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Zalman Intros the ZM-K900M White Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Zalman today introduced the ZM-K900M White Edition mechanical gaming keyboard. Based on the same platform as the original ZM-K900M, this keyboard features Kailh Brown mechanical switches, compared to the Kailh Blue switches the original comes with; and a white-colored front bezel. Kailh Brown switches offer a soft and bumpy tactile feedback. The Zalman ZM-K900M White Edition also features RGB LED illumination with on-the-fly settings, an onboard memory to store macro maps, N-key rollover, and 1 ms response time. Backed by a 1-year warranty, the keyboard is priced at USD $99.99, although from its 24th March launch, it can be had on Newegg at a special price of $79.99, until stocks last.

TechPowerUp ZALMAN Z9 NEO Giveaway: The Winners

Here are the winners of the ZALMAN Z9 NEO Giveaway, brought to you by TechPowerUp. Four lucky winners stood a chance to win a ZALMAN Z9 NEO White case, each. The Z9 NEO is an exquisite mid-tower by ZALMAN that covers all the essentials of this generation's gaming PC builds, and then some. Without further ado, the winners. A huge congratulations to you all!
The Winners:
  • Tiago from Portugal
  • Tina from the United States
  • Jan from Poland
  • Meekyung from Canada

TechPowerUp and ZALMAN Announce Z9 NEO Giveaway

TechPowerUp and ZALMAN bring you a chance to revamp your battlestations, with the new ZALMAN Z9 NEO chassis. When we reviewed this mid-tower case back in May, we found it worthy of both Best Value and Editor's Choice awards for its excellent price, five included fans, and features that punch way above its market segment.

Four lucky winners stand a chance to win a ZALMAN Z9 NEO White chassis, each! To drop your hat into the ring, simply fill up a short form (to help us contact you if you win), and that's it! Four winners will be randomly picked. The giveaway is open till the 15th of July, 2016.
For more information, and to participate, visit this page!

Zalman Unveils the Humongous X7 Chassis

Zalman unveiled the X7, a humongous ATX full-tower chassis that makes some of the biggest ATX motherboards look like micro-ATX board installed in a mid-tower. Supporting EATX, SSI-EEB, XL-ATX, and HPTX form-factors, besides common ATX ones, the X7 features a horizontally dual-compartment layout, with room for a graphics cards in excess of 50 cm in length. With the drive bays relegated to the bottom compartment and behind the motherboard tray (and with detachable 3.5-inch bays if you need additional storage), you have vast amounts of room for your DIY liquid cooling gear. This includes support for a 520 mm x 140 mm radiators on the top and front. Other features include rotary knobs for a multi-channel fan controller, and controls for the LED lighting.

Second ZALMAN and TechPowerUp Windfall Giveaway - The Winner

Announcing the winner of this year's final big giveaway, the second edition of the windfall from ZALMAN! One lucky winner stands to win a battlestation revamp, with a ZMK700M Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard, a ZM-GM4 gaming mouse, a ZM850-EBT 850W PSU, an LQ320 AIO liquid cooler, a gaming headset, and a mousepad. From the thousands of entries we received, we have one lucky winner:
  • Johnathan from the United States, Indiana
A huge Congrats to you, Johnathan!

ZALMAN and TechPowerUp Windfall Giveaway Redux

Announcing the second edition of the Windfall Battlestation Revamp Giveaway by ZALMAN and TechPowerUp. One lucky winner stands to win a pile of ZALMAN gear, including a ZMK700M Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard, a ZM-GM4 gaming mouse, a ZM850-EBT 850W PSU, an LQ320 AIO liquid cooler, a gaming headset, and a mousepad. All you have to do is fill up a short form that lets us get back to you, if our dice points your way. The giveaway is open from today, until the 30th of December, 2015. Good Luck!

For more information, and to participate, visit this page.

TechPowerUp and Zalman Windfall Giveaway: The Winner!

