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Thermaltake Introduces Element Q, Fanless Mini-ITX Chassis with 200W PSU

Thermaltake, leading DIY chassis brand, introduces the latest addition to the Element series of PC cases, the Thermaltake Element Q. This Mini-ITX case is ideal for very small systems built on Intel's Atom and NVIDIA's ION platforms. With its extremely small dimensions of 130 (D) x 220 (W) x 330 (H) mm and a light-weight of merely 2.7 KG the Element Q can fit on the smallest desktop or even on the shelf between your books.

The Element Q represents the Quintessence of personal and entertainment computing as it let's you shrink all the formerly huge components such as audio cards, video adapters, network cards and the like into one tiny system with sleek and elegant looks in a dominating black color with distinctive red lining. Quick and convenient installation is provided for by an optimized case design that allows you to use standards peripherals such as a 5.25" and even two 3.5" (one internal, one external) devices. For this small form factor category the Element Q is truly unique as you are not forced to use slim drives like with other cases.

Thermaltake Launches WingRS 301 Mid-Tower

Thermaltake, leading DIY chassis brand, introduces the newest mid-tower PC case for people on the move. The WingRS 301 is portable and affordable but at the same time still sports all the essentials one expects from Thermaltake: quality, tool-free design, easy accessibility and optimized ventilation. With its reinforced top handle you can easily transport this 5.1 KG case and dimensions of 491 (D) x 170 (W) x 420 (H) mm allow for convenient storage in your car, the bus or train, and some airlines might even allow it as carry-on baggage. If you are looking for a portable PC case solution in order to carry your precious gaming machine to tournaments, or you every so often travel e.g. from home to university the Tt WingRS 301 is the ideal solution.

Built for ATX and MicroATX motherboards the WingRS 301 offers sufficient room for high-end graphics cards and provides 9 tool-free drive bays for maximum expandability with four 5 1/4" and five 3 1/2" bays. Seven I/O expansion slots give you enough freedom to upgrade your system with add-on cards. A large 120 mm rear exhaust TurboFan makes sure your machine stays cooled even under high load.

Thermaltake Offering a Variety of Solutions Ready for Intel LGA1156 Processors

Thermaltake, leading thermal solutions provider, is introducing several advanced cooling solutions for the new and upcoming Intel LGA1156 processors, ensuring users have the best choice right from day one.

The brand new Silent 1156 CPU cooler from Thermaltake is specifically designed for Intel Socket 1156 processors. Installation to the motherboard is easily done with a convenient push-pin mechanism, which for the user is an entirely tool-free procedure. For its silent operation, the 9 cm PWM fan is a treat to the users' ears. Through the PWM function the fan speed is automatically adjusted between 800 RPM to 1700 RPM according to the actual work load of the CPU. Furthermore, the side flow design makes the cooler's air flow an integral part of the overall system air flow inside the chassis. With two 8 mm heatpipes and a mirror copper base heat is transferred away from the CPU to the aluminum fins, dramatically reducing heat development.

Thermaltake Announces the ISGC-V320 VGA Cooler

Products of Thermaltake's ISGC series have become representative of silent and good performance coolers. Users have already been expecting the newest ISGC VGA cooler to complete the collection. Now, finally the ISGC-V320 is coming with lots of killer features.

The ISGC-V320 is a true masterpiece of Thermaltake's R&D team. Its foremost feature, as a matter of course, is its surprising silence which it inherited from the original ISGC Fan. The ISGC-V320 is equipped with two 120 mm ISGC fans. Users can adjust the fan speed from 800 to 1300RPM according to their needs. Broad compatibility of the ISGC-V320 greatly enhances its convenience factor. Supported are the last graphics cards such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 and ATI Radeon HD 4890. 5 heatpipes in combination with a large dissipation surface ensure best performance under high stress. With these powerful parts, ISGC-V320 can easily take loads of up to 320W.

