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Phanteks Announces GeForce GTX 1080 Full Coverage Water Block

Phanteks unveiled a new full-coverage water block for reference GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards (Founders Edition), the PH-GB1080-X. The block is made of nickel-plated copper with a clear acrylic top over the coolant channel, and an opaque film linking the two ends of the acrylic top. The top features three LED mounts, from which you can insert 1 mm-dia LEDs. Available now, the block is priced at $129.99.

Phanteks Also Announces PSU Extension Cable Combo Sets

Phanteks announced the immediate release of the Phanteks Extension Cable Combo Set. Phanteks' Extension Cable Combo Set is made from premium materials and designed to be compatible with all power supply on the market. The kit includes 1x 24pin ATX cable extension, 1x 8pin (4x4) CPU extension, 2x 8pin (6+2) extension and cable combs. The extension cables are 500mm and individually sleeved to enhance the look of your build. The Combo Set will be available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Black/Red, and Black/White.

Phanteks Announces ASUS Aura-ready RGB LED Strips

Phanteks announced the immediate releases of the RGB LED Strip Combo Set and RGB LED Strip 400MM. The high performance RGB LED strip features ultra high brightness LEDs and incorporate a number of unique features that ensure long-lasting, bright and even illumination.

Phanteks RGB LED Strip Combo Set, the perfect starter kit for your case lighting solution. Phanteks RGB LED Strip Combo Set includes 2x 400mm magnetic RGB LED strips, RGB LED adapter for motherboards with 4pin RGB LED header, 1x Extension cable and 3M adhesive tape. With the RGB LED adapter included in the Combo Set, you can plug in the RGB LED adapter to motherboards' 4pin RGB header and install it to any case on the market or plug it directly to Phanteks cases that has the LED connectors.

Phanteks Announces the G1080 Water Block

Phanteks a leader in thermal cooling, is excited to launch their very first water block designed for the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition. The G1080 is made from premium materials and finest standards of craftsmanship from Phanteks.

From military standard Viton O-ring to the RGB LED lighting, all of our exceptionally high-quality materials are carefully selected. The water block features a nickel-plated copper cold plate, acrylic top and sandblasted cover plates for an elegant look.

Phanteks Also Launches Tempered Glass Editions of Enthoo Evolv ATX and Pro M

Phanteks also launched Tempered Glass Edition variants of two of its most popular cases, the Enthoo Evolv ATX, and the Enthoo Pro M. Both cases feature slightly tinted tempered glass side-panels, which cover almost the entire area of the sides. The Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass Edition, in addition, features RGB LED strips that line the edges of these panels. These LED strips comply with ASUS Aura RGB specification, letting you control them with ASUS Aura software. The rest of their feature-sets are consistent with their original cases.

Phanteks Unveils Enthoo Elite Flagship Chassis

Phanteks unveiled its new flagship chassis, the Enthoo Elite. This garrgantuan full-tower is made of 4 mm-thick sandblasted aluminium sheet-metal, and slightly tinted tempered glass. It has room for large motherboard form-factors, such as HPTX, SSI-EEB, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX. If you use a micro-ATX motherboard, a portion of the motherboard tray and rear I/O can be tilted parallel to the plane of the base (perpendicular to the plane of the side panel, to make it a dual-system chassis, with the remaining slots and tray portion holding a mini-ITX system.

The Enthoo Elite serves up vast amounts of room for liquid cooling gear, including a 560 mm x 140 mm front radiator slot (which also holds a 480 mm x 120 mm radiator); and 420 mm x 140 mm / 480 mm x 120 mm radiator baysalong the top, mid-section, and the bottom panels (four radiators in all!). The case offers a total of 10+2 expansion slots; 13x 3.5-inch drive bays, and 7x 2.5-inch bays. To top it all off, you get an RGB LED lighting system that meets ASUS Aura specifications.

Phanteks Intros the Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Edition

Phanteks unveiled the Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Edition. The premium ATX mid-tower case is rooted firmly in the RGB LED generation, with multi-color LED strips lining the inner- and outer-edges of its panels. It gets its name from the tempered glass side panels, which cover nearly the entire area of the sides. The rest of its feature-set appears to be consistent with the original Enthoo Luxe.

