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VIA Launches Vista-Ready EPIA SN, Fastest Ever EPIA Mainboard

VIA Technologies today announced the VIA EPIA SN-series mainboard, the first Mini-ITX to be based on the Vista-certified VIA CN896 IGP chipset. Powered by the 1.8GHz VIA C7 processor, the VIA EPIA SN provides a performance boost of up to 30% over previous VIA EPIA mainboards, while a fanless 1GHz sku is ideal for Network Attached Storage and other applications requiring passive cooling. The VIA EPIA SN is also the first to provide the added flexibility of a 16-lane PCI-Express port for bandwidth-intensive graphics cards.

VIA Reveals 1-Watt x86 CPU

VIA has announced a 1-watt x86 CPU, calling it the most energy efficient x86 processor in the world. The chip runs at 500 MHz and can do so without any active cooling. During its idle state it consumes a mere 0.1 watts. The VIA Eden ULV will be mainly targeted towards industrial, commercial and ultra mobile uses and is expected to show up in embedded systems. The tiny CPU measures only 21mm x 21mm.

Via introduces 1W Eden processor for embedded applications

Via is well known for low power CPUs, so it comes as no big surprise that the company will be offering a new Eden processor with a power consumtion of a mere Watt. The new CPU adopts the typical VIA V4 bus and 21mm × 21mm nanoBGA2 packaging as other Eden models, but sets itself apart offering a 500MHz core frequency at a power consumption of only 1W. It is meant for network applicances or embedded boards.

VIA Launches New Processor Architecture In 2008

VIA Technologies making plans to launch its new processor named Isaiah in the first quarter of 2008 thus replacing after almost 4 full years its Esther processor architecture. This new architecture is scheduled to enter EVT (engineering validation test) stage in the fourth quarter of 2007. The Isaiah processor core will be manufactured using the newest 65nm process and features a 64-bit architecture, V4 Bus speed of 1333MHz, 1MB of L2 cache and will also support ECC (error checking and correction) memory and virtualization technology.

VIA Introduces Dual-LAN, Dual-LVDS Mini-ITX Mainboard

Taipei, Taiwan, 26 June 2007 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the VIA EPIA LT-Series Mini-ITX mainboard based on the VIA CX700 system media processor. Powered by the highly efficient 1.5GHz or fanless 1.0GHz VIA C7 processor, the VIA EPIA LT has a maximum operating power consumption of less than 20 watts.

The VIA EPIA LT mainboard incorporates a number of innovative features for the fast-growing x86-based embedded market, such as greater device performance, clearer definition video and storage technologies, and a full feature I/O set including two LAN ports and native support for two LVDS panels, four COM ports, a PCI slot and up to six USB 2.0 ports. Project-based customers also have the option of a VIA CX700M2 version with added TV-out functionality.

Via Announces NanoBook

Taiwanese company Via Technology shows off its prototype micro notebook at Computex 2007. The NanoBook has a 5 hour battery life running a 1.2 GHz C7 processor and 7 inch screen. Weighing in at 1.8 pounds expect a 30 gigabyte hard drive and up to 1 gigabyte of memory. Priced around $600, it competes with other mini notebooks from Palm and SamsungSource:Cnet

VIA Pico-ITX about as small as a deck of playing cards

Most of you know that AMD is trying to save power and space by releasing the Micro-ITX platform. VIA has decided that they want in on this market, and so they went and made their own little thing. And when I say little, I mean little. Measuring in at barely 100mm x 72mm (full ATX is 1200mm x 960mm), VIA's new motherboard comes with onboard network, processor, graphics, and is completely fanless. Just like AMD, VIA is trying to make a platform that not only is extremely tiny, but power-efficient. Have a look.

HP Launches HP Compaq dx2020, their first computer based purely off of VIA chipsets

So HP decided to build another computer. What makes this computer so special though is what's under the hood. In a conscious effort to increase performance/watt while decreasing price and environmental impact, HP built a computer based entirely off of VIA chipsets. Featuring a VIA C7-D processor, and VIA UniChrome Pro II graphics, along with an unknown chipset, this computer promises to be one of the most energy efficient computers (that still packs some horsepower) in a while. Too bad it'll only be available in China.

VIA says "no" to CeBIT

We all know those famous conventions, like CES, E3, Computex and CeBIT. For companies, they are an expensive business - setting up an attractive stand takes time and money. It looks like this year, there are some companies that are spending a little less time and money "on the circuit," including VIA Technologies.

Richard Brown, VIA's Director of International Marketing, writes in his blog:
I've been receiving quite a number of emails from people asking whether VIA will be exhibiting at CeBIT this year. The answer is that for the first time in over a decade we have decided to give the show a miss.

There are a number of reasons why we have made this decision, the most important being that the costs of exhibiting there can no longer be justified given the shrinkage in the number of players (and hence potential customers) in the European PC market. It hasn't helped either that quite a number of major exhibitors have pulled out of the show over the past two or three years, making it much less attractive to potential visitors than it used to be.

VIA K8M890 & P4M900 IGP Chipsets Vista Certified

VIA Technologies, today announced that the VIA K8M890 and the VIA P4M900 chipsets have passed the Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit/64bit Basic logo tests, enabling customers get ready for Vista with confidence. This certification means that users can perform trouble-free installation of Windows Vista, including Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Home Premium and Home Basic editions. The VIA K8M890 and VIA P4M900 North Bridges both feature the VIA Chrome9 IGP core which provides DirectX 9.0 graphics support with hardware pixel shaders, supported by a WDM driver for Microsoft Windows Vista. The VIA K8M890 and P4M900 chipsets are available now. Boards featuring the chipsets are available from all the world's leading motherboard manufacturers.
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