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Dark Project ME2 Review

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We get the same elegant, sleek, and rather minimalist box as with the ME3 and ME1. It has the usual technical specifications and a render picture. Once opened, you can see a lot of thick foam padding to protect the mouse from physical damage during shipping and handling. As for the contents, we get the mouse, a quick start guide, and not only a set of extra mouse feet, but also four grip patches in the box for slippery surfaces (I use similar grip tapes on my Ninox Venator).


The ME2 has a very simple, effective shape that pretty much resembles a bar of soap if you ask me. Thankfully, it's not at all as slippery. There are no unnecessary ledges or any other design elements that would disturb my hands. The front of the mouse is a bit narrower, and the back flares out a tiny bit. The sides have a few extremely subtle inward grooves to help with maintaining a stable grip, especially when you pick up your mouse. I would have preferred slightly more defined grooves, but these seem to do the job pretty well too. The main buttons don't feature any comfort grooves.

As far as I know, the ME2 features an OEM/ODM shell as well, but I have not found the original model thus far. Mice that use third-party shells usually have some quirks, but as for the ME2, I found nothing strange on its exterior. The only thing I would change on this mouse would be to separate the main buttons from the other parts, but as you'll be able to read under the Buttons section, the ME2 has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to clicking.

Moving on to the measurements, the ME2 is around 123.7 mm (4.87") long, which makes it of medium length. Widest at 63.9 mm (2.52"), the actual width at which it is gripped is narrower at only about 60 mm (2.36"). It is about 38 mm (1.50") tall at the tallest point, and the hump is at the back of the mouse. The shape is quite versatile, and the mouse is bigger than it seems. I would say it can be good for any grip style, but since it has a rather low profile and rear-oriented hump, claw grippers might find it the most suitable. As for hands, I wouldn't recommend it if yours are shorter than 17 cm.

Here are some extra pictures of the mouse:


Here are some shape/size comparisons with other mice:

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