Phanteks Makes its Foray into DIY Liquid Cooling

Phanteks made its major foray into DIY liquid cooling, with the launch of two new CPU blocks, a new full-coverage VGA block for the GeForce GTX 1080, and a variety of fittings. To begin with, the company showed off two new untitled CPU water blocks, one features a bulged out frosty acrylic top, and the other a flat top with POM acetal inserts near the fittings area. Speaking of which, the company launched a boat-load of plugs, extenders, and compression fittings to go with these blocks. Lastly, the company launched its first full-coverage VGA block, with one designed for the GTX 1080.

Phanteks Announces Enthoo Pro M Acrylic Titanium Green and Anthracite Grey

Phanteks today introduced the new Titanium Green and Anthracite Gray Enthoo Pro M Acyrlic Edition. The new color will be available for immediate release. The PRO M Acryclic Window Edition has a full acrylic window, front and top brushed aluminum look panels, and the innovative radiator bracket. The I/O port now resides on the side of the front panel creating a simple but elegant design without the cost.

The PRO M Acrylic Window Edition will feature a large interior to support full ATX. A innovative top radiator bracket to allow easy installation of the radiator and/or fans like the Enthoo EVOLV ATX and the EVOLV ITX. The PRO M Acrylic Window Edition comes with the all new HDD mounting system that can support multiple storage with the optional HDD bracket (PH-HDDKT_02).

Phanteks Announces the EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Edition

Phanteks today announced the new Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass Edition which features full tempered glass panels and Phanteks RGB LED lighting controls. The Evolv ATX Tempered Glass with come in three colors - Satin Black, Galaxy Silver and Anthracite Grey.

Designed based on the EVOLV line, the Enthoo EVOLV ATXTempered Glass Edition combines sandblasted aluminum with tempered glass panels. System builders and watercooling enthusiasts can now present their build with a premium touch. The EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Edition is equipped with innovative features, amazing (water)cooling potential, and RGB illumination.

Phanteks Announces the PowerCombo - Power Your Rig with 2 PSUs

Phanteks today announces the release of their patented Power Combo. The Power Combo is design to maximize your power output by allowing you to connect two power supplies. The Power Combo will be a true plug and play that requires no splicing and cutting of the wires. The Power Combo is design to be safe and secure. The Power Combo features a redundant power supply architecture concept, this prevents the system from shutting down when one power supply fails. This ensures that all your vital information and data will not be interrupted or lost.

The Power Combo can run high end systems that requires more power output by combining 2x top tier PSUs. The Power Combo is fully compatible to Mini ITX, mATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards. The Power Combo features a unique soft start circuit that limits the inrush current to help improve stability and reduce transient voltage drops. The Power Combo will help share the load current of the two power supply and improve the power efficiency. The Power Combo is cost efficient and provides maximum power and efficiency.

Phanteks Announces ASUS Aura Ready RGB LED Adapter

With the current trend of motherboard's customizable RGB LED lighting control, Phanteks today announced the Phanteks' RGB LED Adapter for compatible motherboards that features RGB headers. Our new RGB LED adapter is a simple, frustration-free solution to RGB integrated motherboards that includes the 4pin RGB headers. The RGB will be Aura Compatible (certified by ASUS) and will also be compatible will all RGB intergrated motherboards that includes the 4pin RGB header (12V G R B). This adapter features connectors that connects to the motherboard RGB header, Phanteks' LED strips, and Phanteks' case LED lighting.

With the adapter, it's quick and easy to install. The RGB LED Adapter will feature an easy to install connector with an indicator of the 12V to help ensure for a correct installation. Once connected, you can use the customizable lighting control software of the motherboard to synchronize the lighting of your LED strip and Phanteks cases with the motherboards'.

Phanteks Announces the Eclipse P400 and P400S Chassis

Phanteks today introduces two variants of the Eclipse Series, the P400 and P400S (Silent Edition). The Eclipse P400 and P400S will be available in three colors: Satin Black, Anthracite Grey and Glacier White. The Eclipse Series P400 and P400s are compact midtowers that are easy for beginning PC builders that wants to create a clean and beautiful build.

The interior chassis design of the Eclipse P400 and P400S is based on the Enthoo Series and offers user-friendly features. This includes full metal exterior, RGB lighting system with color control and optional RGB interior lighting strips, equipped with dust filters, all-in-one radiator mounting location in front, power supply shroud, 2x 120mm fans, and cable management tools.