A Zalman ZMK700M Cherry MX Red mechanical gaming keyboard, a ZM-GM4 gaming mouse, a gaming headset and mousepad; a ZM850-EBT 850W power supply, and a LQ320 AIO liquid CPU cooler: That's what awaited one lucky winner in the TechPowerUp and Zalman Giveaway, one of our biggest single-prize hauls ever. The dice has rolled and the winner is picked, and he is:
  • Adrian from the United Kingdom
Huge Congrats to you, Adrian! TechPowerUp will return with more such interesting giveaways.

Zalman Denies Going Bankrupt

In the wake of Zalman's parent company Moneual getting in serious trouble over financial fraud, it was reported that Zalman is filing for bankruptcy protection. Over the weekend, Zalman's US office issued a statement, denying this. A company spokesperson for Zalman issued the following statement to the press.
I know that recently various media and other vendors are spreading rumors regarding Zalman going bankrupt over the recent scandals in Korea by our parent company Moneual. I wanted to assure you that these rumors of Zalman HQ going bankrupt are completely false. While our HQ is having some financial difficulties due to the recent troubles experienced by Moneual, Zalman is not going bankrupt.

Source: Tom's Hardware

Zalman Files for Bankruptcy for Major Financial Fraud by Parent Company

Popular PC cooling products maker Zalman filed for bankruptcy, in midst of a huge controversy by its parent company Moneual. Executives of Moneual cooked-up sales and export figures from Zalman to markets like the United States, in a bid to pick up large fraudulent loans for the company, which it could never pay off, pushing it to bankruptcy.

The controversy came to light, when a whistleblower former-employee of Moneual took these details to the press. It's alleged that CEO Harold Park (Hong-seok), Vice President Scott Park (Min-seok) and Vice President Won Duck-yeok committed a fraud, in which subsidiary Zalman would inflate its sales and export data, to qualify for large bank loans. The trio then used it to lift US $2.92 billion in loans, which the company could never pay back. Zalman has since filed for bankruptcy protection, with the Seoul Central District Court; while the three top Moneual executives, and 13 other mid-level ones, were arrested over allegations of export fraud.

Source: Futurelooks

Zalman Outs Z11 Neo Mid-tower Case

Zalman rolled out its lates ATX mid-tower case, the Z11 Neo. Featuring a matte-black color-scheme with glowing blue elements, the case features a front air-scoop design that's a throwback to some of the oldest gaming-grade mid-towers, from the likes of Zalman, Antec, and Cooler Master. What's changed is modern touches under the hood, and a brushed faux-metal front. Its lone 5.25-inch drive bay is veiled by a sliding shutter. A large triangular window bulges out from its side.

The Z11 Neo features an all-black interior, its motherboard tray features cutouts at all the right spots. An 8-pin EPS extension cable is included. Storage features include two concealed 5.25-inch bays in addition to the exposed one; and six 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive bays, spread between two cages of three bays, each. The top cage is detachable, and frees up room for graphics cards as long as 400 mm (270 mm with it installed). Ventilation includes two 120 mm front intakes (a blue 120 mm fan comes pre-installed); two top 120 mm exhausts (one pre-installed), a 120 mm rear exhaust, and a 120 mm bottom intake. The intake vents come with dust filters pre-installed. Measuring 205 x 465 x 515 mm (WxHxD), the Z11 Neo is made of SECC steel and ABS plastic. Zalman didn't announce pricing or availability.

Zalman ZM-DF12 Smart Fans Begin Selling

Zalman's most advanced fan, the ZM-DF12, started selling. Built in the 25 mm-thick 120 mm form-factor, the fan features a 'dual-impeller' design, which works to increase air-flow, at lower speeds. The dual-impeller is basically two sets of blades spinning along a common motor. The motor features a nano-polymer bearing that has lower thermal deformation over time than common fluid-dynamic bearing types. The fan features a 'reversed' frame assembly. The frame holds the hub from behind, rather than the front. The back part of the motor hub hence doesn't spin along with the impeller. It instead features the fan's in-built controller, that lets you control speed in three steps - 800 RPM, 1,200 RPM, and 1,600 RPM. The fan takes input from a 3-pin connector. At its maximum speed, it pushes 63.76 CFM of air, with 33 dBA noise output.

