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Apple Posts OS X "Mountain Lion" Developer Preview 3

Apple released the third developer preview of its OS X "Mountain Lion" operating system for Macs and Macbooks. The Developer Preview 3 (Build 12A178q) was released to members of the Mac Developer Program. While a change-log is not listed, a number of new known issues with the build were listed, which Apple, along with its MDP partners are working on. OS X "Mountain Lion" is Apple's next major operating system for Macs, Macbooks, Mac Pro, and Mac Servers. It is slated for late Summer, 2012.

Source: MacRumors

iPad Mini Rumors Get Louder, Video Games Industry Echos Them

To capitalize on its dominant iPad brand, and offer devices at untapped price-points, Apple is said to be working on a smaller variant, so far referred to as "iPad Mini". This little fellow will pack a smaller 7.85-inch screen compared to the 9.7-inch screen on standard-sized iPad. The fresh round of rumors were supported by sources in the video games industry, who tend to be aware of upcoming iPad products, since it's a gaming platform with sizable reach. The iPad Mini could start at a staggering price of US $199, and is headed for a Q3, 2012 release.

Source: CVG

Microsoft Working On Not One, But Two New Xbox Product Lines

Finally, next generation gaming consoles are around the corner. It will have an uplifting effect on the entire gaming industry as it will raise the bar for visual and technical detail in games. Many of today's games are designed keeping consoles in mind, and so their PC platform versions don't look much more than what has come to be known as "console-ports". There are a few exceptions to this, but it would be refreshing to see most game developers move on to creating games that take advantage of today's insanely powerful PC platform, because the console platform will have caught up technologically.

Rumors have it, that Microsoft will be developing not one, but two product lines that succeed the Xbox 360, and we're not talking about product variants here, but two distinct lines. The first of the two will be an entry-level console designed more like a set-top box, designed around the Kinect controller (perhaps something to compete against Nintendo Wii U). The second product line will be the one that will be supercharged with the latest technologies that will raise the bar in graphics. It will compete with whatever succeeds the Playstation 3. There is talk that it will pack a 6 core processor, an AMD-made GPU, and 2 GB of fast DDR3 memory. This console could be unveiled to the world (although not launched), at the CES event held in January. Meanwhile, Microsoft is allowing TSMC some time to refine its 28 nm bulk process.Source: TechSpot

Radeon HD 4890 X2 a Reality On The Basis of Performance Against Competitor

AMD is attempting to revive its competitiveness that took a beating with NVIDIA's introduction of 55 nm G200b-based graphics accelerators. The method AMD seems to be adopting is by giving its existing flagship GPU, the RV770, a series of design improvements that facilitate higher clock-speeds, in turn, better performance on offer.

A lot has been said about RV790 till date, with each commentator coming up with a new version of the story. It has been more or less established that the RV790 will be a improvement over the RV770, though not a revolutionary one. Fresh information gathered by PC Games Hardware places a realistic estimate on up to where RV790 is going to push the performance envelope for AMD.

Intel Planning Six-Core Processor, Will Call it 'Dunnington'

Intel is planning on serving a heaping pile of pain to AMD's revenue/stock figures again in a few months, by developing a six-core juggernaut. While AMD is still tweaking on a way to merely get four cores to work in tandem, Intel is hard at work shoving two more cores on one die. This six-core monstrosity will be succeeded by the even beefier Nehalem micro-architecture, which could have up to eight cores on one die. Most of the Dunnington project is still top-secret, but some say that Intel already has most of the hard work done.
Intel has already put together a die, the size of a postage stamp, with three dual-core 45nm Penryn chips on it sharing a 16MB L3 cache. Allegedly, we'll see the Dunnington in either Q2 or Q3, this year
.Source: Gizmodo

AMD Considering Outsourcing Chip Manufacturing

The title says it all. Chinese magazine Bloomberg recently discovered plans of AMD to outsource chip manufacturing. Most likely, this move would be done to reduce capital expenditure. AMD has already been testing outsourcing with IBM, and is now ready to go all the way. This is all part of a strategy Hector Ruiz likes to call "asset light". Nobody on earth other than Ruiz seems to know what, exactly, asset light is, and Ruiz refuses to elaborate upon it at this point.Source: The Inquirer

Did ASUS Place an Enormous Sempron Order?