Phanteks Unveils a Pair of Dual-System Cases

Phanteks unveiled a large variant of its flagship case, the Enthoo Primo, keeping up with the community's newfound love for two machines in a box, the Enthoo Primo Dual-System. The case serves up room for an E-ATX motherboard tray right where you'd expect it to be, and a second mini-ITX motherboard tray along the base of the case, with its two add-on card slots arranged perpendicular to the base.

A smart Power-Splitter device is included, which lets you share a common PSU with both your machines, which powers down the PSU only when both machines are shut-down, and fires it back up when either or both machines are powered up. Taking this concept a little further (read: bigger), the company also unveiled a prototype case it calls "Project 916," which is made of premium materials such as aluminium and tempered glass; RGB ambient lighting, and gobs of room for your liquid-cooling madness. The Enthoo Primo Dual-System will be available in March 2016, priced at $260. Phanteks is looking at a Q3-2016 launch for Project 916.

Phanteks Also Intros Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass Edition

For those wanting a groovy, metal-tinted glass finish on their cases, Phanteks has an option. The company launched the Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass Edition, a variant which features tinted, tempered-glass panels on both sides of the cases. The panels cover the entire area of the side panels, and stay in place with thumb-screws. The rest of its feature-set remains consistent with the company's best-selling case. Phanteks is pricing the case at US $190, it hits the shelves in March, 2016.

Phanteks Unveils Eclipse P400 Series Mid-tower Cases

Phanteks unveiled its new Eclipse P400 series mid-tower cases. Pictured below, are the P400 and the P400S (the "S" denotes silent). Designed for the contemporary gaming PC build, which lacks the need for vast drive cages up front, including 5.25-inch bays, the P400/S serve up room for long graphics cards, 360 x 120 mm radiators at the front, 240 x 120 mm radiators at the top, and clear acrylic windows with optional RGB LED lighting.

While the lighting is optional, an LED on/off switch comes standard issue. Storage areas include a two each of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive bays. The P400S comes with a cover for the top vents, additional sound-proofing material, and a 3-speed fan-controller. The P400 is priced at US $70, while the P400S is priced at $80. The two go on sale in February, 2016.

Phanteks Announces Enthoo Pro M Acrylic Window Edition Chassis

Phanteks today announce the release of the Enthoo PRO M Acrylic Window Edition. Phanteks' new Enthoo Pro M variant will now include a full acrylic side panel. The Enthoo Pro M Acrylic Window Edition will include features like the new HDD mounting system, PWM hub, the innovative radiator bracket and pump mounting locations. System builders and watercooling enthusiasts can now showcaase their build.

The PRO M Acryclic Window Edition has a full acrylic window, front and top brushed aluminum look panels, and the innovative radiator bracket. The I/O port now resides on the side of the front panel creating a simple but elegant design without the cost. The PRO M Acrylic Window Edition will feature a large interior to support full ATX. A innovative top radiator bracket to allow easy installation of the radiator and/or fans like the Enthoo EVOLV ATX and the EVOLV ITX.

Phanteks Announces Enthoo Mini XL Dual System Chassis

With the overwhelming response from the community, users have requested for a solution to the Enthoo Mini XL's dual system configuration setup. Today, Phanteks announces the release of the Enthoo Mini XL Dual System. The Mini XL Dual System will have Phanteks Power Splitter and the Mini ITX upgrade kit pre -installed. With Enthoo Mini XL Dual System, users can run two fully functional system independently of one another. The Mini XL Dual System provides users to have the option of having a high powered gaming system and workstation or Gaming system and streaming system all in one case.

The Mini XL Dual System, a compact and power structure with sandblasted aluminum faceplates with matte finish. The Mini XL has a stealthy interior design with hidden PSU and HDD's. It also comes with two separate front I/O for the dual systems and a light system with multi-color control (10 colors). The Mini XL Dual System will feature dual removable hard drive cages, 2x Drop-N-Lock SSD brackets, fully equipped dust filters, mod friendly structure, and Phanteks' cable binders for easy cable management.

Phanteks Announces Power Splitter with Patented Isolated Dual System Technology

Phanteks' PH-PWSPR_1P2M with Patented Isolated Dual System Technology is a power splitter that will eliminate the need to use two power supplies for dual system configuration. With the Phanteks' Power Splitter, users will be able to run two fully functional systems with only one power supply. Now you can have two individual system in one case independently of one another. The Power Splitter is cost efficient and doesn't take up valuable space thanks to its small footprint.