ZALMAN Upgrades Distinct Design with Reserator 3 MAX Dual Liquid CPU Cooler

ZALMAN a leading manufacturer of high performance silent oriented computer hardware components and peripherals, today announced the Reserator 3 MAX Dual liquid CPU cooler. Improving upon the Reserator 3 MAX released last year, the Reserator 3 MAX Dual bolsters performance drastically by utilizing a large 240mm Radiator compared to the smaller 120mm radiator size of its smaller brother. The Reserator 3 MAX Dual features the classic ZALMAN Omega heatsink structure, reborn and updated in its current form for the most effective radiator use in closed loop liquid cooling solutions. Enhanced with 240mm radiator capacity, the Reserator 3 MAX Dual will feature unparalleled performance with whisper quiet acoustics.

Zalman Also Readies the FX70 Fanless CPU Cooler

If the fans and the pump and the looping liquid of the Reserator 3 Max Dual seem like too much noise-generating movement then you might be interested in another cooling solution showcased by Zalman at CES 2014, the FX70. This new CPU cooler has no moving parts to break the silence but it does feature a 'Twist' heatsink that is supposed to maximize performance and makes use of a copper base and six beefy heatpipes. There's even support for installing two 120 mm fans.

The nickel-plated FX70 measures 110 (L) x 140 (W) x 158 (H) mm, it weighs 530 grams and is compatible with Intel LGA 2011/1366/1156/1155/1150/775 and AMD Socket FM2/FM1/AM3(+)/AM2(+) processors. A gram of ZM-STG2M thermal grease will be included in its bundle.

Zalman to Release Reserator 3 Max Dual CPU Cooler

The all-in-one liquid CPU cooler market will soon get a bit more crowded as Zalman is preparing to unleash a new Reserator model, the Reserator 3 Max Dual. Seen at CES 2014, the upcoming cooler features a water block with a micro-fin copper base and an embedded pump, and a quite eye-catching radiator boasting a transparent cover, radial copper heatsinks and two 120 mm Blue LED-equipped fans that can operate at 1,000 to 2,300 RPM (max sound output is 37.2 dBA).

The Reserator 3 Max Dual supports Intel LGA 2011/1366/1156/1155/1150/775 and AMD Socket FM2/FM1/AM3(+)/AM2(+) processors and comes bundled with ZM-STG2M thermal grease. The cooler's price tag was not revealed.

Zalman Rolls Out the ZM-T3-500LE Case

Korean peripherals maker Zalman rolled out the ZM-T3-500LE gaming case with included PSU; a notch below the ZM-T4 it launched earlier this month, and a variant of the ZM-T3. The only difference between the two is the included ZM-500LE 500-Watt power supply with the ZM-T3-500LE. The compact micro-ATX mini-tower measures 189 mm x 364 mm x 427.5 mm (WxDxH), and is made mostly of SECC steel and ABS plastic.

The ZM-T3-500LE has room for micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards, the tray features cutouts at the right spots for cable and CPU cooler management. It offers one 5.25-inch drive bay, in addition to two 3.5-inch and three 2.5-inch bays. Ventilation includes a 92 mm rear exhaust (included), provision for a 120 mm front intake, and provision for two 120 mm side-panel fans. Front-panel connectivity include USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports (by cable-relay, not headers), and HDA audio jacks. The companion ZM-500LE power supply has enough cabling for a modern single-GPU gaming rig. Slated for December 14, the ZM-T3-500LE is expected to be priced around 6,980¥ in Japan (US $67).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Zalman Debuts the ZM-T4 Mini Tower PC Case

Korean company Zalman has just introduced a new, compact PC chassis, a model called ZM-T4 that features support for Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards. The case measures 189 x 427.5 x 364 mm, is painted black inside and out, and has a top-placed I/O panel (with audio, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports), one 5.25-inch bay, two 3.5-inch and three 2.5-inch drive bays, one 120 mm fan in front and a 92 mm fan at the rear. Moreover, it comes with four PCI slots and can house graphics cards up to 300 mm long.

