AMD Radeon VII 16 GB Review 553

AMD Radeon VII 16 GB Review

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Clock Speeds

For this test, we first let the card sit in idle to reach thermal equilibrium. Next, we start a constant 100% gaming load, recording several important parameters while the test is running. This shows you the thermal behavior of the card and how the fans ramp up as temperatures increase. Once the temperatures are stable (no increase for two minutes), we stop the load and record how the card cools down over time.

Clock Profiles

Modern graphics cards have several clock profiles that are selected to balance power draw and performance requirements.

The following table lists the clock settings for important performance scenarios and the GPU voltage that is used in those states.

GPU Voltage
Desktop25 MHz350 MHz0.713 V
Multi-Monitor25 MHz350 MHz0.712 V
Blu-ray Playback21 MHz350 MHz0.713 V
3D Load1766-1794 MHz1000 MHz1.068-1.081 V
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