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SilverStone Displays Zeus Series 1350W Modular PSU

SilverStone showed off a new high-Wattage PSU under its new Zeus "industrial class" series, the Zeus 1350W (model number ZM1350). The Zeus 1350W relies on a single massive 105A +12V rail design. Measuring 150 x 86 x 233 mm (WxHxD), this box is longer than usual. It is ventilated by a single 80 mm fan. Already 'sounding' scary? Its noise output levels are rated to be 21~40 dBA. This PSU is completely modular, and looking at its connectors on the main unit, we can guess its connector loadout to include a 24-pin ATX connector, two 8-pin EPS connectors, about 10 PCIe power connectors, and various SATA/peripheral connectors. The Zeus 1350W is 80 Plus Silver certified. Expect an uppish (not lavish) pricing with this one.

SilverStone Debuts the TS06 External ODD Enclosure/Storage Tray Combo for Notebooks

SilverStone Technology has now introduced the Treasure TS06, a brand new storage accessory for notebook users which includes an external enclosure supporting one 12.7mm optical drive, and a drive bay converter which allows you to for add an extra 2.5-inch (9.5mm) solid state drive, hard drive, or hybrid drive to a laptop.

The enclosure measures 132 (W) x 17 (H) x 140 (D) mm, has a diamond pattern on its exterior, and comes with a retractable USB 2.0 cable, while the converter bay is 128 (W) x 13(H) x 128 (D) mm, and includes one blue LED showing drive read/write access and a 13pin slim SATA port.

The Treasure TS06 is now shipping and has a recommended retail price tag of 19.50 Euro (VAT not included).

SilverStone Releases DS321 Dual-3.5'' USB 3.0 RAID Enclosure

SilverStone launched the DS321 dual-3.5" drive enclosure. It was first spotted at this year's Computex event, in June. The DS321 can holt two 3.5" SATA hard drives or SSDs as standalone or RAID volumes, with RAID modes including 0 (performance) and 1 (data redundancy). A limitation here is that the enclosure supports drives only up to 2 TB in size. The enclosure connects to the host over USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, almost eliminating the interface bottleneck, with 5 Gb/s of bandwidth to conduct its business with the host. Measuring 182 x 123 x 81 mm, the enclosure uses an external power brick, and keeps the drives cool using its 40 mm exhaust fan that can spin at speeds of up to 2800 RPM. Set to reach stores in Europe by the 16th of this month, the SilverStone DS321 is priced at €59.70 (without VAT).

SilverStone to Release Nightjar 500W Silent PSU Later This Week

SilverStone is on course for releasing the Nightjar ST50NF this Thursday. The ST50NF is a 500W, fan-less (completely silent), 80 Plus Gold compliant, non-modular power supply (PSU). The PSU does away with the 120 mm fan, and replaces it with a large aluminum heatsink that draws heat from numerous smaller heatsinks below that in turn draw heat from the various hot components. To try and offset the weight it puts on with all those heatsinks, and to make the unit airy, the outer body is made of thin perforated aluminum sheets.

The Nightjar ST50NF delivers 500W of continuous power, it is standards-compliant with ATX 12 V2.3 & EPS 12V. It features active PFC (power factor correction), and uses a single +12V rail design. All its cables are fixed to the unit. There should be enough cabling for a performance PC with a single graphics card. The PSU carries an MTBF rating of 50,000 hours. SilverStone's Nightjar ST50NF will be priced at €129.

SilverStone Intros SD01 Hard Drive Pad

SilverStone introduced the SD01 Hard Drive stackable "pad", with is an open "enclosure with just a pad to place the drive, an arm to hold it in place, and power/data connection to the host. The SD01 supports SATA and SAS, both with up to 6 Gb/s data-rate. It can hold 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives. Measuring 195 (L) x 121.5 (W) x 31.5 (H) mm, and weighing in at 180 g, the SD01 connects to the host over eSATA and SAS, but data-rate is subject to the host supporting it. In essence, the device is merely a dumb relay between the host and the drive, it's just that it has its own 12V DC power input, which it conditions to power the drive. The SilverStone SD01 is priced at €29.90.

SilverStone Introduces RAVEN RV03B-W Chassis

The RAVEN team's continued push to redefine and perfect the enthusiast tower chassis has resulted in yet another benchmark in the RAVEN RV03. With world-class cooling performance from the previous RAVEN chassis models retained by the included 180mm Air Penetrator fans, a rethinking of the interior layout enabled dramatic reduction in overall depth of the chassis compared to RAVEN RV02 while still matching RAVEN RV01's ability to accommodate Extended ATX motherboard and graphics cards longer than 13 inches.