The ZM-T4 can be found listed on pre-order at €15.99.

Zalman Announces Reserator 3 CPU Cooler

Zalman formally announced Reserator 3 closed-loop liquid CPU cooler, which has been in the news since November 2012. The Reserator 3 another of Zalman's attempts at a modern liquid CPU cooler that comes with its major components pre-assembled, coolant filled, and loop closed, following last year's CNPS20LQ, which uses an Asetek-based design. Its design integrates elements from the company's classic CNPS line of CPU air-coolers, and generous amounts of chrome-plating, and LED lighting. Handling heat dissipation to air, is a heatsink that uses a series of coolant tubes and heat pipes; instead of a conventional liquid-cooling radiator. This heatsink is ventilated by a 120 mm custom-design fan. Zalman claims that the cooler can handle thermal loads as high as 400W, making it fit for some really hot chips like AMD's FX-9590. Zalman didn't announce pricing.

Zalman Unveils CNPS2X Ultra-Compact CPU Cooler

Korean PC cooling specialist Zalman announced a rehash of one of its oldest and most effective CPU cooler designs, with the new CNPS2X (computer noise prevention system). Its design involves a mirror-finished copper base, through which a single 8 mm-thick copper heat pipe passes, making direct contact with the CPU. This heat pipe twists out into a spiral shape, and along its two arms, a spirally-projecting copper fin array draws heat. This array further compresses down at the base. An 80 mm PWM-controlled fan is nestled inside the fin array, its downward and sideways airflow ventilates the fins. Measuring 84 x 84 x 27 mm, the CNPS2X weighs 83 g. Zalman claims the cooler can handle thermal loads of up to 120W. Most modern CPU socket types are supported, including LGA115x, AM3+/AM3, and FM2/FM1. Slated for late-July, the cooler is expected to be priced around $30.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Apistek Shows Off Innovative Liquid Cooling Solutions

We never heard of Apistek before today, but looking some of the stuff they brought to Computex, we won't be surprised if the brand gets popular among enthusiasts all over, particularly those into liquid cooling. Founded in 2011, this Chinese company made its Computex debut this year, where it's scouting for distributors to global markets. The company showed off a unique new full-coverage water block for Radeon HD 7990 dual-GPU graphics cards based on a widely implemented design by TUL. The design involves two independent copper+acetal GPU blocks with coolant tubing running serial, and a heatspreader dropping heat from the card's obverse memory chips, and VRM.

Apistek also showed off two innovative cylindrical tower-type radiators for liquid cooling setups. Design of the two is inspired by Zalman Reserator, a device which had a brief stint at the markets around 2005, that combined the functionality of a pump, reservoir, and radiator into a single cylindrical device that doesn't need fans. Its design involves a pump at the base, a dense helical metal coolant channel that lines the inner wall of a ridged metal cylinder, where heat is dissipated, and a reservoir at the top. Apistek showed off a 370 mm-tall desktop variants that can optionally hold on to four 120 mm fans for better cooling, and a taller 592 mm pedestal version that doesn't need any fans. Both towers have independent AC power input and coolant pressure adjustment on device.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Zalman ZM-M40IR Gaming Mouse Pictured

Zalman showed off its newest high-end gaming mouse, the ZM-M40IR. Pictured below in two designs, the mouse features an ambidextrous design with seven buttons, a scroll-wheel, and on-the-fly resolution adjustment. Under the hood are Omron-made switches with good tactile feedback, and Avago A5050 optical sensor (up to 1,350 cpi resolution), braided sleeved-cable, and gold-plated USB connector.

