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Hiper Anubis Review

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Hiper ships the Anubis in a black cardboard package. The company's main color is purple. This is also apparent on the box. The front has an image of the Anubis, while the back lists all the features in detail. On the sides you will find an image of the case once more.

Hiper has gone to great lengths to keep the case safe and secure during transit. There are foam spacers on top and bottom, while two large foam pieces have also been placed on either side of the case.


Taking a step back in the unpacking process, the first surprise is the bag of contents on top of the foam spacer. The way it has been placed, this is the first item you will see when opening the package. Inside the bag is a complete set of screws. Each bag is clearly labeled with the type of contents and the amount of parts. There is a small brush, so that you can easily clean the fins on top of the Anubis. On top of that you will find a simple instruction manual and a very high quality badge that also holds the unique serial number of the case, but more about that later.

Hiper also sent us two of their chrome finish, blue LED fans. These are actual retail parts and are not included with the Anubis. The case can hold a total of three 120 mm fans, but comes only equipped with one. Hiper actually wants to give the user complete choice over which fan to use, instead of forcing the customer to pay for them even if they do not want them. The fans come with screws to hold it in place and foam rings, which act as vibration dampeners. A fan header to Molex adapter rounds up the package.
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