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Scythe Makes Big Shuriken Official

Scythe Europe hereby announces the availability of the new compact-size BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler. This new product enriches the series of compact and silent CPU Coolers for computes with very limited height and weight restrictions. Due to its height of only 58 mm and the weight of 405 g, the BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler is perfectly qualified for such PC Systems.

Compared to normal Shuriken CPU Cooler which comes with a Kaze Jyu 100 mm Slim fan, the BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler is equipped with the brand new Slip Stream 120 mm Slim case fan with 12 mm thickness. Despite the name "BIG" Shuriken, the total height shrank by 6 mm (0.236 in) to 58 mm (2.28 in). Whereas the Shuriken CPU Cooler was equipped with 3 copper heatpipes the BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler received an additional copper heatpipe to further increase the performance. Yet, both of the models support the PWM feature (pulse-width modulation) for flexible fan by the motherboard. The specified fan speed varies from 650 (+300) to 1600rpm (±10%) whereas the generated airflow varies from 15.77 to 38.05 CFM (27 to 65 m³/h) at a noise level of 12.91 to 28.89 dBA.

Scythe Setsugen VGA Cooler Pictured

Scythe is designing a new VGA cooler aimed at broad compatibility and a relatively compact built. The Scythe Setsugen will be the first VGA cooler from Scythe to formally support NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2x0. It uses a slightly smaller, slimmer overall design, and makes use of the recently announced Slip Stream 120 mm fan, which enables the cooler to stay within the limits of two expansion slots.

Its construction involves a copper GPU contact block from which four heat-pipes arise. Two heatpipes make convey heat to an aluminum fin block each (two in all). The blocks make an enclosure for the Slip Stream fan to stay closest to the GPU, blowing air away from the PCB, rather than on it. The kit includes heatsink for the NVIO2 processor and a heatsink that matches the VRM area of the P651 PCB, along with heatsinks for the memory. The cooler will remain compatible with most other GPUs from NVIDIA and ATI. Scythe is expected to announce this soon.

Scythe Announces Kamariki 4 Series Power Supplies

Scythe Europe hereby officially announces the supply of the in-house developed Kamariki 4 Power Supply series. The early stage production samples were first displayed at this year's CeBit in Hannover, Germany and gathered a lot of attention of visitors and press representatives.

The Kamariki series is entering the next level as the 4th version and is now available for the worldwide market. In Japan, Scythe is one of the market-leading brands for High-End Power Supplies and Cooling Components for many years where the essential experience and know-how is coming in which were gathered successfully over these years. Kamariki 4 PSU is available in a Plug-in (modular) version with detachable power cables for more convenience and also available in a standard version with non-detachable power cables. For better usability, 45 to 55 cm long cables are wrapped by robust and flexible mesh. Each version is available in 450, 550, and 650W models. In order to comply with market demands and the GreenIT movement, Scythe Kamariki 4 PSU Series are fully conform to 80Plus Standards (20/50/100% system load).

Scythe Announces Slip Stream 120 mm Slim Fans

Scythe Europe is officially announcing the new Slip Stream 120 mm Slim case fan series which were first displayed at the exhibition CeBIT 2009 (Germany). Due to its thickness of only 12 mm, this new case fans are the best suited for HTPCs and PC cases with limited space where a normal case fan with 25 mm thickness cannot be mounted.

Slip Stream 120 mm Slim case fan is available in 800, 1,200, 1,600, and 2,000 rpm version, and it extends the popular Slip Stream 120 mm case fan family. The lowest model is spinning at 800rpm designed for silent users, and generates an airflow of 19.40 CFM (32 m³/h) at a noise level of 19.53 dBA. For high performance and use in combination with a fan controller, the highest model is the best suited. It is specified with 2,000 rpm and an airflow of 45.47 CFM (78 m³/h) at a noise level of 37.00 dBA. Weight of the fan is 98 g (2.71 oz), and the optimized sleeve bearing has the designated life span of 30,000 hours (MTBF).