Things are definitely looking up for AMD, especially if this little rumor turns out to be true. ASUS just might have placed a very large order of AMD Sempron CPUs. If ASUS did, in fact, buy a bunch of Semprons, it would be a sign that ASUS is trying to get AMD some market recognition, and that AMD is going to get some revenue this fiscal quarter. These Semprons would most likely find themselves in EeePCs, especially considering ASUS announced plans to make more EeePCs.Source:

Midrange GeForce 9 Cards Could Arrive on February 21

According to several graphics manufacturers, the first midrange cards from NVIDIA's GeForce 9 series will start finding themselves on market shelves on February 21st. Please take this with a grain of salt, as the old saying goes, because NVIDIA refused to comment on this, citing that they cannot comment on unreleased products. Keep in mind, also, that only a few makers will be pushing out GeForce 9 cards on the 21st. The early birds will price their cards around US$169-189 MSRP, pushing the cards they are replacing (8600GTS) down to US$139-149 MSRP. For those of you who would like an introduction to the 9600 series...
The 9600 GT adopts a 65nm process and is manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The GPU sees an increase in processing units, 64, and memory bus width, 256-bit, over previous 8600 GTS cards, 32 and 128-bit. The GPU's performance should see an increase of over 40% compared to the 8600 GTS. The new GPU also introduces Dual-Streaming Decode technology which allows two high-definition image decoding processes to be performed at the same time and provides picture in picture (PIP) functionality.
Source: Digitimes

Professional Eating Comes to Video Games

It's apparently the season for oddball game pitches. Except, this time, the game pitch has already been accepted and is in development. Publisher Mastiff recently took up the concept for a game that will be called "Major League Eating", based off of what some call America's favorite past time. The game itself sounds like something out of a 7-year old's dream. The contest of the "world's greatest gurgitory athletes" will play much like many other fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat. However, instead of using swords and fists, the aforementioned athletes will attack and defend using "burps, belches, and mustard gas", all while making sure that they get their fair share of munchies. Mastiff's announcement did not mention any timeframe for release, or finalize any platforms.Source: 1Up

3DRealms Denies Any Rumor of a Duke Nukem Forever Release Within 2008

As Neoseeker puts it, "even 3D Realms didn't believe" the latest rumors of an upcoming Duke Nukem Forever release. For those of you who don't know, there was a rumor going around that 3DRealms was planning on sending out a retail version of Duke Nukem Forever within 2008. While geeks and true fans of the series had warm smiles on their faces, alarm bells went off at 3DRealms HQ. 3DRealms was very quick in eliminating false hope, and says, with a hint of disgust, that Duke Nukem Forever is still on the "when it's done" release timeframe. While there are still a lot of months left in 2008, it's very unlikely that we're going to see any hint of Duke Nukem Forever for quite some time. Release platforms have not been announced or finalized.Source: Neoseeker

First Guitar Hero IV Details and Rumors Begin to Appear

The incredibly lucrative, popular and successful Guitar Hero franchise, at this point owned by Activision, left gamers happy and craving an encore. Activision is more than happy to provide it, and confirmed a Guitar Hero IV before Guitar Hero III was even out the door. Activision, at this point, has no comment about what exactly is in Guitar Hero IV, other than the fact that it will be there. Fortunately, there are other ways of attaining such information as who will be in Guitar Hero IV. UK band "The Answer" recently posted a press release boasting the honor of one of their songs being in the fourth Guitar Hero. According to the press release, The Answer's single "Never Too Late" will be featured somewhere in the game, which should be released by the end of this year, if everything goes well. If not, well, there's always next year. We'll keep you posted.Source: 1Up

