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CORSAIR Hydro X Custom Watercooling Lineup (Mostly) Revealed

Why is it that each time something leaks from CORSAIR, it is from one of their resellers? This time, it was France-based LDLC who decided to show off an entire system filled with parts from CORSAIR's upcoming Hydro X business unit at Paris Games Week recently. This is our first look at CORSAIR's entry to custom watercooling, which was teased a couple of months ago, and looks like the inevitable launch will be sooner rather than later.

This entire venture started off with drama of its own, involving key personnel jumping ship from EK Waterblocks to CORSAIR about a year ago, and many were curious as to what this meant in terms of new options to the market. We will go through the photos one by one to identify and comment on all the parts, so be sure to click the full story as we dig deeper into the individual parts.

Lian Li Partners with Bitspower on Custom Reservoir/Pump for PC-O11 Dynamic Case

The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic is proving to be a success for the company, with praise from reviews and customers alike. The platform has since brought out a few variations as well, but for those wanting to build in the case this holiday season and make use of the watercooling support it allows, the Sedna O11D might be of interest to you. Borne out of a collaboration between Lian Li and Bitspower, this is a custom reservoir and pump combination unit that fits in like a manifold and is slim to allow for excellent compatibility for also CPU and GPU blocks in the case without compromising on space for the rest of the custom loop.

The Sedna O11D is effectively a retail product designed like a one-off mod from talented PC modders around the world, and will allow users to have something different than the norm. It comes with what appears to be a Laing DDC pump integrated at the bottom, and also has a built-in pressure relief valve at the top to aid in air bleeding as well as a drain valve at the bottom. There is no word on pricing yet, although the product is up for purchase from Bitspower directly in which case you need to contact their sales channel via Skype. Note that this is not necessarily the first of its kind as a retail product, with other, arguably smaller, Asian brands offering similar custom reservoirs before. This is the first time a global brand has directly worked with the case maker to make such a specific product, to the best of my knowledge, and hopefully it leads to more such joint efforts.

Raijintek Intros Antila D5 Pump+Reservoir

Raijintek introduced the Antila D5, a pump+reservoir combination device with a cylindrical reservoir measuring ⌀64 mm x 205 mm (H), and an integrated pump that can push 900 l/h, with a maximum pressure of 50 psi, and a 4 m (13-feet) head-lift. The reservoir is made of POM + PMMA clear acrylic. Taking in 4-pin PWM input, the pump's impeller spins between 1,800~4,500 RPM, with a noise output of up to 30 dBA. The complete assembly measures 87.4 mm x 280.6 mm x 91.2 mm, dry-weighing 790 g. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Swiftech Announces New Maelstrom D5 Reservoir Lineup

Swiftech today announced a new addition to their Reservoir Lineup. The Maelstrom D5 will be available in four different models with differing sizes (and thus capacity). The four new models carry the X50, X100, X200, and X300 product names, where the numerals indicate the height of the reservoir in mm. As the name implies, a D5 pump is being used on the base of the reservoir, and features speed control via pulse width modulation.

These reservoirs feature Swiftech's IRIS technology, which allows for some RGB goodness to ensue via the built-in ALED lighting system. On the longevity side of the argument, Swiftech is quoting a MTBF of 50,000 hours. If you were expecting price to scale nicely with the reservoir size, you're better of rethinking your stance: the X50 reservoir comes in at $145.95, while the X300 will set you back only $29 more at $174.95. However, not all use cases will be able to use the 300 mm behemoth, so Swiftech is covering all its basis - though charging a mean sum for it.

EKWB Launches Two New EK Reservoir Combo Units for D5 Pumps

EK Water Blocks, the Slovenia-based premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer is launching two high-performance stand-alone pump tops for Xylem D5 series water pumps with an integrated reservoir. The two most popular pump and reservoir combo units are now available as EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 - Plexi and EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB in stand-alone variant without a pump! These high-performance stand-alone pump tops are compatible with every standard D5 pump on the market!

The EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 - Plexi comes with a 140mm tall reservoir with an integrated high-performance aftermarket pump top (volute) for Xylem D5 series water pumps. This top offers increased hydraulic performance (up to 15%) compared to stock solutions. It features a fully rounded see-through acrylic design thus offering stunning looks and greater usability which allows installation at any angle within 360° of rotation. Special rubber shock absorber is used to de-couple the main pump body from the mounting clip for silent operation, free of vibration induced noise. The EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 - Plexi comes with a preinstalled anti-cyclone insert. Optional PU anti-vortex foam and EK-HD Tube is enclosed for additional options.

Phanteks Announces Glacier Series R160 and R220 Reservoirs

Phanteks today announces two premium liquid cooling products to the Glacier Series. Inspired by the creation of water distribution plates in the modding community, the R160/R220 are developed to showcase and highlight the liquid element of your build. The R160/R220 features polished acrylic, sandblasted aluminum heatsink, and integrated high intensity RGB lighting to create a custom design reservoir. The large surface area and routing design gives the reservoir a unique look and stands out from the standardized reservoirs in the market.

The R160/R220 is designed to be versatile and flexilble, from mulit-ports to fill and drain to easy installation with multiple orientations thanks to an included mounting bracket that fits on any 120 or 140 mm fan. The reservoirs are optimized to allow for better performance with unique heatsinks that help dissipate heat from the pump and coolant. Besides the aesthetics, the reservoirs make filling the loop easier and removes air bubbles from the loop.

EK is Releasing a New Combo Unit and Two Reservoirs Fitted with RGB

EK Water Blocks, the Slovenia-based premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer is going deeper into the field of RGB as one EK-XRES Revo combo unit and two EK-RES X3 reservoirs are hitting the shelves! All three new products are equipped with classic 4-pin RGB LED stripes making them compatible with every major motherboard manufacturer and mainstream RGB controller.

The EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB PWM comes with a 140mm tall reservoir and has all of its pump cables sleeved. A high-performance aftermarket pump top (volute) is integrated with the reservoir for Xylem D5 series water pumps. This top offers increased hydraulic performance (up to 15%) compared to stock solutions.

Alphacool Introduces the Eisstation Series of Compact Reservoirs

Alphacool has just made available another line of products, in the form of their new Eisstation series of compact reservoirs. Alphacool has carved three new products based on this reservoir design, the Alphacool Eisstation DC-Ultra, Eisstation DDC, and Eisstation VPP, for different pump options (D5, DDC and DC-LT). Alphacool is calling user's attention to the myriad of mounting options available (it can be screwed to a number of places on your case, and there's a Velcro pad offered to increase mounting possibilites even more). The small footprint (the Eisstation are small enough to fit inside a 3.5" bay cage) and subtle blue RGB lighting are also of note (other color options are available through mod kits).

Enermax Launches NEOChanger, the RGB Pump-Reservoir Combo

ENERMAX introduces NEOChanger, the world's leading RGB pump reservoir combo. NEOChanger is ENERMAX's 1st DIY liquid cooling product, featuring incredible RGB LED lighting that is designed to be controlled via either RGB-sync-ready motherboards or the included 3-in-1 remote control, which enables users to create their personalized lighting themes. Furthermore, NEOChagner incorporates the digital pump speed meter for users to easily identify the real-time speed in use and make adjustment via the remote control.

Compatible with RGB-sync-enabled motherboards with 4 pin header(s), NEOChanger allows its RGB lighting to be synchronized and controlled by motherboard's lighting control software or app, for users to customize their own favorite lighting styles. Moreover, NEOChanger also includes a remote control for users to choose and adjust RGB colors and lighting effects, which is the best solution for those who use standard motherboards without the RGB-sync support.
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