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Thermaltake Intros New X5 Orb FXII CPU Cooler

In an attempt to make your PC more colorful than ever, Thermaltake today launched the latest generation of Orb Series CPU cooler, X5 Orb FXII. Compatible with the latest Intel and AMD sockets, the X5 Orb FXII is looking to satisfy the needs of both modders and overclockers. The CPU cooler measures 140mm x 84 mm, weights in 591 grams and is made out of an massive aluminum heatsink with 140 fins and a 112mm x 36.5mm fan. Working at 1800 RPM the fan also shows the current temperature of the fan in both ℃ / ℉ and the real-time fan rotation speed. Thermaltake has the X5 Orb FXII cooler available in five different colors: blue, black, red, gold, green.

Thermaltake MaxOrb Ex CPU Cooler Unveiled

Extending the previous well designed enthusiast cooler MaxOrb, Thermaltake today launched the MaxOrb EX (P/N:CL-P0467). Designed "from the idea of Chinese temple of heaven" the MaxOrb EX has all copper structure that includes six copper heatpipes, copper fins, and a copper base. Above the cooler there's a blue 120mm LED fan with VR fan control function for manual fan speed adjustment from 1300 to 2000 rpm. Noise levels range from 16 to 24 dBA at the highest speed. The 580g cooler is compatible with all Intel (Socket LGA 775) and AMD (Socket AM2,AM2+,939,754) sockets.

Thermaltake Brings More Colors with New M9D Chassis

Thermaltake has released a new case that can change the color of its LED fan according to the user's preference. The M9D is an ordinary glossy finished middle tower chassis with clear side window that has a huge 23cm Touchcolor fan mounted on it. That's also the fan that will make your PC area full of color. It has a special switch on the side panel that will let you choose between 5 fan color modes: red, green, blue, random mix LED, and random single / mix LED. Aside from the 5 color LED fan, the case comes with additional two 120mm Turbofans located at the front and at the back of the case for optimal system airflow. Other attributes include tool-free design, smart cable management and removable HDD cage. The M9D series has nine 5.25" drive bays and comes in two versions: VI4000BWS with transparent side windows and VI4000BNS without the trasparent side window. Find more information here.

Thermaltake ProWater PW850i Entry Level Water Cooling Kit

To fulfill the need of entry level out of the box water cooling solutions, Thermaltake is launching a brand new series of liquid cooling kit - ProWater series. The first model to be introduced is the "PW850i". What's included in the PW850i is a DC 12V P500 liquid pump that pumps 500l/h, a 350 c.c. transparent reservoir, Flow TX flow meter, single 120mm radiator with 120x120x25mm blue LED fan (1300~2400RPM), and pure copper waterblock compatible with all AMD AM2/K8 and Intel LGA775/P4 motherboards. The system aslo uses transparent UV 3/8-inch tubes with iStripe to eliminate deformation of the tubes. Check out this url for more information.

Thermaltake New Armor+ MX Middle Tower Chassis

With the success of the previous Armor+ full tower, Thermaltake has created the middle tower version of Armor+, the Armor+ MX. The aluminum Armor+ MX is now compact, lightweight, cool, quiet, user-friendly, yet still stylish - an ideal concept for the modern users. Thermaltake has included tool-free and cable management features into Armor+ MX, two 120mm fans (1300 rpm, 17DBa) one front and one rear, plus an enormous 230mm side intake fan rotating at 700 rpm (15DBa). The case can accomodate up to 5x 5.25" devices and has 4x 3.5" drive bays for hard drive installation. Armor+ MX can be purchased in stealthy black or elegant silver color. Please take a look at Thermaltake's special flash site here for detailed specs.

Thermaltake Unleashes the Big Typhoon VP CPU Cooler

Building on the apparent success of the Big Typhoon 120 VX (CL-P0310), Thermaltake has announced a new high-end CPU cooler dubbed Big Typhoon VP. The product combines a copper base, six 6mm heatpipes and a big block consisting of 142 aluminum fins, with not one but two 120mm fans, one perpendicular to the base and one side fan which can blow air toward the GPU or RAM area. The extra fan features a 2-direction-installation option and can be placed at an angle between 0 and 45 degrees. The 120mm fans bundled with the Big Typhoon VP are rated to work between 1300 and 2000 rpm with a noise output going from 16 to 24dBA. Compatible with Intel LGA775 and AMD AM2/AM2+ sockets, the Big Typhoon VP weights in 822 grams and should be available soon.

Thermaltake Power Express 450W and 650W VGA Power Supply

Thermaltake has unveiled its new Power Express lineup of VGA power supply units which is simply a power supply dedicated for powering your graphics cards. The new Power Express will come in both a 450W version along with a more powerful 650W version which should be more than enough to power even four graphics cards. Both power supplies will have a maximum load of 30 amps on each of the two 12 volt rails and are designed to fit into one or two empty 5.25" slots.

Thermaltake Launches V1R RAM Cooler

With the increased demands from the PC Enthusiasts and the increased RAM frequency, the thermal management issues of DDR Ram have become more and more important. After the successful introduction of the memory cooler, Spirit RX, at the beginning of 2007, Thermaltake is now launching another new RAM cooler - V1R.

