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MSI Announces New Trend Towards Energy-saving PCs for CES

World-leading All-in-One PC brand MSI will be showcasing several new models that embody the global trend towards energy-saving PC design at the CES 2010 exhibition. The new models, which feature the Pine Trail technology platform with the new Intel Atom processor, include the Wind Top AP1920 All-in-One PC and the Wind Box DE220 and Wind Box DC500 Mini PCs. These products deliver low energy consumption with no compromise in performance; their average power consumption is more than 80% lower than that of a standard desktop PC. The compact, lightweight design also takes up less space than a traditional PC.

More Details Trickle in on Intel's New Atom Platform, the Pine Trial-D Based Nettop

More Details Trickle in on Intel's New Atom Platform, the Pine Trail-D Based Nettop

Following the story which we covered just a few days ago, Expreview has got more information on the new Intel Atom platform, codenamed Pine Trail-D. From the new information, we see that the CPU, IGP and MCH will in fact all be integrated into one chip, as opposed to just being moved onto the same die. The CPU has also been listed as at least 1.6Ghz, double that of the current entry level Atom processor. Despite the platform having no need for a northbridge, with it all moved into the CPU, Intel have managed to keep the die size at 484 sq. mm. On that note however, it seems that the IGP is still DirectX 9 based, though further details on the graphical capabilities are still not yet known. We also see, that the new Tigerpoint southbridge, will support 8 USB devices, 4 PCI-E x1 lanes, 2 PCI ports, 2 SATA ports and HD audio.

Source: Expreview
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