Scythe Announces FenrisWolf PC Case

Scythe announces its first PC Case for the PC DIY market. FenrisWolf PC Case was designed by a cooperation with Germany's most famous case modder called Benjamin "benny" Franz. This cooperation is displayed by the logo "b" on the side panel. The new pc case has more to show than just a nice design, it's equipped with several popular Scythe products.

6 kg (13.23 lb) full aluminum FenrisWolf PC Case has the overall dimensions of 527 × 203 × 455 mm (20.75 × 7.99 × 17.91 inch) and is covered completely in elegant black color. It is equipped with the famous Slip Stream 120 mm case fans which are spinning at 800 rpm, generates a low noise level of 10,70 dBA and constant airflow of 40,17 CFM (68 m³/h). The fan in the front can be mounted in other 5.25" bays which allows an individual optimization of airflow.

Scythe Readying Big Shuriken CPU Cooler

Japanese cooling specialist Scythe is readying a new variant of the Shuriken CPU cooler, this time of a slightly larger built, while respecting its design ideology that it should be slim form-factor friendly. The Big Shuriken differs from Shuriken in its dimensions, fan size, and number of heat-pipes. It measures 125 × 135 × 58 mm, and holds a slimmer 120 mm fan, in comparison to the Shuriken having a 100 mm fan, and a height of 64 mm, which is slightly higher.

The basic construction remains the same: from a CPU contact base that doubles up as a heatsink, originate four copper heat-pipes, that convey heat to a dense array of aluminum fins, which is directly under the air-flow of the fan. The PWM-controlled fan spins at speeds of 650~1600 rpm, pushing 15.77~38.05 CFM of air, with noise outputs ranging in 12.91~28.89 dBA. The cooler weighs in at 405 g (around 0.9 lbs), and is compatible with most existing desktop CPU sockets including LGA-1366/775, and AMD AM3/AM2+/AM2/939. There is no word on its global availability and price yet.

Scythe Expands S-FLEX Series Fans

S-FLEX 120mm case fans produced by the Japanese cooling specialists Scythe Co., Ltd. have already made a name and won numerous awards. To expand its product portfolio Scythe now published new 80 mm and 92 mm versions of the S-Flex series.

The unique S-FDB bearings (Sony Fluid Dynamic Bearing) developed by Sony Corporation reduces the friction between the fan bearings and spindle, resulting in a significant reduction in operating noise. By using additional magnetic structures in the interior of the fan, additional reduction in operating volume has been achieved. To avoid electromagnetic noise, the fan is equipped with a linear drive IC.

Scythe Kaze Server 5.25 Unveiled

Scythe Kaze Master 5.25 Fan Controller gets a big brother with additional features. The new Scythe Kaze Server provides automatic regulation of fan speed according to a freely definable temperature.

Japanese specialist cooling Scythe Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) sticks on principles and uses only the highest quality materials for new Kaze server. Brushed aluminum front accentuates the LCD display of Kaze Server in an optimal way.

As already known from the Kaze Master, Kaze Server allows controlling of four fans independently and read out of four temperatures using the supplied temperature probes. New, however, is - along with the possibility of the LCD monitor completely off - the integration of two automatic control modes which both allow regulation of fan speed depending on a user-definable temperature. The LCD display shows four temperatures in either ° C or ° F (changeable via jumper), fan speed in rpm and the chosen control mode (AUTO, SEMI, MAN).

Scythe Announces Kaze Q 3.5-inch Fan Controller

With the Scythe Kaze Q, Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) extends its portfolio a 4-channel Fan Controller for 3.5" bays. Only best materials were used which give this product a high-quality appearance.

Maximum of 4 fans can be regulated independently with Scythe Kaze Q. Because of the wide range of output voltage (5 to 12 V) users can select whether they want their fans to be quiet or running at maximum performance level.

Due to its space-saving design (102 x 25 x 93 mm (WxHxD) and only 116 g), Scythe Kaze Q can be mounted perfectly into one 3.5" bay of conventional PC cases. The high-quality front panel made of brushed aluminum fits perfectly into the overall picture a top-quality PC system. Scythe Kaze Q 3.5" fan controller is now available for Euro 6.50 excl. VAT / US$ 16.75 plus TAX.

