FSP CMT340 Review 1

FSP CMT340 Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The FSP CMT340 sells for around US$80 excl. taxes.
  • Excellent pricing for a case with all glass panels
  • Includes four RGB fans right out of the box
  • Clean and simple design
  • Plenty of space for large GPUs
  • Space for a 360 mm radiator in front and 280 mm radiator up top
  • Magnetic dust filter on top
  • CPU coolers of up to 165 mm will fit
  • Easy PSU installation through the back of the chassis
  • RGB cable may be used as a reset switch or to toggle fan colors
  • One PCB to power RGB-based fans
  • Proprietary connector for RGB fans
  • Cable management good, but grommets would have helped keep it really tidy
  • Case is not intended to have a reset button out of the box
The FSP CMT340 is a more compact take on the already great CMT510. It is compact but still deliveries on everything that counts and more. Unlike its bigger brother, the 340 allows for more liquid cooling, but comes with the same sturdy approach when it comes to the material mix. On top of that, FSP once again includes four RGB-equipped fans right out of the box. While it is unfortunate that these come with proprietary connectors, the built-in controller and affordable price tag make it easy to look past any such limitations. Most users will be more than content with the four pre-installed units, and even adding two non-LED equipped fans in the top won't diminish the overall look while providing all the extra cooling benefits.

Thanks to the metal shroud, you are able to keep things fairly clean even with the lack of rubber grommets, and although the chassis is quite compact, FSP has managed to still allow for large tower coolers, powerful, long GPUs, and the ability install an adequate power supply.

For the price, the chassis is a great choice for mid-range enthusiasts who cherish clean looks and great quality and don't mind a bit of proprietary tech to make it all happen. It is for those who ultimately care more about getting all of this inside the perfect package, especially as you can still connect the PCB to any of the usual motherboard implementations for fan control through their software.
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