Using the Power Splitter, a dual system configuration can operate independently of one another. Powering ON/OFF on one system will not affect the other and vice versa. As long as one system is running the power supply will be fully operational until both systems are off.

Phanteks Announces Enthoo Evolv ATX in New Galaxy Silver Trim

Phanteks' Enthoo Evolv ATX has gained popularity in the watercooling community with it's innovative design and expansion flexibilities. Today, Phanteks is proud to announce the availability of a new color addition to the Enthoo Evolv ATX, the Galaxy Silver. Like the EVOLV, the EVOLV ATX retains the full 3mm thick aluminum outer panels with the quick release system. The EVOLV ATX features a 4 color changeable power LED.

With the EVOLV series ranging from mini ITX to micro ATX, the EVOLV ATX will feature a large interior to support full ATX. A innovative top radiator bracket to allow easy installation of the radiator and/or fans. The EVOLV ATX now comes with the all new HDD mounting system and includes 3x modular HDD bracket (PH-HDDKT_02). The EVOLV ATX is designed with watercooling in mind. Multiple reservoir and pump mounting locations, as well as storage capacity, the Enthoo EVOLV ATX will satisfy any PC builder looking for a design that doesn't sacrifice features.

Phanteks Readies Red+Black Trim of Enthoo Evolv ITX

Phanteks is giving finishing touches to a new black+red trim of its pioneering Enthoo Evolv ITX chassis. This trim features a matte-red interiors, with red expansion slot covers, and a subtle red ornament on the front panel. The case should go particularly well with gaming-focused mini-ITX motherboards such as the Z170N-Gaming 5, Z170I Gaming Pro AC, and the Z170I Pro Gamer.

The rest of its feature-set is same as the original. The case offers up to two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive bays, its design serves up some clever spaces for 140 mm, and even 280 mm long radiators. It can seat a standard ATX power supply. The case measures 230 mm x 395 mm x 375 mm (WxDxH), weighing around 5.4 kg, and is made of steel, with a few brushed aluminium bits. Phanteks plans to launch this trim in the last week of October.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Phanteks Also Announces the PH-NDC Thermal Compound

Phanteks announces the release of their high purity nanostructured, diamond-like particle thermal paste. The PH-NDC thermal paste maximizes heat dissipation and is a superb quality thermal compound for heatsinks. The new PH-NDC includes two resusable applicators with storage caps.

PH-NDC is made of NANO diamond-like particles of hybrid compound, design for using in environment with low thermal resistance. PH-NDC's Nano diamond-like particles helps dissipate and transfer the heat when compressed. PH-NDC has no burn-in time that is required to reach maximum performance. Formulated to maximize efficiency instantly when applied.

Phanteks Announces the MP and SP Series Black Edition Fans

Phanteks today announced the immediate availability of the PH-F120/140/200 SP Series and PH-F120/140 MP Series Black Edition fans. The fans are available in 120mm, 140mm, 200mm sizes with the all new black blades and black frame.

The MP Series premium fans are designed to overcome the airflow restriction caused by high fin denisty. The MP Series fans produces high static air pressure allowing for a direct and focused airflow making them ideal for the densely packed fins of a radiator. The new seven blade high pressure MVB II blades are precisely angled to generate a silent and controlled airflow.

Phanteks Announces Enthoo Evolv ITX Special Edition

Phanteks today announces the new Special Edition Enthoo Evolv ITX which brings two new colors to the Enthoo Evolv ITX Series. The two color options are PH-ES215P_WT (White with Black Interior) and PHES215P_SRD (Black with Red interior). The Enthoo EVOLV ITX retains the minimalist design from the original EVOLV and features a metal exterior. The case measures at 230 x 375 x 395 mm and is equipped with 1x PH-F200SP fan, front I/O port, 1x SSD Bracket, and 2x 3.5" removable HDD bracket.

The EVOLV ITX is capable of high end video card up to 13 inches in length and supports serious water-cooling. The EVOLV offers a unique bracket solution for the radiator to be mounted on top without any conflicts between the radiator and memory. Extra storage is possible with the included Drop-N-Lock SSD bracket and a Multifunctional mid plate Bracket which allows for mounting reservoir, pump, and SSD/HDD.
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