Cougar Panzer EVO RGB Review 5

Cougar Panzer EVO RGB Review

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The Cougar Panzer EVO RGB ships in a brown cardboard box which, unlike in most cases, is set to be stored flat. There is loads of information on the box, including the specifications and highlights on included features. Our sample took a bit of a beating during transport, but the chassis itself arrived just fine.

The chassis comes sandwiched inside two thick foam spacers, and a sturdy, black cloth bag keeps fingerprints and scratches away.


You get an assorted set of screws, a few zip ties, some grommets, two 3-pin fan splitters, an expansion-slot cover, and a headset hook, as well as a Cougar-branded RGB controller with the corresponding remote. Naturally, you will also find a manual inside the box, which is actually quite detailed.
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