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Presenting NextPowerUp

Presenting NextPowerUp, our sister tech-publication in the works, designed with a bigger canvas. TechPowerUp established itself as one of the top PC hardware publications thanks to our pursuit for quality reviews and relentless news delivery. We decided it was time to put these core ideals to use, in addressing the much larger consumer electronics and gadgets markets, without disturbing TechPowerUp's focus on PC enthusiast content, one of its hallmarks.

NextPowerUp is designed to keep you up to speed on the latest in over 20 markets (and growing), each with its own content channel, and editors hand-picked for them. These include Audio (personal, home, professional, concert), Business, Cinema (filming, production, exhibition), Desktops (pre-built desktop PCs), Displays (signage, projectors), Gadgets, Gaming (games, game development, gaming industry, consoles), Internet (the business of WWW), Networking (social networking), Notebooks (notebooks, Ultrabooks, netbooks), Phones (of all shapes and sizes), Photo & Video (cameras of all shapes and sizes), Politics (industry soap-opera), Robots (outside assembly lines), Science (popular science, space exploration), Software, Storage, Tablets, Televisions (TVs and technologies built around them), Transportation (wheels that don't run on fossil fuels), and Wireless (Cellular carriers, commercial WiFi).

Apple Launches New Attack on Samsung Phones

Apple seems to have a revolving door for legal actions as of late. Today the Chicago Tribune is reporting Apple has asked a federal court in California to block Samsung from selling its new Galaxy Nexus smartphones, which use Google's newest version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich, alleging four patent violations including new features such as a voice-command search function.

Galaxy Nexus, the official debut of which was delayed by Samsung in October to pay respect to Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs, is the first phone running on the newest Android version before the platform is widely adopted by hardware manufacturers such as HTC Corp and Motorola Mobility. HTC and Motorola are also in separate patent disputes with Apple. In a lawsuit filed last week in San Jose, Apple said the Galaxy Nexus infringes on patents underlying features customers expect from Apple products. Those include the ability to unlock phones by sliding an image and to search for information by voice.

New USB Charger Powers 16 Devices At A Time

Charging large numbers of iPads, iPhones and iPods is a challenge for many schools, businesses and other organizations. A new 16-port professional USB charging station now makes this possible.

Compact, light and easy to use, the Power Pad 16 (DS-IP-PP16) provides the optimum power required for charging iPads and other iDevices. It can be used to replace bulky power strips and the AC adapter bricks of the standard chargers.

Google Offers $10 Million for “Cool Apps” on Android

As promised, Google has today released the software development kit for its new Android mobile phone operating system. The Android SDK is now available to download for free, with Google encouraging the use of third party applications (in contrast to Apple's recently launched iPhone). Google is even giving developers the chance to win a share of $10 million prize money if they create an application deemed to be among the fifty best entries. Google said the following on its Android site:
Cool apps that surprise and delight mobile users, built by developers like you, will be a huge part of the Android vision. To support you in your efforts, Google has launched the Android Developer Challenge, which will provide $10 million in awards -- no strings attached -- for great mobile apps built on the Android platform.
The prize money is actually divided into initial bundles of $25,000 for the fifty most promising entries between submitted January 2nd and March 3rd next year, which is intended to aid further development, with an extra ten $275,000 awards and ten $100,000 awards being offered for the best of those.Source: DailyTech

Google Announces Phone OS

After rumours of a Google phone emerging over the last few weeks, Google has revealed its new phone operating system today, which will be known as Android. The OS should become available in the second half of 2008 and is expected to compete with the likes of Symbian OS and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. Google has also promised to offer strong support for third party applications (a Software Development Kit to will be available from 12th November) by allowing equal access to all the same capabilities as Google’s own applications, including user contacts, calendar and geographic locations. As well as this, Google has also formed an alliance of 34 companies, known as the Open Handset Alliance, which has helped to develop the OS and will continue to aid its growth and release. Among others, the alliance consists of powerful brands such as T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm and Motorola. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, said the following:
Today's announcement is more ambitious than any single 'Google Phone' that the press has been speculating about over the past few weeks. Our vision is that the powerful platform we're unveiling will power thousands of different phone models.
Source: DailyTech

Western Union Hoping to Enable Money Transfers on Mobile Devices

Western Union, one of the easiest ways to send money from one place to another, will soon find a new office: your mobile phone. Western Union recently announced that they are working with roughly 35 cell phone operators around the world to bring Western Union services to phones. Western Union has already tested this across America, and hopes to bring it to the public in Q2 2008. To make sure that there are no Nigerians trying to get you to cash fake checks, Western Union made it so that no transaction can happen without connecting the user "to a company operator to complete the transaction".Source: EnGadget

Sony Patents mobile phone case....with airbags

For some time, scientists have been debating whether or not airbags harm people more than help them in an automobile accident. Sony, blatantly ignoring the claims of the anti-airbag scientists, has decided to reinvent the airbag, and use it as a way to protect cell phones.
According to Sony's patent application, the water-tight casing would surround the internal electronics of a mobile phone and then be placed within a second liquid-filled container, which would be perforated with holes.
Apparently, the purpose of these liquid airbags would be do hold your cell phone in place, and protect it in the even of a fall/spill. While the research is physically sound, whether or not people will want this awkward (and possibly large) cell phone case remains doubtful.