Thermaltake Unveils ProWater PW880i Water Cooling System

Thermaltake, leading provider of computer cooling solutions, is introducing their latest addition in their wide range of liquid cooling products, the PW880i gets your PC in gear for the coming summer heat. In addition to this big size water cooling system, Thermaltake also offers water cooling solutions for VGA cards (WB400) and for the motherboard North Bridge (WB200), tailored for your individual cooling needs.

The PW880i is a powerful liquid cooling solution for the core of your PC the CPU. With a 24cm radiator equipped with two 14cm fans this is the ideal device for efficient heat dissipation. The solid CPU water block is made of pure copper with delicate brazing technology. Supporting most mainstream CPU sockets such as Intel LGA1366 and AMD AM3, the PW880i sports excellent cooling performance for demanding users and overclockers alike. As the tank and pump can be placed outside the chassis it offers two practical advantages: you gain more space within the case itself and maintenance is made easier and more convenient.

Thermaltake Launches the Mid-Tower Element G Chassis

Thermaltake has just introduced the Element G case, for those of you still searching for the best case. Moulded in medium tower form factor, Element G offers maximum airflow using two massive 200x200x20 mm front and top mounted Touchcolor fans (600~800 rpm, 12~14 dBA), single 230x230x20 mm Touchcolor side fan (600~800 rpm, 13~15 dBA), one rear 140x140x25 mm TurboFan (1000 rpm, 16 dBA), and two more optional 60 mm fans. All fans have LEDs that glow in 6 different colors, controlled by the user's preference from a front panel multifunctional knob that is also used for controlling the fan's rotation speed. Internal space allows for a Micro ATX or a standard ATX motherboard to be installed as well as up to 7x 3.5-inch HDDs and 2x 2.5-inch solid-state drives for maximum expandability. Up to three 5.25-inch optical drives or fan controllers can be installed in front of the case. When empty, the Thermaltake model VL10001W2Z weights exactly 7.92 kg. No release date neither pricing information were mentioned in the official press release, but you can expect the Thermaltake Element G to become available very soon. Find more information here.

Thermaltake Announces EVO_Blue Series PSUs

Thermaltake Technology, leading manufacturer of computer components, today announced its newest and unparalleled aesthetic power supply unit - the EVO_Blue. Available in 550Watts, 650Watts, and 750Watts, the EVO_Blue comes with several cutting-edge features such as a fancy built in multi-color LED, large size 14 cm whisper-quiet ball bearing fan, robust and dedicated single +12V rail, and advanced cable management system.

Following Thermaltake's most innovative design concept, the EVO_Blue's unparalleled aesthetic exterior design has set itself above all other currently available PSUs in the market. The fancy built-in multi-color LEDs surrounding the fan and the blue LEDs backlight behind the modular cable sockets give users a feel of tough atomic energy. The EVO_Blue is also equipped with an large size 14 cm whisper-quiet ball bearing fan to dramatically reduce overall PC noise and increase thermal efficiency. In addition, the robust and dedicated single +12V output provides superior performance under all types of system loading. The modular cable management design improves internal airflow and reduces cable clutter by allowing you to use only the cables you need.

A Close Look at the Thermaltake Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station Case

We got a chance to take a close look at the Thermaltake Level 10 enclosure. It is constructed of solid aluminum panels. The full name of the chassis is "Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station" and will be available as a limited edition. Thermaltake is aiming for a 750 US Dollar price point. We have managed to take an exclusive sneak peak at the inside as well as the rear panel.

Thermaltake Displays Frio and SpinQ VT

Thermaltake showed off some of its upcoming CPU coolers at the ongoing Computex event. A star attraction was the Thermaltake Frio (pictured below, first to the left). The design is of the popular perpendicular aluminum fin array type. The cooler ships with one 120 mm fan, although it can hold one fan on either side. It measures 130mm x 92mm x 160 mm. The cooler packs retention modules to support almost every current CPU socket type: LGA-1366, LGA-1156, LGA-775, AM3/AM2+/AM2, s939, etc. Another cooler spotted was the SpinQ VT. This cooler is near-identical to the SpinQ in terms of its features, except for that the aluminum fins propagate perpendicular to the plane of the motherboard, while the fan blows air on to the motherboard.

