Evoluent Reduced Reach Right Handed Keyboard Review 6

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right Handed Keyboard Review

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I had not heard of Evoluent until very recently, when a representative from Prestige International contacted me to see if I would be interested in covering their products. Prestige International is an international distributor who works with several manufacturers, including Evoluent, to help get the word out on their behalf. Evoluent primarily makes ergonomic peripherals, with their mice being popular enough to have made their way into my colleague's office at work. Their keyboards follow the trend of reducing the distance between the two hands of a human being on a keyboard and a mouse alike, but instead of doing so by reducing the keyboard's size, Evoluent preferred to provide a full keyboard experience at the same time. Thanks again to Prestige International for providing the review sample.

Aha, so this is how they went about reducing reach without sacrificing dedicated keys and their functionality - Evoluent chose to put the Num Pad on the left side of the keyboard instead. They actually do mention this version to be for right-handed users given the standard 104-key form factor helps left-handed uses already. This is not a new concept, mind you, but there are still woefully little options for people who want a dedicated Num Pad without having the mouse be further away than what their shoulder's width would dictate. At the same time, Evoluent has removed the navigation key cluster from its usual spot by integrating it into the space above the arrow key cluster for further space savings. So let us take a closer look at this keyboard by beginning with the specifications below.


Evoluent Reduced Reach Keyboard
Model:Evoluent R3K Right Handed
Layout:Full size with left-sided Num Pad and minimized Home-Pg Dn cluster
Material:ABS plastic top and bottom panels, steel plate, and ABS plastic keycaps
Macro Support:No
Weight:0.70 kg / 1.54 lbs.
Wrist Rest:No
Anti-Ghosting:Six-Key rollover
Media Keys:Dedicated
Dimensions:171 (L) x 403 (W) x 20 (H) mm
Cable Length:6 ft / 1.8 m
Switch Type:Scissor switch
Warranty:One year
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