Cable management was also improved with a new 5cm thick hard drive compartment to allow nearly all cables to be connected behind the motherboard tray with ease. An unconventional power supply compartment located in the lower front part of the chassis further add to facilitate cable routing so anyone can assemble a pristine looking system with maximum airflow efficiency.

SilverStone Intros DC01 Single Drive NAS

Known more for its premium cases and PSUs, SilverStone occasionally ventures into speciality storage products, its latest being the DC01 "network data center". Simply put, it's a compact single drive NAS (network-attached storage) that can act as a print-server. Measuring 123 (W) x 123 (D) x 33 (H) mm, the DC01 can house one 2.5-inch SATA hard drive or solid state drive. Its storage can be expanded by connecting USB Mass Storage capable external hard drives or flash drives to its two USB 2.0 ports; and eSATA capable drives.

The DC01 connects to the network over one gigabit Ethernet link. It is driven by a dual-core ARM11 processor, that can drive the web-based iSharing interface. It supports BitTorrent and VPN clients, and can act as a DLNA, Apple iTunes, and print server. It is available in two colors, black and silver. Backed by a 1 year warranty, the SilverStone DC01 is priced at US $150.

SilverStone's Latest Cases to Feature Front-Panel USB 3.0, Debuts in Milo ML03

SilverStone Technology, one of the premier companies in computer chassis design, announces the immediate availability of its latest HTPC (home theater personal computer) chassis in the Milo ML03. The product also introduces the first application of USB 3.0 internal connector in a retail computer chassis.

The slim Milo ML03 is an affordable and versatile chassis with a profile of 105mm height and 340mm depth for easy integration into any living room furniture. It can accommodate up to three 3.5" hard drives or five 2.5" HDD/SSD on its smartly designed drive cages that mounts either size without use of adapters. For cooling, the ML03 has slots for up to four 80mm fans for users to build a quiet system with low power components or a powerful HTPC with 140W CPU. There are also small touches to improve integration including pre-cut hole for VGA (D-SUB) connector, Kensington lock support, and an additional full size expansion slot for installing extra motherboard I/O, fan controller, or other accessories.

SilverStone Readying Strider Gold Series High-Efficiency Modular PSUs

SilverStone is readying a new series of PSUs under the Strider Gold banner. As the name might suggest, PSUs in this series are 80 Plus Gold compliant, yielding extremely high efficiency. Models in the series consist of 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W. The PSUs feature completely modular cabling, a single +12V rail design, active PFC, over current, over power, over voltage, over temperature, under voltage, short circuit, and no load protection mechanisms; and 100,000 hours MTBF. All models are cooled by a 135 mm fan that has a noise output (depending on load/temperature) of 19 to 36 dBA.

SilverStone Intros Nitrogon NT07-1156 CPU Cooler

SilverStone is ready with a Nitrogon NT07 series CPU cooler compatible with the LGA1156 socket. Like the NT07-775 (made for LGA775), the NT07-1156 from SilverStone is a low-profile CPU cooler that is positioned to be a Intel reference HSF replacement. It bears resemblance with the Intel HSF, using essentially the same design, with its own additions of a base made entirely of copper, and manual speed control. The base conveys heat to a heatsink with spirally-projecting, forked, aluminum fins. A 90 mm fan circulates air, it measures 90mm (W) x 90mm (H) x 16mm (D), with two speed modes selectable by a tiny switch on the fan-frame: 1200~3000rpm ± 10% and 1200~1800rpm ± 10%; pushing 12~40 CFM / 12~23 CFM on the two modes, respectively.

The cooler measures 93mm (W) x 36.5mm (H) x 93mm (D), weighing 310 g. With LGA1156 push-pins, the cooler is easy to install and remove. It supports CPUs with TDP of up to 95W, which means that it should be able to run dual-core Core i3, Core i5 processors with mild overclocking, or quad-core Core i5, Core i7 within default speeds. The cooler will reach stores soon, it will be moderately priced around US $20.

SilverStone Rolls Out SFX Form Factor 450W PSU

SilverStone rolled out its newest power supply for small form factor (SFF) cases, the ST45SF SFX Form Factor PSU. This PSU in its limited form measuring 125 mm (W) × 63.5 mm(H) × 100 mm(D), can give out 450W of continuous power. It has a single +12V rail design, with a single 36A rail. It boasts of 80 Plus Bronze certification, it has an efficiency of 82% to 85%. It offers most standard power connectors, including 24-pin ATX, 8-pin EPS (CPU power), one 6+2 pin PCI-Express, one 6-pin PCI-Express, three SATA power, two Molex and one Floppy power. It packs active PFC, over/under-voltage/current protection. The unit is cooled by an 80 mm fan, that has a minimum noise output rated at 18 dBA. The PSU supports SFX form-factor cases out of the box, but also includes an SFX to ATX bracket that lets you use it in ATX/M-ATX cases. It is priced around 60 EUR.

