EVA2020 x final TWS Earphones + SpinFit Tips Review 2

EVA2020 x final TWS Earphones + SpinFit Tips Review

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final is one of the more established audio brands in the world. It is the in-house brand of the Japanese company S'NEXT Co., Ltd. which itself is an offshoot of Japan Molex LLC (yes, that very Molex) with a rich history of electrical connectors and audio dating back to 1974. There have been several products over the years that final has been known for, and they have recently stepped deeper into the gaming world with the VR3000 gaming earphones we covered the launch of a few months ago. We are NOT taking a look at the VR3000 today. Instead, we have something outlandish enough to where it is a welcome change from the usual-looking TWS (true wireless) earphones out there. Enter the EVA2020 x final earphones, and thanks to final for sending TechPowerUp a review sample.

The EVA in the product name stands for Evangelion, the mecha units made famous by the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. The Netflix release of the anime from 1996 clearly got enough eyes on the franchise to where this collaboration bore fruit with three specific designs based on three popular Evangelion units, as well as a recent limited edition release that is not pictured above. My knowledge of the franchise is limited to the few hours of Google searches in preparation for this review, but I suppose I should also mention that I took the liberty of combining this review with a quick look at a second brand: SpinFit. The latter has become synonymous with good quality replacement silicone ear tips of various types to better fit your specific ears, and I have referenced them in a few reviews already. Strap in (to your mech) as we do a two-for-one review using the EVA2020 x final earphones as the base, and we begin with a look at the specifications for the same in the table below.


EVA2020 x final TWS Earphones
Colors:EVA Unit-01 (Purple-Green); Unit-02 (Red-Orange); Mark.06 (Blue-Orange); type-NERV (Black-Red)
Connectivity Technology:Wireless over Bluetooth 5.0
Chipset:Qualcomm QCC3020
Frequency Response:20 Hz - 20 kHz
Codecs Supported:SBC, AAC, Qualcomm aptX Audio
Profiles Supported:A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Battery Life (Music Playback):9 Hours (6 Hours for aptX); 63 Hours total including charging case
Battery Capacity:50 mAh (each ear bud); 950 mAh (charging case)
Charging Time:Two hours
Warranty:One year
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