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Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Gets Revised

Thermalright's iconic Ultra 120 Extreme (TRUE) CPU cooler has a new revision. TRUE Rev. B brings along a small design change that the company claims improves its cooling performance a little. Most of its 52 aluminum fins barring the top one have a 'V'-shaped cutting in the center. This perhaps increases turbulence (for better heat dissipation) a little. The resulting temperature drops are estimated around 1~2 °C. TRUE Rev. B has started selling in China for RMB 530 (which is around $79), including fan. Without the fan, $72.95 is all it takes.

Source: Expreview

Thermalright Ultra 120 True Copper Cooling Performance Tested

It did surprise people, when Thermalright decided to release a full-copper version of its iconic Ultra 120 CPU cooler, with one of the highlights being that this cooler tips the scales at close to 1.9 kg (roughly 4.19 lbs), while the other being that it's a limited edition product, priced at a little over $100.

Expreview got a hold of one of these coolers, and put it to test. The test-bed consisted of an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 overclocked to 3.60 GHz running on an ASUS Maximus Extreme motherboard. With the machine idling, the cooler did not show any improvements over the cooling performance of the aluminum-built Ultra 120E. At load, the temperatures dropped by 4 °C, from 71 °C to 67 °C, a minor improvement. This leaves the looks of the cooler and its exclusiveness of being one in 3000 (being limited-edition) to justify its price tag.

Source: Expreview

Thermalright Preps Ultra 120 eXtreme with LGA 1366 Socket Compatibility

It appears that Thermalright is getting ready for the upcoming Core i7 series processors and their new LGA 1366 socket. The company is going to unveil a new revision of its famous Ultra 120 eXtreme heat-pipe cooler. The third party cooler will actually be nothing more then the standard Thermalright Ultra eXtreme with a different mounting kit. Thermalright is only going to change the backplate and the bolt-through kit to fit the new socket. Our collegues from MADSHRIMPS have a test sample of the new cooler. From the pictures we can tell that Thermalright is also planning on shipping the Ultra 120 eXtreme with their own 120mm fan and a new mounting mechanism for it. Specs of the fan are unavailable, though.


Thermalright Ultra 120 Full-Copper On Sale this Month

Thermalright Ultra 120 has been one of the most successful high-performance air coolers. The company planned to release a pure-copper version of this cooler. The cooler will indeed hit shelves later this month, but only limited quantities would make it. The company plans to make only 2000 units of these, dismissing earlier reports of 3000. Its price could range between US $100~110. A full list of features has been issued.

Thermalright Ultra 120 Cu Limited Edition up for Grabs Next Month

Famous for their fin-array based air cooling, Thermalright had earlier announced that they would be releasing a full-copper version of their popular Ultra 120 CPU cooler. Reports suggest that the cooler indeed will make it to the market next month, just that the company would be making only 3,000 of these coolers making it a limited-edition product. The cooler uses copper in all its parts, starting from the CPU contact base, the six heatpipes, and the 50+ fins. With copper being a heavier metal than aluminum, the heatsink tips the scales at a whole 3 kilograms (roughly 6 lbs). The thermal properties of copper along with an element of aesthetic appeal would sell this product, which will be priced at US $99 when it releases next month.

Source: Expreview
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