Zalman Announces a Fleet of New Gaming Mice, Mousepads

Korean peripherals maker Zalman rolled out a fleet of new gaming mice and mousepads. Among the mice are the ZM-GM1 flagship mouse, ZM-M400, and the ambidextrous claw-grip oriented ZM-M250; and among the mousepads are the ZM-MP series. The ZM-GM1 is an ambidextrous-looking (yet right-oriented mouse for palm-grips. Measuring 125 x 84 x 38 mm, its dry weight is about 85 g. Featuring a silver+black body with steel highlights, the mouse provides five buttons, excluding on-the-fly resolution adjustments. Under the hood is an Avago 9500 optical sensor, with 6,000 dpi resolution, and 12,000 FPS reporting rate. In addition to an illuminated logo and parts surrounding its scrollwheel, the mouse lights up along the contours of its thumb-rest.

Moving on, the the ZM-M400 features a right-oriented design unlike the ZM-GM1, measuring 112 x 82 x 40 mm and a fixed 129 g weight, but its looks could be deceptive by today's standards. It packs a light 1,600 dpi sensor, which doesn't get close to anything Avago. The last of the three mice is the ZM-M250, which features a glossy, ambidextrous shape, a total of three buttons, measurements of 119 x 64 x 34 mm, weighing 81 g, the same 1,600 dpi sensor as the ZM-M400. Its top features a groovy circuit board pattern.

Zalman Wakes Up PC Display Division, Starts Off on a 1080p Diet

Korean PC cooling, power, and peripherals company Zalman, which is diversifying on steroids, woke up its PC monitor division with four new 16:9 LED-backlit LCD monitor models, the 21.5-inch TM215, the 23-inch TM230, the 27-inch TM270 and TM270VA. The seven-year old 1080p is Zalman's resolution of choice for all four, and so are some commonalities such as 5 ms response time, dynamic mega-contrast, 250 cd/m² brightness, 170°/160° viewing angles, dual HDMI inputs (except on the 21.5-inch model), and 2W stereo sound. The TM270VA stands out with a VA (vertical alignment) panel. Zalman's monitor lineup should begin rolling out this quarter.

Zalman Displays a Pair of Secure HDD Enclosures

Zalman unveiled the ZM-HE400 and ZM-HE135 (pictured in that order). Available in silver and black, the ZM-HE400 measures 146 x 80.8 x 14 mm (LxWxH), with room for a 2.5-inch SATA 6 Gb/s drive, which it then connects to the host over USB 3.0, but not before a physical authentication layer. The enclosure features a felt-touch number-pad and a small LCD display, that let you set and authenticate a numerical password before accessing the 256-bit AES-encrypted contents of the drive. The ZM-HE135, which measures roughly the same, featuring the same 2.5-inch SATA 6 Gb/s bay that connects to the host over USB 3.0, lacks a physical authentication, but still encrypts your Precious using 256-bit AES, and authenticates on mount.

Zalman Z9-Plus Series Cases Start Selling

Zalman's new Z9-Plus line of cases started selling. The lineup consists of the Z9-Plus (base model), and Z9-Plus DIII (a variant with an in-built 2-channel fan controller and internal digital thermometer). Measuring 207 x 504 x 460 mm (WxDxH), and weighing about 7.2 kg, the ATX mid-tower cases are made of SECC steel and ABS plastic. The Z9-Plus features three 5.25-inch; one exposed and five discrete 3.5-inch drive bays, from which one supports a pair of 2.5-inch drives. The cases are largely tool-free, with cutouts that help manage cable-ramen and CPU coolers. Ventilation includes one each of front, rear, and side 120 mm spinners. The top DIII variant is priced around US $60, the base model could be about $10 cheaper.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Zalman Reserator Liquid CPU Cooler Detailed

Do most pre-built CPU liquid cooler kits look the same to you? It's probably because they carry Asetek or Akasa design. Enter a refreshment in the pre-built arena: Zalman. The Korean PC cooling veteran unveiled Reserator, a liquid cooler which swaps the conventional-looking radiator for a high-performance heatsink with radially-projecting copper fins, in which the heat pipes are swapped with coolant channels. The contraption is ventilated by a 120 mm Zalman custom-design blue or red LED-lit fan, with PWM control. The CPU block features copper base with mirror finish, while its other parts are given aesthetic touches with chrome plating and LEDs. The cooler will be designed to handle thermal loads as high as 400W. It is slated for early-2013.
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