Thermaltake Announces Thermaltake Massive23 Series Notebook Coolers

Thermaltake Technology, a leading manufacturer of computer components, has launched a new member of their notebook cooling series, the Massive23 series! Equipped with a giant 23 cm quiet LED fan, the Massive23 series is specifically designed for users who spend a lot of time on their notebooks with performance hungry applications such as gaming or graphics processing. In order to cater to different needs and tastes, Thermaltake provides two models within their Massive23 series. The upscale Massive23 CS comes in a premium quality aluminum body and offers a variety of LED color-change functions. On the value end the Massive23 ST still offers a single color LED and a light-weight plastics body.

The color-change function of the Massive23 CS features 6 different modes. Users can adjust the LED color according to their mood, environment or just turn it off entirely. Those futuristic LED effects create and even more immersive gaming ambience. But most importantly a giant 23cm silent fan underneath the metal mesh net of hexagonal-vents offers a larger cooling surface with an optimized airflow. Massive23 series notebook cooler provide large cooling surface and sufficient cold air. With the Massive23 Series notebook cooler from Thermaltake you stay in the game longer than the rest of the crowd.

AMD, BMW Group DesignworksUSA and Thermaltake Present Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station

Thermaltake, leading PC chassis, cooler, and PSU brand manufacturer, is celebrating their 10th anniversary in the PC DIY industry and will therefore present a very special highlight at this year's Computex 2009 show in Taipei, Taiwan, June 2 ~ 6.

Herewith we would like to cordially invite you to this exclusive ceremony with the Director of the European Studio of BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Laurenz Schaffer the AMD Vice President of Platform Business Development Levi Murray and the CEO of Thermaltake Kenny Lin. Don't miss your chance to meet three of the most innovative technology leaders in their fields and directly ask them and tell what you think matters.

Thermaltake Launches Element T Mid-Tower Chassis

Thermaltake today updated its Element series mid-tower cases to include the Element T chassis with emphasis on gamers. Key features of the Element T (part number: VK90001N2Z) case include:
  • Clean and sylish looks for maximum airflow
  • Fan holes for 120 mm rear fan, up to 200 mm front and top fans, and a massive 230 mm side fan
  • Massive storage capability with 7x 3.5-inch, 1x 2.5-inch and 3 x 5.25-inch bays
  • Security lock for keyboard & mouse for Lanparty events
  • Bottom mounted power supply unit
  • 480 x 210 x 525 mm Middle Tower dimensions

Thermaltake Announces V14AX CPU Cooler

Thermaltake, known as the leader in Thermal industry by continuously introducing innovative product, today officially releases another masterpiece, V14AX. With its excellent performance and included clips, it can support the latest and fastest Intel Core i7 processors.

V14AX is the best choice for gamers and over-clocking enthusiasts. It equips a giant 14cm VR fan. Users can adjust the fan speed according to their own needs. Side flow design is to integrate with the system fan and optimize the ventilation. Meanwhile, V14AX has 6 heatpipes and mirror coating copper base that can maximize the heat transferring speed from CPU to the heat sink. The large dissipating aluminum surface will also maximize the heat dissipation. With these features, users can definitely experience the ultimate performance of latest Intel Core i7 processors.

Topped off with a tube of Thermaltake superb performance thermal grease TG-1, V14AX is without a doubt the best choice for your high end cooler. For more information, please visit the product page.

Thermaltake Toughpower 700W Reaches 80 PLUS Silver

Thermaltake Technology is pleased to announce its high performance line of power supply, Toughpower series, has been added an 80PLUS Silver power supply - Toughpower 700W (W0295). With Thermaltake's commitment to offer users quality products, the 800W / 1200W (all 80PLUS Silver ready) will also be ready in Q2.

