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1MORE Triple Driver In-ears Review

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The Package

1MORE has some of the most stylish boxes you can find. Besides looking pretty, it does a great job of keeping the Triple Driver safe from harm, and the box even features a smart insert where all the tips are organized.

Tip organization is needed because you get a total of nine sets with the Triple Driver, and on top of that, you get a small pouch, a shirt clip, and an airline dual mono to mini-jack adapter! At €92.90, or $99, the bundle is no less than amazing; such a bundle is usually only included with $200+ in-ears.

The earphone housing is made out of aluminum and seems very durable. The strain relief is basic, but seems to do the job well. The sound tubes' exit angle feels correct on the Triple Driver, which makes them much easier to get to fit properly.

Closer Examination

The earphone shells are made out of aluminum, and the quality of the surfaces is really good, like we saw with the cheaper Capsule. In terms of build quality and durability, 1MORE has a real edge over a lot of competing products in the price range. Compared to similarly priced Brainwavz in-ears, you get a full aluminum construction and more rugged cable. Of course, it does come at a price as the Triple Driver's earpieces feel heavier and colder when touching your ears.

1MORE has one of the better cable solutions out there. The braided jacket does not add a whole lot of microphonic noise, but nor does it make it overly stiff. The jack and y-split seem built to last, and the cable generally looks very well designed. The Triple Driver is of course also available in a lightning cable version for newer iPhones.
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