Source: Reg Hardware

Mobile phones quickly Becoming a toxic waste problem

While we do focus on our computers a lot, most of us have something to remind us how much we love our technology while on the road: a cell phone. And this cell phone is turning into quite the issue. Driving distractions aside, cell phones do add one very negative effect to society: a huge pile of toxic waste. When people upgrade to the latest phone, they frequently throw away their old one. And these old cell phones contain such nasty chemicals as copper, nickel, antimony, and zinc. As time moves on, and phones decompose, the phone turns into a pile of toxic, hazardous mush. And when 700 million tiny piles of toxic mush make their way to the landfill, at an increasing rate of 130 million phones a year, we get several thousand pounds of toxic mush lying around in landfills everywhere. We really ought to find a better way to dispose of cell phones.Source: Nordic Hardware

Mobile phones to get faster CPUs

The Inquirer has gossip about Intel's future plans concerning mobile phones and portable devices. Paul Otellini, Intel's CEO, would like to swap out current mobile phone CPUs for chips made by Marvell. This should allow them to run their operating systems faster, thereby enabling manufacturers to compete with Apple's upcoming iPhone. Apple has said that its phone will be running a special version of the OS X operating system that powers Mac systems. It may be powered by Marvell Xscale processors.Source: The Inq

Futuremark Releases 3DMark®Mobile ES 2.0

Game Developers Conference 2007, San Francisco, California – March 5, 2007 – Futuremark Corporation, the world’s leading developer of system performance analysis software and services for cell phones, handhelds and PCs, today announced the release of world’s first benchmark for devices with Khronos™ OpenGL® ES 2.0 programmable mobile graphics API. 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0 has been developed in co-operation with members of Futuremark’s Handheld Benchmark Development Program (BDP), an organization comprised of the industry’s most influential technology developers, semiconductor companies, device manufacturers and vendors.

At 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0's core are next generation gaming workloads that are defined and programmed by Futuremark in conjunction with the BDP member companies. Licensees will be able to objectively assess real-world gaming performance by executing the workloads on their platforms and products. 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0 strengthens Futuremark's highly regarded international reputation in both the handheld and PC industries for producing accurate, fair, and unbiased benchmark tests.

"We’re building upon the success of 3DMarkMobile ES 1.1 with this release, harnessing that expertise, and rolling out the world's premier 3D performance benchmark for the OpenGL ES 2.0 API" said Petri Talala, Vice President of Futuremark’s Mobile Business Unit. "Every top mobile device vendor is currently implementing ES 2.0 in their next generation product lines, proving the immediate need for 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0. The benchmark was highly anticipated and already today it is providing meaningful performance data for our BDP members working on next generation mobile device 3D hardware."

NVIDIA To Make The Phone Your Most Personal Computer

3GSM WORLD CONGRESS-BARCELONA, SPAIN-FEBRUARY 12, 2007-In order to meet the growing multimedia demands of today's mobile phone user, NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, today unveiled its new strategy to target the rapidly growing applications processor market . The NVIDIA® GoForce® 6100, the company's first in a family of applications processors, is a highly integrated and optimized multimedia solution that consumes less than half the power of any applications processor available on the market today.

Microsoft Moves DRM to Mobiles

Digital Rights Management, the technology that prevents people who download music from sharing it, is soon going to find its way onto mobiles. PlayReady, as it is known, is a new DRM which allows for subscription, rental, pay-per-view and the mysterious “super-distribution.” Although is has been written by Microsoft, it will not only work with Microsoft’s own media formations but other standards including AAC and H.264. PlayReady is backwards compatible with Windows Media DRM 10, so it should allow any mobile devices that use it to play music they’ve already downloaded using services such as Napster. There isn’t any information about whether Microsoft intends to license PlayReady to other vendors yet, or whether it will be seen on desktops or not.Source: Engadget

AMD to License Graphics Technology Optimized for Handheld Devices

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. -- February 13, 2007 --AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced a new business focused on developing and licensing leading-edge graphics core technologies to semiconductor manufacturers throughout the handheld industry. This move is a part of the AMD commitment to enable The Ultimate Visual Experience™ across all devices from handhelds to PCs. As a result, new handheld devices developed with AMD graphics technology inside will reach a large audience of customers who want to enjoy stunning user interfaces, immersive 3D games, and dynamic multimedia content.