Sony to Split PlayStation3 Into Several SKUs

Sony to Split PlayStation 3 Into Several SKUs

While Sony has all but confirmed that they are killing off the 80GB PlayStation3, there has been little news as far as what will be replacing it. Fortunately for the consumer, rumor has it that Sony has a plethora of options as far as what to replace the 80GB PlayStation3 with. Unfortunately for the consumer, nothing is final yet, as far as what Sony will be replacing the 80GB PS3 with. Sony does, however, acknowledge that 2 PS3 models is not enough. Hence, we are likely to see two or three new PlayStation3 models when the 80GB model is officially dumped. However, knowing Sony, the only thing separating SKUs might be something as simple as colors.Source: DailyTech

GameStop Leaks Support PS3 Rumors: 80GB To Be Discontinued, 120GB In Production

Lately, most people don't know what to think about the PlayStation3. There's rumors going around that it's getting smaller, and there are rumors that a model with an enormous hard drive is going to arrive. A conference call leaked from GameStop via IGN confirms the latter rumor. It would seem as though Sony is no longer making 80GB PS3s, and is instead focusing on making a PlayStation3 with a larger hard drive. A 120GB PS3 is coming to replace it, and will ship with a Dual Shock 3 controller standard. Considering that two independent retailers and a reliable "tipster" all confirm the same thing, we may be looking at a 120GB PS3 soon after all.Source: 1Up

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 Will be on Display at CeBIT 2008

The launch date of the elusive GeForce 9800 series, which will once again steal the thunder from AMD, remains up in smoke. However, NVIDIA did confirm one fact: they will be showing off their new hardware over at CeBIT this upcoming March. At this point, only Albatron is confirming their booth at CeBIT, but you should expect several more booths to pop up confirming their 9800-laden spot at CeBIT.Source: Nordic Hardware

New PlayStation3 Could Arrive Autumn 2008

Some interesting tidbits trickled their way back from CES 2008: Sony may be planning a new PlayStation3. This particular version of the PlayStation3 would be lighter, thinner, and prettier. This move comes as no surprise, when looking at Sony's past. The original PlayStation ended up as a very tiny PSOne. The PlayStation2 was once as large as the original PlayStation, and now is even smaller than the PSOne. The PSP underwent a similar transformation over the summer.

If this rumor is true, chances are we'll find the 160GB hard drive inside the slimmer PlayStation3.Source: T3

AMD Will Not Release R700 Micro-Architecture Until 2009

AMD recently unveiled plans to put out R680, RV635 and RV620 chips, which would power high-end, mid-range and budget cards, respectively. While this is all well and good, AMD said that the anticipated R700 series of graphics chips would not be put out until at least 2009. This decision will hopefully give AMD a chance to return to profitability. The long wait for a new graphics family will also give AMD more time to ensure that they're putting out a high-quality product that will dominate the market. During the event that this was discovered at, AMD also put out some details of the upcoming Leo platform. For more about the Leo platform, please check the source link.Source: XBit Labs

Nintendo Wii Possibly Attracts Cockroaches

Nintendo is proud to claim the crown of fastest-selling consoles this November, and they can't seem to keep a good stock in stores, creating a huge demand for the tiny white consoles. However, new research may stop that trend cold. Some pest control professionals discovered something uncanny regarding the Wii: it attracts cockroaches "better than a four-week old pizza." Of course, this sounds absolutely preposterous, considering that the cockroaches do not have the most attuned hearing glands. However, the Wii is known to put out "air and ground vibrations", which in turn suck the cockroaches out of hiding just like that aforementioned four-week old pizza. This research has yet to be confirmed by anyone other than the independent laboratory that came to this conclusion.Source: Reg Hardware