SilverStone Readies New Value Precision Series Case

SilverStone is preparing a new value case, the Precision series PS05. This mid-tower ATX case measures 190 x 456.5 x 501.2 mm, with extensive use of plastic and SECC steel. The features are basic, including four 5.25" and two external 3.5" drive bays, a drive cage room for another four 3.5" drives, partly tool-free design, all-black interiors (though there are no windows), motherboard with hole to manage certain kinds of CPU coolers, and a ventilation system which includes fans and fan-slots for the front, rear, and top. There is an air inlet on the side-panel behind the motherboard tray. The PS05 is expected to go for 41.50€.

Silverstone SUGO SG07 ITX Case Stuffed With A Radeon HD 5970

With the rise of ITX boards and their popularity, Silverstone is expanding their Sugo line-up with the SG07. The high-end ITX chassis is aimed at the LAN Party Gamer on the go, and ships with a 600W power supply along with a special 200 mm fan, which creates a clean vortex of air to cool the board. Silverstone has stuffed a Radeon HD 5970 in there along with a Zotac H55 board and an i7-860. Their engineers have gone into great detail to manage air flow and to keep temperatures in the green. On the bottom of the chassis a plastic divider blocks hot air from reaching the PSU, while the side panel sports a foam ring, which can be aligned to seal off the GPU fan and thus only give it access to cool, outside air. The case will carry a premium price tag, but offers features no other ITX case out there does at the moment.

SilverStone Unveils Precision PS03 Mid-Tower Case

SilverStone rolled out its latest mid-tower aimed at being cost-effective with superior cooling, the Precision PS03. The case as an all-black exterior and interior, with a perforated metal front panel. It measures 200 mm(w)x 472mm(h) x 471mm(d). Of the seven 3.5" drive bays, two are external. There are four 5.25" bays. All internal bays and 5.25" bays have tool-free drive retention mechanism. The motherboard tray has an opening behind the CPU socket area, for easy management of CPU coolers with bolt-through or back-plate based retention mechanisms.

Cooling includes a 120 mm fans on the front, bottom, and rear, and room for an optional 140 mm fan on the top. Apart from the case buttons and LEDs, the user panel on top has two USB ports and a storage compartment. SilverStone will release the Precision PS03 later this month. The pricing however, isn't announced yet.

SilverStone Introduces Strider Essential Series PSUs

SilverStone introduced two entry-level PSUs under its Strider Essential series, the 400W ST40F-ES and 500W ST50F-ES. The two are feature fixed (non-modular) cabling, ATX 2.3 compliance, and 80 Plus certification. Under the hood is a single +12V rail design with active PFC. The unit is cooled by a 120 mm fan with a noise output of 18 dBA. Connectors apart from the 24-pin ATX and 4+4 pin CPU power connectors include two 6-pin PCI-E (for the 400W model), one 6-pin and 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors (for the 500W model), four SATA, three Molex, and one Floppy. The ST40F-ES and ST50F-ES are priced at US $49.99 and $59.99, respectively.

SilverStone GD03 ATX HTPC Case Hits Stores Soon

Case and power specialist SilverStone announced its latest HTPC case, the GD03, which will reach stores soon. The case features in the company's elite Grandia series of HTPC cases, and supports an ATX motherboard with seven expansion slots. Measuring 425mm (W)x182.2mm (H)x436mm (D), the GD03 weighs 7.85 kg (17.3 lbs). The front panel is made of brushed aluminum, while the rest of the case with SECC. It sports two external 5.25" drive bays, three external 3.5" bays of which two allow hard-drive hot-swapping. There are three 80 mm fans to cool this case, positioned in the front (HDD area), rear, and side. A standard ATX power supply fits in the PSU bay. The GD03 is expected to cost around 190 Euro.

Silverstone has More up Their Sleeve, Offers the Raven 2 Guts Inside Another Case

While the Raven series was the only case with the unique layout up to this point, Silverstone has put the new guts not only into the Raven 2, but also into the Fortress 2 (FT02). It will come in black or silver at a price tag of around 200 US Dollars. Then there is the GD04, which is an affordable mATX HTPC case. The unique aspect is certainly the short depth of the chassis, so it should fit well into your A/V rack. The GD04 will sell for 99 US Dollars. The GD05 is similar, but features a plastic front, lined with a thin sheet of aluminum. This drives the price down to 79 US Dollars.

SilverStone Readying 1500 W Monster PSU

SilverStone is going for the (over)kill with a 1500W enthusiast-grade PC power supply. The Strider Series 1500W (model: SST-ST1500) is one of the first 1000+ Watt PSUs to carry the 80 Plus Silver efficiency rating. This PSU made for an early-sighting at this year's CeBIT event, and is gearing up for launch very soon. It delivers 1500W of continuous, and 1600W of peak power. It features a 100% modular cable design, meaning that even the 24-pin ATX and EPS cables are modular unlike in most modular PSUs.

