Antec P110 Luce Review 9

Antec P110 Luce Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Antec P110 Luce goes for US$120 excl. taxes or €100 incl. taxes.
  • Excellent build quality
  • Nice RGB and expandable lighting effects
  • Two retail-grade fans included
  • All-metal interior
  • Alumium front panel
  • Excellent storage options with four 2.5/3.5" and two 2.5" mounting possibilities
  • Glass side panel with cool Antec-branded thumb screws
  • Unique, but surprisingly functional cable management
  • Very clean interior - both in front and behind the motherboard tray
  • GPU support braket included
  • Easily removable dust filters on top, front, and bottom
  • Loads of space for large CPU cooler and long GPUs
  • Front HDMI port for VR fans
  • Shroud logo only lights up in white
  • GPU braket not the strongest element
  • USB 3.1 Type-C Gen2 probably more useful instead of HDMI for most users
  • RGB fans would have been the perfect touch
  • Vertical expansion slots require additional accessory to use, and you will have to remove the HDD cages to use these
The Antec P110 Luce is an extremely clean chassis with a simple but functional interior. While it may look quite understated, Antec has done everything right in terms of the features it implemented. All the dust filters are well placed and easily removable, and there are the two included fans of retail-grade quality and ability to install large components easily and without any compromise. Thanks to well-placed, large openings, you will also be able to keep the interior looking clean once everything is assembled.

Those who want to go for liquid cooling will be happy to see the ability to place a 360 radiator in front or opt for a smaller one in the ceiling without having to worry about the motherboard, and the support braket for GPUs is a welcome sight even if it does not work as well as it could due to the plastic material it is made out of.

The small touches with the metal cable cover, RGB-lit power and logo in front, and Antec-branded thumb screws on the window are all elements to differentiate the P110 Luce from various other cases out there, and it does work to an extend as the lighting elements are an especially nice touch. That said, it would have been amazing had Antec gone all the way by including RGB-equipped fans to really make the most out of that function, for example, and while the HDMI port is another welcome differentiator, the usefulness of such a port compared to a USB-C connector could be debated.

Antec has created a beautiful and well-built case with the P110 Luce, which also feels good to the touch and ends up being quite functional when assembled.
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