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Cresyn C750E Earphones Review

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Cresyn is a relatively unknown brand, but they are the OEM behind boatloads of different headphones branded under different names. Cresyn recently decided to launch a full range of headphones and in-ears and brand them under their own name promising better value for money and something for everybody. The earphones we got for review are dubbed the Cresyn C750E and are their best bet at a balanced armature based in-ear solution. Featuring a slim design and a decent bundle they aim to take a piece of the market from the other sub $100 in-ears. The tip mounting system is the same as that featured on Shure and recent Westone in-ears so there should not be any problem with getting decent after market tips for these in-ears.

The Package

The C750Es ship in quite a flimsy box which could easily get damaged during shipping. I would definitely check the earphones for damage the moment they arrive so that in case of a fault the retailer would have no chance but to do a warranty exchange.

The bundle is alright but nothing fancy. Besides the earphones, you get three sets of tips, a shirt clip, and a carrying bag. The bag is OK, but it provides no protection on the move whatsoever.

A thing that surprised me a bit was that this relatively cheap set of in-ears has a high quality cable. Usually the first things manufacturers do to save cost is to fit the earphones with a cheapish cable, this is not the case with the C750Es.

It is so nice to see that you get a shirt clip supplied with the in-ears. Usually you have to buy these separate. Since these Cresyn earphones feature a medium stiff cable the shirt clip is definitely an invaluable piece of kit.

Tip wise the Cresyn C750Es come with three sets of single flanges. The tips look a lot like the single flanges that Shure and Westone ship with their most recent earphones.

Another nice detail featured on the Cresyn in-ears is the fact that the cable entry has a small internal rubber damper on it. This should help reduce the amount of microphonic noise being transmitted to the earpiece from the cable.

Like any balanced armature based in-ear solution the Cresyn C750E earphones feature a small acoustic filter, which both keeps debris from falling into the driver but also tunes the frequency response.
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