Three-Way SLI Will Not Work on G92 8800GTS

While the G92-based 8800GTS is on track for a December 11th release, and NVIDIA three-way SLI will be released at a similar time, neither will be compatible with the other. It would seem as though NVIDIA is trying to keep three-way SLI an exclusive club for the more expensive offerings from the graphics giant. At this point, only the 8800GTX and 8800Ultra are confirmed to work with three-way SLI, and there is the possibility that the 8800GT will be able to use three-way SLI. While three-way SLI may be possible through software rendering at some later point in time, chances are it will be slow and buggy. The main giveaway for the lack of three-way SLI is the lack of a second SLI bridge connector on the 8800GT.Source: The Inquirer

S.T.A.L.K.E.R to Arrive on Xbox360 Soon; Sequel 'Clear Sky' In Development

S.T.A.L.K.E.R to Arrive on Xbox 360 Soon; Sequel 'Clear Sky' In Development

This year's 'most delayed game', S.T.A.L.K.E.R., is rumored to be making it's way over to the Xbox 360 console. GSC Gameworld, who created S.T.A.L.K.E.R, finally were able to attain a license from Microsoft to create Xbox 360 games. Instead of a pure re-coding, S.T.A.L.K.E.R on the Xbox 360 will most likely be a port. However, the license GSC Gameworld has allows them to make more than just one Xbox 360 game. When announcing the license, GSC Gameworld also hinted at a prequel-sequel, code-named "Clear Sky". You can expect to see more of Clear Sky next year, and expect to see it on the Xbox 360 around 2010.Source: The Inquirer

NVIDIA 8800 GX2 to Re-try Quad SLI?

When NVIDIA Released the GeForce 7950GX2, it was snatched up by hardware enthusiasts hoping to get their hands on the first quad-GPU solution ever. The result was buggy, glitched, and not too much better than a dual card solution. However, times have changed, and technology has improved. NVIDIA is touting Triple SLI, while AMD's Crossfire X allows for four independent graphics cards to run in one system. To counter the upcoming AMD HD 3870X2, NVIDIA may be working on re-visiting Quad SLI the same way they did last time: by sandwiching two PCBs into one physical card, eliminating the possibility of replacing stock cooling.Source: Nordic Hardware

'Radeon HD 3600' Details Leaked

While the current RV670 chips are selling like hotcakes, AMD is working on putting out mid-range and low-end parts for those market segments. The successor to the HD 2600 series, according to graphics card manufacturers, will be called the HD 3600 series (big surprise). The 3600 series will come in two versions, an XT model and a Pro model. The XT will be clocked at 800MHz, and the Pro will be clocked at 600MHz. Both will be attached to 128-bit VRAM, which will run at an unknown clock speed. The Pro will have GDDR2, while the XT will have GDDR3. Both will support DirectX10.1, and the micro-architecture itself is codenamed "RV635". The RV635 should be launched with the RV620, the successor to the HD 2400 series. The RV620 should be dubbed the HD 3400 series.Source: Reg Hardware

NVIDIA Claims AMD Cannot Play HD Content; AMD Rebuttal Shows Otherwise

At NVIDIA's recent Editors Day, NVIDIA tried pretty hard to show just how awesome they think the 8800GT is. To do this, they took two computers, put an 8800GT in one, a 2900XT on the other, paired both to a 30" HP monitor that runs at a native 2560x1600 resolution, and tried to get both to play an HD-DVD. The 2900XT, according to NVIDIA, could not play any HD content, and was limited to 1920x1200. The incriminating slide is below. However, AMD was very prompt in their rebuttal. While the 8800GT can display HD content in a resolution higher than 1920x1200, none of the other 8800 cards can. The 8800GTX and Ultra, which are more powerful than the 8800GT and much more expensive, are limited to single-key HDCP, limiting the resolution and playback to 1920x1200. AMD then put an HD-DVD in the drive of a test system with an HD 3850, plugged it into a monitor capable of displaying a 2560x1600 resolution, and watched the movie in full screen with full hardware acceleration. AMD was also able to achieve full-screen playback on a test system with 2 HD 2900XTs.

Source: The Inquirer
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