80 PLUS is a cutting-edge, electric utility-funded program whose mission is to integrate energy-efficient power supplies into desktop computers and servers. The 80PLUS Silver standard certifies PSU that has 85%, 88%, and 85% or higher energy efficiency rate at 20%, 50%, and 100% of loading, respectively. This requirement makes an 80 PLUS Silver certified power supply considerably more efficient than any other traditional 80 PLUS power supplies.

Thermaltake Announces Four New ISGC Series CPU Coolers

Thermaltake has four new CPU coolers in the making, part of the series marked with "ISGC" (abbreviates Inspiration of Silent Gaming Cooling) in the model name. The naming scheme propagates as ISGC 100, 200, 300 and 400. The first two supporting all current AMD sockets and Intel LGA-775, while the last two supporting all those sockets, plus LGA-1366.

ISGE 100 and 200 measure 124 x 96 x 70 mm and 90 x 96 x 140.5 mm respectively, and feature 92 mm fans, while the 300 and 400 measure 126 x 71 x 161 mm and 126 x 71 x 60 mm respectively and use 120 mm fans. Using copper heatpipes as thick at 6 mm, and aluminum fins. Press Release follows:

Thermaltake Launches the DH202 Series HTPC Chassis

Nowadays, HTPC has become the multimedia center or furnishing in living room. As one leading brand in the industry, Thermaltake is releasing the upgraded model, DH202 today, offering stylish appearance to fulfill the home theater builders' demands in the HTPC market.

The DH202 is beautifully designed with high quality piano coating exterior, the surface of the aluminum front panel has also carefully applied with brush process. With such advance technology integrated, DH 202 will surely be the focus in the living room.

Thermaltake Celebrates its 10th Anniversary at CeBIT with an Unique Case

Today at CeBIT in Hannover, Thermaltake showed something that is fairly far outside of the regular mold. Having its name from the tenth anniversary of Thermaltake, the Level 10 case looks like nothing else seen before. The basic idea of this concept is to provide housing for each component of a normal PC individually. The case is formed out of four separate compartments - one for the optical drives, one for the six hard drives, one for the motherboard and one for the power supply. From the pictures we can see a lot of plastic is used, but no fans are visible. There's only one standard 120 mm (if I'm right) case fan to exhaust hot air from the motherboard chamber and that's all. We can expect more details on Thermaltake's 10th anniversary case at this year's Computex, that starts in June. The case is said to be launched then, and sell in limited quantity.

Thermaltake Launches ISGC 12 cm Ultra-Quiet Fan

Thermaltae is out on the market with a brand new multi-purpose 12 cm fan. The ISGC fan appears to come with some odd curves on the blades at first sight, but this is for a reason - to help keep the noise levels coming from spinning to the absolute minimum. The 120x120x25 mm ISGC uses Hydro Dynamic Bearing (H.D.B) system, spins from 800 to 1300 RPM and has max aiflow of 58.3 CFM at only 16dBA. In the package you'll also find four rubber vibration-absorbing mounts. The ISGC 12 cm fan is yet to be priced. For more information, click here.

Thermaltake Xpressar Portable Phase-Change Cooling Systems at Cebit 2009

Thermaltake unveiled today that during the upcoming Cebit 2009 show, it will officially launch its brand new Xpressar series of portable phase-change cooling systems. Although this method of cooling was used long time ago by names like Asetek, Prometeia and recently even OCZ Technology, it was still too expensive, risky for 24/7 operation, and adopted only by extreme overclockers and people that don't mind to spend $1000 for a cooling experiment. Thermaltake's Xpressar micro vapor-compression refrigeration systems, are said to be widely availabe, much more portable, easy to use, not that expensive and still a lot more efficient than current top water coolers. At Cebit Thermaltake will introduce one final product, the RCS100 for internal use in computer cases, and one prototype - the next generation RCB400 series with a micro compressor that fits in two 5.25-inch slots and offers an LCD screen for the system's vital readings (temp, fan speed etc.). The second system will also have the ability to cool video cards when released. Expect much more information after the start of Cebit 2009 - March 3-8, 2009.