Thermaltake Has The World’s First and Only 1500W NVIDIA SLI Certified Power Supply

Thermaltake lifted up today its top of the line Toughpower power supply units to 1500W. Claiming that Toughpower 1500W has the highest output wattage among all SLI certified PSUs in the market, and is the only 1500W PSU in the world that's certified for SLI, you'll receive very well made modular unit that has four independent +12V rails, is Intel ATX 12V 2.3 and EPS 2.91 compatible and has four 6pin PCI-E and four 8pin PCI-E connectors for multiple high-end video cards. The unit is cooled by a quiet and reliable 14cm ball-bearing fan. It also has Active Power Factor Correction, high efficiency of up to 87% and Over Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Temperature, Over Power, and Short-Circuit protection.

Thermaltake and NVIDIA Join Forces to Bring ESA to the Market

Thermaltake is well known for its innovative and creative Chassis, Cooler, and Power Supply among enthusiasts worldwide; the products are not only preferred by gamers and enthusiasts, they are often being imitated by industry competitors. With such popularity among end-users and prestigious reputation in the industry, Thermaltake announces today its endorsement of the new Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) industry with plans to introduce ESA-certified components in the near future.

Thermaltake Introduces Touch Screen HTPC Chassis – DH101/DH 102

Thermaltake has introduced the new digital Home Theater PC Chassis, the DH (Digital Home) series. Designed with the latest multimedia module and high quality piano mirror coating front panel, the new Digital Home series shines with elegance and charm!

There are total of four models to choose from the new Digital Home Series; DH101 was designed with the latest LCD Display that not only supports multiple languages, but also allows different display selections with its blue glowing background. DH 102 on the other hand, comes with the aluminum piano mirror coating and the hottest 7 inch Touch Screen front LCD display bringing all the media function controls easy and fast at user's fingertips.

Thermaltake Soprano FX Case Launched

Thermaltake has presented a new case in its Soprano series, the Soprano FX. This case is an excellent choice for both home users and power gamers. The Soprano FX structure features up to ten 5.25" drive bays, eight 3.5" drive bays, 120mm silent fans at front and rear and 90mm fans on top and back. As expected, the chassis is able to support extended ATX form factor motherboards. Moreover, the Soprano FX has improved the versatility of the power switch, it can be moved around up and down on the front panel, depending on the preferences of the user. Additionally the new case offers built-in eSATA connector on the front I/O panel and optional side 23cm fan.

Thermaltake Introduces Muse R-Duo Raid External Enclosure

Whoever said that 3.5' external Enclosures where coming to an end due to the appearence of their smaller 2.5' brothers was dead wrong. Thermaltake just introduced the Muse R-Duo Raid N0006US external enclosure solution which at first glance it may not be something new to all of us but that changes once you read that it can hold up to two 750GB HDDs in Raid configuration.

Thermaltake introduces LANBOX HT

Thermaltake today announced the latest addition to their popular Small Form Factor chassis, LANBOX HT. Based on the proven structural design of LANBOX Series chassis, LANBOX HT exhibits a more contemporary and sophisticated aluminum front bezel design that can be easily integrated into today's home theater environment.

Thermaltake Launches New Enthusiast Cooler at CeBIT

Thermaltake is set to launch new V1 stylish cooler designed for enthusiasts at this year's CeBIT, starting 15 March 2007. Build with all copper construction and 4 long length heatpipes of total 936mm in length, it provides most efficient heat conductivity and heat transfer for the latest Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad LGA775 and AMD socket AM2 processors. The cooler is equipped with silent and powerfull 110mm LED VR fan. Manually controlled (1300-2000rpm) by the VR Control, it is nearly noisless with only 16dBA at minimum fan speed. The Thermaltake V1 cooler weights 637g.

Thermaltake releases Toughpower 1000W/1200W power supply

February, 2007 - Thermaltake Technology, the world's leading brand for high-end chassis and high-performance power supply, is launching world's first 1200W as well as 1000W to its Toughpower line of high-grade and high-efficiency power supplies. The new additions are the responses to higher power demand from both ATI and Nvidia's graphic card consumption that allows for unprecedented graphic realism and image quality. Today's high-end graphic card will require as much as 300W of power alone and with the popularity of multi graphic card configurations, users are expected to allocate aside at least 600W just for graphic cards.

Thermaltake’s first VGA Waterblock for NVIDIA 8800

Thermaltake Technology, world's leading brand in high-performance chassis, high-efficiency power supply and coolers, today announces the introduction of their first waterblock for Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX graphic card. TMG ND4 is a revolutionary product founded on Thermaltake's current TMG line of products to incorporate ultra-high performance with incredibly silent operation in order to achieve the ultimate gaming experience.

Thermaltake Kandalf Adopts AMD Quad FX Platform

Thermaltake Technology today announced the world's first AMD Quad FX platform ready chassis series, Armor Extreme Edition and Kandalf Extreme Edition series. These two chassis series are co-developed by AMD and Thermaltake to support AMD's latest and technologically advanced AMD Quad FX platform. Thermaltake has worked with AMD during the development phase of this high-performance gaming chassis, which is reengineered specifically to support AMD Quad FX platform. All cases come with two 120mm and two 90mm ultra-quiet fans for maximum cooling. Complete details of Thermaltake's Kandalf series cases can be found here.
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