Seagate DAVE Technology Brings Wireless Storage to Mobile Phones

Seagate Technology today formally introduced the Digital Audio Video Experience (D.A.V.E.) technology - the project previously code-named "Crickett" - at the DEMO 07 Conference. The DAVE platform can deliver 10-20 GB of wireless storage to mobile phones, PCs, and other wireless-enabled devices. The DAVE reference design is about the size of a centimeter-thick credit card, with dimensions of 3.5 x 4.7 x .47 inches (61 x 89 x 12 mm) and weighing only 2.5 ounces (70 grams). It has rechargeable lithium ion battery which delivers up to 10 hours of media-streaming performance and up to 14 days of standby power. Using Bluetooth 2.0 or WiFi 802.11b and 802.11g connections, DAVE stays into your pocket while establishing connection to your mobile device anywhere up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) between the devices. The DAVE mobile storage platform is expected to be available to leading cell phone manufacturers and telco service providers for products in the second calendar quarter of 2007.Source: Seagate

Mobile Phones to Adopt New, Smaller USB Connector

The USB Implementers Forum, Inc.(USB-IF) today announced the completion of the Micro-USB specification, a new connector technology that will replace many of the Mini-series plugs and receptacles currently used in portable products. This USB-IF connector specification was developed to support the growing miniaturization trend for portable devices, as well as the continued adoption of USB in mobile phones. The Micro-series connectors will be standardized and will continue to maintain the ease-of-use and speed of the USB technology. Nokia will be one of the first big mobile manufacturers to utilize the new Micro-USB specification.Source: USB-IF

Verizon will allow advertising on their mobile phones

Verizon Wireless, one of America's most heavily advertised wireless phone carriers, has recently decided to see how much money they can make in the mobile advertising department. Considering that advertisers spent $45 million in 2005 and $150 million in 2006 on phone ads from various other carriers, mobile advertising really should take off this year. The market is predicted to be worth $1.3 billion by 2010. Verizon is working hard to find places to put that ads so that while they will still be on news, weather, sports and other internet sites, they will not be intrusive.Source: CNET

Opera goes mobile

With Nintendo opting to use Opera for web browsing on the Wii, Samsung has now taken a similar path. Opera Software today announced that it is working with Samsung Electronics to make the mobile version of the Opera browser available on Samsung mobile phones. Opera Mobile uses Opera’s small-screen rendering technology to improve the appearance of websites on mobile screens. It has not yet been announced which phones this browser will work with.Source: eWeek

Vodafone fined €76 million for wiretapping

The Greek organization IISA (Independent Information Security Authority) has fined Vodafone for wiretapping. The IISA is accusing Vodafone of tapping the conversations of around 100 people, including Greece's prime minister, cabinet, journalists and activists. This is not the first time Vodafone has been fined for wiretapping. The last time was during the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Vodafone claimed that it found the problems (illegal software), and cleaned them. Vodafone claims that the same illegal software is to blame for the current accusations, however the alleged wiretaps happened after all illegal software was removed from Vodafone's systems.Source: The Inquirer

Personalised ads find their way to mobile TV

Personalised advertising seems to be the new phase in technology, with a small number of games, namely Battlefield 2142, taking advantage of this. Now mobile TV broadcasters in Norway are giving personalised advertising a try for two months, which could soon find its way to other countries if it proves a success. It seems to work by tracking your location and sends relevant ads that may be related to local shops and services. Although some people will find it intrusive, it could potentially lead to cheaper mobile TV prices.Source: BBC News

Sony Ericsson announces HBV-100 Bluetooth VoIP kit

Bluetooth™ VoIP Kit HBV-100 – A high performance kit for lower cost calls via the internet.

The Bluetooth™ VoIP Kit HBV-100 is the perfect way to stay in touch with friends and family over the Internet. Comprising a Bluetooth™ headset HBH-PV705 and a Bluetooth™ USB Adaptor, you can get all the normal benefits of using a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ headset – freeing your hands while you talk, long talk and stand by times, excellent sound quality and comfort among others – while making low cost internet calls.

Samsung releases Ultra Edition media phones

Samsung released a trio of very nice media phones. The Ultra Music F300, the Ultra Video F500 and the Ultra Messaging i600 are each branded according to their designed use. The F300 and F500 are tri-band devices.

The F300 ships with a touch sensitive 2.1in, 176 x 220 screen with 262,144 colors. It also supports Bluetooth 2.0 stereo audio (A2DP), a wide variety of music formats, and FM radio. The F300 has 100MB of onboard memory and can get more through MicroSD cards.

The F500 comes with a 2.4in, 240 x 320 display, a sliding keypad and can handle all sorts of music/video formats. It has 400MB of on-board memory, and can handle more through MicroSD cards.

The F600 is more like a PDA then a phone, comes with a 2.3in, 320 x 240, 65,536 color screen and a QWERTY keyboard. It also comes with 64MB of RAM, 128MB of Flash ROM, a camera that supports video conferencing, wireless connectivity (wifi, Bluetooth 2 and A2DP), and runs it all using Windows Mobile 5.0.Source: The Register

Vodafone refunds users for overcharged text messages

Thanks to a SMS Text News story, Vodafone has discovered that it was overcharging it's pay-as-you-go customers. Vodafone's text messaging system works by charging £1.50 for the service, and then 12p a text message. A recent glitch in the server was causing pay-as-you-go customers to pay an extra 12p. Vodafone has discovered this flaw, fixed it, and is in the middle of refunding it's customers. Vodafone estimates it will be done in about a week.Source: The Inquirer
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