Deepcool Genome Review 8

Deepcool Genome Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The Deepcool Gamer Storm Genome retails for around 285 euros including taxes.
  • 360 mm AIO liquid cooling system built right in
  • High quality glass double-helix reservoir included
  • Cool way to put your GPU in the spotlight
  • Elaborate design elements - inside and out
  • Can hold up to six hard drives
  • Long GPUs and large PSU are no problem
  • Slightly cheaper than what the case, Captain 360, and reservoir would cost seperately
  • Available in black with red or green tubing or white with blue tubing
  • Some small quality issues
  • Lighting elements could be stronger
  • Break-out element of internal divider should be replaceable
  • An additional fan in front would have been nice
  • No PCIe ribbon cable in our review sample
The Deepcool Gamer Storm Genome aims to remove any inhibitions when it comes to moving into any type of liquid-cooling setup by making it as easy as possible. It fuses the design of the chassis with functionality by placing that high quality reservoir into the front - something that is more a choice of Deepcool than a necessity as the Captain 360 itself should do the trick when it comes to keeping your CPU cool. That said, the whole combination does come in at quite the price tag, so you do not really have a tangible price advantage. The fact that you do not have to do much besides mounting the block and pump unit does, however, mean that the learning curve is at its minimum while leaving you with the certainty that it will work flawlessly.

From a case perspective, the Genome delivers with solid, but somewhat simple functionality. Luckily, that is no issue thanks to the details in its design, which really make up for it as both the shroud and angled dividing wall within the chassis complement the enclosure's overall look. The result is a good-looking, functional, and adequately priced chassis with a potent cooling solution build right in - a combination many have tried but have never been able to really pull off in the same harmonious and organic fashion as Deepcool has with the Gamer Storm Genome. Now, who will go ahead and buy this chassis to make a Resident Evil mod?
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