In Win 707 Review 10

In Win 707 Review


Value & Conclusion

  • The In Win 707 sells for 100 US dollars excluding taxes or 100 euro including taxes.
  • Excellent build quality
  • Modular HDD cage allows for many different configurations
  • Ability to hold a 360 mm radiator in the top
  • Very good cable-management possibilities
  • Tool-less ODD and 3.5" HDD assembly
  • Loads of space around the motherboard tray
  • Plenty of space for large CPU coolers
  • Long GPUs and PSUs will easily fit
  • Well-rounded I/O
  • Three fans included
  • Available in black and red or white and black
  • Cables come with default sleeving—all-black cables would have been sexy
  • Front door out of plastic feels fragile
  • Flat front-door design does not allow for many fan controllers to be used
  • Using a 360 mm liquid-cooling setup will get in the way of the 5.25" drive bay in the very top
Before I dive into the conclusion, I'll let you in on an open secret: Having reviewed hundreds of cases, I sometimes get a feeling of deja vu, and it is no different with the In Win 707. The chassis uses an improved version of the same frame as the GRone I reviewed in October 2013. That is actually a good thing as In Win has addressed one of my biggest issues back then: no hooks to secure cables behind the motherboard tray. The In Win 707 has a good number of those, which I also made good use of in this review. But another aspect remains unresolved as there are still the OEM-colored I/O leads. In Win should really jump on the bandwagon and make them all-black.

That said, the 707 comes in at a lower price than the GRone did back then, but it, as such, does not offer quite the same set of functionality. You won't get a hot-swap bay, fan controller, or four fans. Instead, In Win has chosen to go for a cleaner front with aluminum touches and vastly improved liquid-cooling compatibility in the ceiling.

You still get the same great modular HDD-cage approach with the ability to rearrange the two cages in numerous ways to make them fit your needs, lots of space for large components, like PSU and GPUs, and three included fans. So the frame we saw before still makes for an excellent chassis after almost a year has gone by. This goes to show that In Win aims to produce well-designed, high-quality product that last and, in turn, offer the consumer something they can use for a long time, which is also the reason the In Win 707 is just as deserving of the Editor's Choice as the GRone before it.
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