New Thermaltake Division, LUXA2, Brings About New HTPC Chassis' and More.

Thermaltake officially announced a new division of its company today called LUXA2. Along with this new brand, comes a new website featuring 6 new, previously unannounced HTPC enclosures, 4 laptop coolers, a laptop lift and a mobile holder. As can be seen by the plush website and the design of the new products, Thermaltake is no longer catering for just the enthusiast, they now want to get a piece of the "rapid growing luxury consumer market". You can find the new LUXA2 website here, the official Press Release from Thermaltake follows.

Thermaltake Introduces ProWater880i - Maximized Power Liquid Cooling

Although liquid Cooling has excellent cooling performance, gamers still worry about it will take too much space in the chassis. Now, this problem can be solved by Thermaltake new liquid cooling system, ProWater880i.

ProWater880i is developed to solve the dilemma of good performance and space saving. With the special designed mounting kit, gamer can easily install ProWater880i in the back of the chassis. It brings two benefits. One is that the radiator can be cooled by the cold air outside and generate better cooling performance. The other benefit is the space allocation within the chassis can be optimized.

Thermaltake Introduces Vi-ON External Hard Drive Enclosure

Vi-ON external hard drive enclosure is the world's first external enclosure with embedded hard drive suspension system and Active Smart Cooling System. It utilizes a temperature sensing fan that reacts to hard drive temperature and changes fan speed in real-time for utmost efficiency and silence.

While most users do not realize, hard drives are capable of producing a fair amount of vibration when hard drives are at their maximum rotation speed. That is exactly why Thermaltake engineers designed-in the world's first HDD suspension system to minimize those vibration noises.

Thermaltake Introduces Element S Chassis

Thermaltake is a well-known brand for producing high performance, premium quality and superior design product and widely recognizable by media around the world. In the beginning of a new 2009, Thermaltake presenting a whole new line of chassis "Element S" as the year featured chassis. The profound appearance and structure design, "Element S" will the most stylist and unique of the year. Element S will first release exclusively in North America, and absolutely fulfills PC professionals demands.

Element S is entirely different from the chassis Thermaltake made especially for gamers and enthusiasts in the past. It is masterpiece focus on upper level of consumers' satisfaction by satisfy the creative professionals like 3D modeler, music composer, graphic designer, video editor and gamer themselves. The "S" for Element S represents Silence, Sophisticated, Spacious, Stream, Speedy and Substantial. With the six core design concepts, every surface, curve, line and crease has a function, expressing its potency and performance. With a seductive flow that incorporates profound detailing and powerful stance, the Element S delivers breathtaking beauty with performance.

Thermaltake Unveils the New Generation of PSU – Toughpower XT

Thermaltake Technology, the leading brand of computer components, today announced the next generation of its high-performance Toughpower family - Toughpower XT. Toughpower XT features a number of cutting-edge innovations that set it above the competition. New features such as FanDelayCool for thorough cooling, S.P.T. Indicator for real-time monitoring, and 12Vin1 for the best compatibility have never been offered in most of the current PSUs. Toughpower XT is currently available in three models: 850W, 750W, 650W.

Since its successful launch in 2006, Thermaltake's top of the line PSU-Toughpower Series- has gained a great reputation for its high-performance and excellent quality in the past years. To maintain and even surpass its own leading position in the industry, Thermaltake's R&D engineers have redesigned the inner structure to upgrade the current Toughpower PSU.

Thermaltake Launches New HTPC Computer Cases - SD100 Mini and SD200

Thermaltake has just launched two new HTPC (Home theater PC) cases that may be of a great value for your multimedia PC station. I'm not really in a good mood to tell you how wonderful and perfect these cases are, because they are not. I think full specs and some pictures will be enough to give you the general idea and to let you know everything you need to. Read this information after the "Read full story" marker.

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