The unit measures 150 x 86 x 220 mm (WxHxD). Under the hood are eight +12V rails, that belt out up to 120A of current. Active PFC is available. The ATI CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI certified PSU features four 6+2 pin, and eight 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors. High-grade Japanese capacitors are used. A 135 mm fan with a minimum noise-output of 19 dBA keeps this beast cool. Applications? Plenty: an enthusiast could run a highly-tweaked multi-GPU PC, and be able to directly power one or two thermo-electric coolers.

CES 2009: Silverstone

There are two new cases at the Silverstone booth. The first beeing the Raven, which is their new high end enclosure. It is quite large an features clean cut, but very modern design. The interesting aspect is the mainboard placement. It fits into the case at a 90 degree angle, with the usual rear connections facing upward. the cables are then routed out the back of the chassis. The second case is from the Precision series and also features a clean look. This unit is intended for the mainsteam user. Lastly the one thing of interest is the cooling used in their demo systems. It is the Noise Limit Silentflux passive cooler. As you can see in the image, it is cooling an i7 with the help of the surrounding fans.

SilverStone Out With Low-Profile LGA 775 Cooler

With the introduction of the LGA 775 socket around half a decade ago, Intel introduced its very familiar stock cooler whose design remained essentially the same across generations of processors on the same socket. Intel however, later introduced changes to the size of those coolers with some of its 45nm Core 2 processors, along with other entry-level chips. SilverStone worked out a LGA 775 cooler, the NT07-775, that resembles it, albeit its design methodology circles around being low-profile capable, measuring 93 mm x 36.5 mm x 93 mm (W, H, D).

SilverStone suggests this cooler specifically for 45nm dual-core processors. Its construction is similar to that of the Intel stock cooler. It consists of a copper-embedded central contact base from which forked aluminum fins project radially in a somewhat spiral fashion. The 90mm fan rotates in speeds between 1200 and 1800 rpm and has a rated noise output between 15 and 23 dBA depending on the speed. The cooler will be available in January at a price of 20 EUR.

SilverStone Intros Sugo SG05 PC Chassis, Suited for Small Form Factor PCs

SilverStone Technology introduced today SG05, a new member of the Sugo family of barebone computer cases. Measuring just 218mm x 276mm x 175mm, this is without a doubt a small form factor PC case that fits a mini-ITX or mini-DTX motherboard with two PCI slots, and single graphics that's up to 230mm in length. The case comes with a 300W PSU, and there's room for a slim laptop-like optical drive, as well as one 3.5-inch drive or two 2.5-inch drives. Cooling is provided by a single 120mm front mounted intake fan. SilverStone warns that processor coolers should be smaller than 82mm in order to fit inside. The front of the case also features audio outputs and two USB ports. Retails availability of the SilverSonte Sugo SG05 is planed for mid-January 2009 at a recommended price of €83 excluding VAT. For more information, please visit SilverStone.

SilverStone Announces the Raven RV01 Chassis, Expect it Next Month

Taiwan's SilverStone Technology has today announced that its big-tower Raven RV01 chassis will be available starting next month at a suggested retail price of €159 + VAT. The case has existed for a fairly long time, but until now it has been a protype. We have covered the design ideas inside the Raven here, but it's worth mentioning some of them again. One thing is for sure, when you first look inside the case you won't see anything familiar. The case is split into different compartments, and the motherboard is angled 90 degrees pointing upwards instead of out the back. This way the chassis which measures 280mm x 616mm x 660mm and weighs 15kg, will push air in parallel from bottom to top. Silverstone engineers also state that the case is suited for quiet operating PCs. In addition, the high-end chassis features a built-in cable management system, five push-button 5.25-inch drive bays, six removable 3.5-inch drive bays, easy-access top-mounted I/O ports, and pre-drilled holes for water-cooling. Click here to find more pics.

Silverstone Raven RV01 PC Chassis Final Design Spotted

First introduced back in June during Computex Taipei, Silverstone Raven RV01 delivers a new approach to the way computer hardware is supposed to fit inside a case. Silverstone has basically reinvented the case as we know it - inside the Raven RV01 the motherboard is angled 90 degrees pointing upwards instead of out the back. This means that the whole I/O side of your PC will go on the top of the case, as well as all the heat generated by the video cards will leave from the top of the case, not the back. VR-Zone has scored several photos of the final design of the case, to give you an idea. The unique design of Raven RV01 has already been patented by Silverstone, and cases that look the same as the one pictured are supposed to become available sometime around Christmas. The price of the case is set at MSRP of US$199. Unfortunately, there are no technical specs yet.
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