common electrical protections, a 120 mm fan keeping things cool, and full modular cabling. There appears to be enough cabling for a machine with 2-3 high end graphics cards. SilverStone will likely include an adapter that lets you use this PSU on a standard ATX case.

Riotoro Also Unveils the Enigma Series PSUs

Riotoro also unveiled the Enigma line of power supplies for targeting various performance-segment price points. The company showed off an 850W variant. These PSUs offer 80 Plus Gold efficiency, single +12V rail design, DC-to-DC switching, common electrical protections, partially modular cabling, and enough juice and straws for a gaming PC build with up to three graphics cards. A 140 mm fan keeps the unit cool.

Huntkey Unveils the MVPLand 650W Power Supply

Power supply maker Huntkey unveiled its gamer-targeted MVPLand line of power supplies that cover various mid-thru-upper range price-points. The company showed off its 650W model (K650M). Subjective styling aside, you get 80 Plus Gold efficiency, single +12V rail design, DC-to-DC switching, most common electrical protections, and a temperature-activated fan that stays off below a load/temperature threshold. The PSU features fully modular cabling. There's enough juice and straws for a gaming PC with up to two high-end graphics cards.

SeaSonic Unveils its Flagship Prime Titanium PSU Series

PSU giant SeaSonic unveiled its new flagship PSU line, the Prime Titanium. The company showed off an 850W model from the series at the 2016 Computex show. As its name suggests, the PSU boasts of 80 Plus Titanium efficiency. The PSU offers some of the tightest ripple suppression, at under 20 mV. Its hold-up time is 30 ms, allowing for better protection against erratic AC power (eg: during storms). The Hybrid Fan Control spins up the 140 mm fan only beyond an ideal load/temperature threshold, making the PSU quiet during productivity usage. The unit offers fully modular cabling, with enough cabling for a machine with up to three graphics cards, and a motherboard with two 8-pin EPS inputs.

SeaSonic TFX 350W Power Supply Pictured

SeaSonic showed off its first TFX form-factor power supplies at the 2016 Computex show, beginning with a 350W model. The compact internal PSU offers 80 Plus Gold switching efficiency, DC-to-DC switching circuitry, tight voltage regulation within a band of ±3%, and most common electrical protection mechanisms. The unit is cooled by an 80 mm temperature-activated fan.

In Win Signature S-Series 1065W PSU Pictured

In Win designed one of the classiest looking PSUs on the Computex showfloor, with the Signature S-Series 1065W. This 80 Plus Platinum rated PSU features a unique product design, with a chunky aluminium grill plate covering amber colored 165 mm fan on the SIII, a golden copper grill in the SII, and a red brushed aluminium grill in the SI. A strip of amber (almost whiskey-colored) LEDs light up the unit's innards, which can be viewed from the tempered glass side panels. The large capacitors make the PSU look like a retro audio amp. You have enough juice and straws for a machine with up to three high-end video cards. The PSU also allows 3 steps of manual overrides to let you increase its Wattage (at the expense of reduced switching efficiency).

Cooler Master Unveils Four New MasterWatt PSU Lines

Cooler Master released four new power supply product lines, the MaterWatt Lite, MasterWatt, MasterWatt Pro, and MasterWatt Maker. All four lines feature high pressure, low noise fans by Cooler Master, some of these models feature load-based fan-activation. The lineup begins with the MasterWatt Lite, which covers all the bare essentials of the series, and features fixed cabling. The MasterWatt (proper) series comes in various mid-range capacities, and features slightly higher efficiency, and partially modular cabling.

Moving up the ladder you have the MasterWatt Pro series, which comes in various mid-thru-high Wattage models, higher efficiency than MasterWatt, and fully modular cabling, with flat cables. Leading the pack is the MasterWatt Maker series. This lineup comes in various 4-figure Wattage models, features fully modular cabling, and features software interface, with which you can monitor its various power domains, and even have limited control over its cooling.

Raijintek Intros Micro ATX Optimized PSUs

Raijintek introduced a new line of PSUs that are optimized for the Micro ATX form-factor. While technically it's an ATX PSU, it's shorter than some of the shortest ATX PSUs, giving you more room in the typically space-constrained micro-ATX case. The first picture below shows you just how short the PSU is, next to a typical ATX PSU. The company put up 600W and 700W models of the series. Both units use 100 mm fans instead of the 120-140 mm fans typically found in ATX PSUs. The 700W model features 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, while the 600W model features 80 Plus Gold. Both units feature APFC, single +12V rail design, and most common electrical protection mechanisms. Both further feature partially modular cables.