Scythe Announces Zipang 2 CPU Cooler

Japanese PC cooling specialist Scythe has a new CPU cooler up its shelves: Zipang 2. The cooler-design comes across as an evolution of that of Scythe Kabuto, and consists of a base that doubles up as a heatsink. From here, arise six 6 mm copper heatpipes, that convey heat to six blocks of aluminum fins. It measures 145x149x106 mm, and weighs 715 g (around 1.57 lbs). The 140 mm fan spins at around 1000 rpm, and pushes 51.43 CFM of air, with a noise output of 22.74 dBA. The cooler supports all current sockets from Intel and AMD, including Intel LGA-1366, and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3. Its pricing and availability are yet to be disclosed.

Scythe Unveils Kabuto CPU Cooler

The Japanese saying "Fasten the strap of your Kabuto after a victory" is comparable to English "Do not rest on your laurels" and can be told as a motto for the new Scythe Kabuto CPU cooler. The new Top-Flow CPU Cooler of the Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) is named after the famous Japanese samurai helmet, and has high performance paired with low noise.

Slip Stream 120 mm PWM fan mounted Scythe Kabuto on top of the CPU cooler is already known by Mugen 2. Due to its mounting on top of the cooler, the fan not only dissipates the heat of the cooling fins effectively but is cooling down sensitive components on the motherboard additionally.

Scythe Intros the Katana 3 Processor Cooler

Cooling maker Scythe has added one extra cooler, the Katana 3, to its entourage. Katana 3 CPU cooler measures 94 x 108 x 143 mm (3.70 x 4.25 x 5.63 inch), weights exactly 495 grams and features six copper heatpipes spreading across the entire tower of aluminum fins that form the cooler. In addition, there's a 92 mm fan that spins from 300 to 2500 rpm and produces up to 55.55 CFM @ 31.07 dBA. The Scythe Katana 2 CPU cooler supports most sockets, including the Intel Socket 478/ Socket T/ Socket LGA775/ Socket LGA1366 and AMD's Socket 754/ Socket 939/ Socket AM2/ AM2+/ AM3 and Socket 940. The cooler is priced at $32 / €16,75 (without VAT).

Scythe Katana 3 Specs Page

Scythe Prepares Kabuto CPU Cooler

Yet to be released worldwide, the Kabuto CPU cooler by Scythe made an appearance on the company's Japanese website. It is designed to be a high performance stock-cooler replacement for Intel sockets x478, LGA-775, and LGA-1366. All AMD desktop sockets since s754 are supported.

Measuring 124 mm (l) x 133 mm (w) x 132 mm (h), the cooler seems like a complex work of metal: A CPU contact block doubles up as a small heatsink. From it, arise six copper heatpipes. The heatpipes, in groups of two, convey heat to three independent aluminum fin stacks. A 120 mm PWM-controlled fan, operating at speeds of around 1300 rpm blows air onto the three fin stacks. At those speeds, its noise levels remain around 26.5dBA. The cooler tips the scales at 730 g (around 1.6 lbs). It remains to be seen when Scythe announces this cooler worldwide.

CeBIT 2009: Scythe

Scythe is displaying quite a few new cooling solution as well as some prototypes. Let us start with the concepts first. The "Godhand" is an extremely large CPU cooler, which hovers over the top half of the mainboard. Then there is a large, passive block with heatpipes. This unit is intended for midrange GPUs and can handle around 60W of heat. Then there is a large version of the Kama Cross, simply called Kama Grand Cross.

Scythe Prepares KillerWhale CPU Cooler

After introducing some of the most efficient CPU coolers, the Japanese cooling specialist, Scythe, is now planning to launch a new cooler named KillerWhale, designed and manufactured originally by DeepCool, distributed by Scythe. This cooler is specifically designed keeping the Intel LGA-1366 socket in mind, where a slightly bigger, rectangular base serves the application better.

