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Cooler Master MP510 Mouse Pad Review

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There are mouse pads of many different materials out there, but only a handful are made out of Cordura fabric. While the Cooler Master MP510 is not the first one out of the bunch, it's probably the most well-known Cordura variant among enthusiasts, and I wanted to see what the hype is all about. Three different sizes are available, all of which share the same surface and backing materials. They are splash resistant, have stitched edges, and feature a logo that glows in the dark.


Many still don't realize how much of a positive impact a good mouse pad can have. If you really dig deep into mouse-pad theory, you will soon find out that it is an extremely intuitive and divisive topic. A casual user most probably won't care much about all the different kinds, but if you are a hardcore gamer or maximalist, or both, you will want the best one for your needs. There isn't such a thing as the objectively best mouse pad because such differences can be subtle; however, they can be ridiculously huge as well.


Cooler Master MP510
Surface Material:Cordura
Base Material:Textured rubber
Small:250 mm x 210 mm (9.84" x 8.27")
Medium:320 mm x 270 mm (12.60" x 10.63")
Large:450 mm x 350 mm (17.72" x 13.78")
XL:900 mm x 400 mm (35.43" x 15.75")
Thickness:3 mm (0.12")
Packaging:Rolled up
Warranty:DOA Replacement Only
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