Rosewill Tokamak 1500W and Tokamak 1200W PSUs Pictured

Rosewill's flagship power supplies, the Tokamak 1500W and Tokamak 1200W, smile for the camera. These units are designed and manufactured using some of the choicest components, including an all-Japanese capacitor design. They feature a single +12V rail design, with a massive 100A rail on the 1200W model, and an even larger 125A rail on the 1500W. The units boast of 80 Plus Titanium efficiency, full modular cabling, with flat cables for machines with up to six graphics cards, and motherboards with two 8-pin EPS connectors, making them ideal for your HEDT/workstation build. The units feature load/temperature triggered 140 mm fans, and an LED indicator for load.

Lian-Li Shows Off Two New High-Wattage SFX-L PSUs

Lian Li is nurturing the SFX-L form-factor of power supplies, with two new [relatively] high-Wattage PSUs. These include the 750W PE-750, and the 550W PE-550. These PSUs feature fully modular cabling, minimizing the cable clutter in your compact case, and boast of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, APFC, and most common electrical protections. The PE-750 has enough cabling for a dual graphics card build, while the PE-550 has cabling for a single graphics card build with a high-end GPU. Both PSUs use 120 mm fans that spin only beyond a load/temperature threshold.

AeroCool Project 7 Series PSUs Pictured

AeroCool announced the Project 7 (P7) line of power supplies, which comes in three key output capacities - 550W (P7-P550), 650W (P7-P650), 750W (P7-P750), and 850W (P7-P850). The three boast of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, single +12V rail design, fully modular cabling, flat cables, and RGB LED-lit temperature-activated 140 mm spinners cooling the unit.

G.Skill Unveils RipJaws Platinum High End PSU Series

G.Skill unveiled three RipJaws Platinum series high-Wattage PSUs. These include the 1200W PS1200P, the 1250W PS1250P, and the 850W PS850P. As their names might suggest, the three boast of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency. The three feature single +12V rail design, DC-to-DC switching, and 135 mm temperature-activated fans. The PS1250W and PS850W are slightly more advanced, in that they feature ripple-suppression capacitors in the 24-pin, 4+4-pin and PCIe cables; and ECO Optimized fan-control. All three feature fully-modular cabling. The 850W model is recommend for gaming PCs with up to three video cards; while the 1200W and 1250W models go well with even more cards.

GIGABYTE Forays Into Enthusiast PSUs with New Xtreme Gaming Line

GIGABYTE is making a serious push into high-end gaming PC power supplies (PSUs), with its new Xtreme Gaming line. The company has, in the past, sold entry-thru-mid-range PSUs. The company showed off its first Xtreme Gaming PSU model, the XP1200M. This 1200W PSU features fully modular cabling, 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, an all-Japanese capacitor design, a single +12V rail, DC-to-DC switching, and a 140 mm double ball-bearing fan that stays off below a load threshold. 1200W may not be the only capacity this PSU lineup will include.

FSP Also Readies the Dagger Line of SFX PSUs

FSP is also giving finishing touches to its first SFX form-factor PSUs targeted at SFF gaming PC builds, with the Dagger series. These units feature fully modular cabling, with enough juice and straws for high-end CPU and graphics hardware. The series initially features 500W and 600W models, boasting of 80 Plus Gold efficiency ratings, DC-to-DC switching, and complies with the latest ATX v2.4 specifications. An 80 mm dual-bearing fan keeps the unit cool. The company will reveal more information, including tentative launch, at its 2016 Computex booth.

Xilence Announces Performance A+ Series PSUs

Xilence, specialist in cooling, power supply and noise reduction of PCs and notebooks, is introducing a new revision of its successful Performance A series. The five models of the new Performance A+ series combine excellent performance with a low noise level and high efficiency. The power supplies are especially suitable for demanding use in gaming PCs.

Xilence is using DC/DC-technology for its Performance A+ series to ensure a stable and efficient power supply. With this technology, the transformer only has to convert the AC to 12 volt DC and increases efficiency. At the same time, additional voltages are regulated by the transformer to prevent incorrect voltage increases or cuts, in particular under asymmetric load conditions (so-called crossloads). This also ensures maximum stability. The power supplies are characterized by a low standby power consumption of under 0.25 watts. All these features mean that these models correspond to the 80 PLUS Bronze certification as well as an efficiency according to the ErP2014 standard. The main wire harness is sleeved to ensure a clean look in the case.

FSP Readies a Redundant PSU for Standard ATX Desktops

Fortron's channel brand FSP is ready with a unique new redundant power supply for standard ATX desktops. The new Twins Series PSU is an ATX-size box that encloses two hot-swappable 500W server-grade PSUs, with internal circuitry that maintains redundancy. The PSU further interfaces with your OS, giving you control over redundancy, monitoring, and programmable alerts. The PSU is ideal for home-servers and workstations with <500W power draw. Each of the two included subunits features 40 mm server-grade fans. FSP plans to reveal more information at its 2016 Computex exhibit.
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