The most characteristic feature of this cooler is its large, rather thick fan and sweep area. Its construction seems fairly simple: six heatpipes arise from a rectangular copper CPU contact block, which convey heat to an aluminum fin array that propagates along the plane of the motherboard. The entire cooler measures 54.5 x 143 x 143.5 mm, and weighs 900g (around 2 lbs). The 120mm fan rotates at speeds between 800 and 1800 rpm to dole out up to 78.32 CFM of air. The KillerWhale supports Intel LGA-1366, LGA-775, AMD AM3, AM2+, AM2, 940 and 939 sockets. It will hit stores soon.

Scythe Introduces Thermal Elixer High-Performance Thermal Grease

The Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) expands its product portfolio with a high performance thermal grease with the name "Thermal Elixer". Scythe Thermal Elixer thermal grease is delivered in a practical tube which allows ideal apportioning. The viscosity of the paste has been optimized to ensure extra thin application. By this, Scythe Thermal Elixer allows an optimal heat transfer between the CPU / GPU to the heatsink.

Compared to standard Scythe thermal grease, a performance increase by 5% can be measured at a TDP of 180 W. Therefore, Thermal Elixer is the ideal selection to give some extra performance to all Scythe CPU and GPU coolers. Scythe Thermal Elixer is commercially available for 6.50 Euro excl. VAT. For more information, please visit this page.

Scythe Introduces Bar Rafter 3.5-inch to 5.25-inch Hard Drive Cooler/Adapter

Scythe has launched today the Scythe Bay Rafter 3.5, an useful adapter that allows users to mount a 3.5-inch hard disk drive into a 5.25-inch drive bay of a PC chassis. Optionally, users can attach either a 80mm, 92mm or a 120 mm fan to Scythe Bay Rafter 3.5 for additional cooling of the mounted drive. The Bay Rafter 3.5 is made out of plastic and takes one 5.25-inch drive bay when used without fan or two 5.25-inch drive bays when an additional fan is used.

Scythe Preparing an Entire Fleet of PSUs

Better known for their cooling products and case accessories, the Japanese hardware manufacturer Scythe, seems to have prepared an entire range of power supplies (PSUs) using the manufacturing technology of Enhance Electronics, a Taiwan-based company that specializes in OEM and enterprise segment PC power supplies. Scythe will name its PSU lineup as "ChouRiki".

The range starts off with a 400W model and extends all the way up to a 1000W model, including 500W, 600W, 700W, and 850W boxes. All PSUs on offer, are 80 Plus certified to show that they offer 80+ percent efficiency at any level of load. The PSUs come with single 120mm fan-based cooling with model-specific speeds and noise-levels. Scythe will begin introducing its ChouRiki range of power supplies across global markets within Q1 2009.

Model-specific power distribution charts follow:

Scythe Unveils Mugen 2 CPU Cooler

After more than one year of development time the Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co., Ltd. releases the new Scythe Mugen 2 CPU cooler. The name Mugen comes from the Japanese for "infiniteness" and stands already for the highest cooling capacity at low noise level. To fulfill this image, a great value was laid on improving the already established features of the former Scythe Mugen Cooler.

The successful concept of Mugen CPU cooler was further developed for Scythe Mugen 2 in a very consistent way. For this, the experience of Scythe engineers was a great influence as well as improvement suggestions from users of the former Scythe Mugen. Compared with the old Mugen, the number of cooling fins has been increased and at the same time, the weight was decreased by 50 g. To ensure optimal fitting of the cooler on the mainboard, Scythe Mugen 2 uses a novel Back Plate/Screws solution with the name Flip Mount Super Back-Plate (F.M.S.B.). This mounting system is compatible with all current sockets including the new Intel LGA1366.

Scythe Brings In CPU Cooler Stabilizer for AMD Sockets 939, AM2

Although AMD juggled around with several desktop CPU sockets in this decade in comparison to the LGA socket that remained constant for a long time, the cooler retention assembly for the AMD sockets 939, 940, AM2/AM2+ have been largely the same. Scythe took advantage of this fact, and released its CPU Cooler Stabilizer, a replacement cooler retention assembly for AMD desktop CPU sockets after socket 939. It consists of a metal retention bracket, a back-plate, spacers and screws, along with a packet of thermal compound.

Scythe notes that due to the high quality materials used, the kit provides better retention with some of the heavier coolers. All inclusive, the kit weighs 126g. The CPU Cooler Stabilizer is available in Europe for €6,90 + VAT, and $11.50 + taxes in the US.

Scythe Announces Christmas 2008 Survey

Scythe EU GmbH looks back on a successful year 2008. We have to owe this success to YOU, our customers. Without the confidence in our products, such a positive development would not have been possible.

Since there is always cause for criticism, we as a manufacturer try to detect and fix problems as early as even possible being in constant dialogue with distributors, resellers and consumers. Only through constant informational exchanges, it is possible to achieve our efforts to implement new ideas effectively and to develop innovative products with superior quality.

Scythe Unveils Mounting Clips for Socket LGA1366

The Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co., Ltd. offers Socket LGA1366 mounting clips for all Scythe CPU coolers.

"Since we want to provide our customers with optimal support and guarantee a long life for our CPU coolers, we decided to offer special mounting clips, which make all Scythe CPU coolers available on the market compatible for the new Intel Socket LGA1366", said Stefan Watzinger, Marketing Manager of the Scythe EU GmbH.

Scythe Launches the Kama Panel 3.5

Scythe has manufactured yet another front panel, called Kama Panel, that may suit well to your case and needs. The Kama Panel takes one 3.5-inch and offers a card reader that supports all current flash formats, 2-channel fan controller and the possibility to relocate one SATA / USB port and the rear audio connection (Headphones, Microphone) to the front panel. Already shipping, the Kama Panel 3.5" comes in black color and has a recommended price tag of $27 or 21 Euro.

Scythe Unveils New Gentle Typhoon Case Fans Developed by Nidec

Scythe presented today the new Gentle Typhoon series of case fans developed by the Japanese Nidec Servo Corporation. Coming in 92mm and 120 mm sizes and eight different versions, these ball bearing fans are suitable for everyone and everything, from silent systems to high-airflow cooling setups. Gentle Typhoon Case fans are available now for $11,95 for the 92 mm versions and $16,95 for the 120 mm versions. The full list of all versions, follows below:
  • D0925C12B1AP-12, 92 mm, 1700 RPM @ 13 dBA, 44 m³/h
  • D0925C12B2AP-13, 92 mm, 2150 RPM @ 20 dBA, 58 m³/h
  • D0925C12B3AP-14, 92 mm, 2650 RPM @ 26 dBA, 71 m³/h
  • D1225C12B1AP-11, 120 mm, 500 RPM @ 5 dBA, 31 m³/h
  • D1225C12B2AP-12, 120 mm, 800 RPM @ 9 dBA, 48 m³/h
  • D1225C12B3AP-13, 120 mm, 1150 RPM @ 16 dBA, 63 m³/h
  • D1225C12B4AP-14, 120 mm, 1450 RPM @ 21 dBA, 85 m³/h
  • D1225C12B5AP-15, 120 mm, 1850 RPM @ 28 dBA, 98 m³/h

Scythe enhances Cooler Mounting: CPU Cooler Stabilizer 775 replaces Push Pins

The Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co. Ltd. unveils the new CPU Cooler Stabilizer 775. With this product, mounting of LGA 775 Coolers is possible without using the Push Pins. With the supplied Push Pin Removal-Tool, displacing the original Push Pins is no problem anymore. Secure mounting of the cooler is possible using Back-Plate and screws. The whole product consists of metal and is really solid.

When using the Stabilizer on Socket 478 CPU Coolers, the included mounting bars are used. By using those, the CPU Cooler Stabilizer 775 provides a better contact pressure between CPU and Cooler than using conventional mounting solutions.
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