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Lian Li PC-A16b Review

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The installation of the hard drives is very straight forward. All you need to do is take four of the special screws provided, four of the rubber dampeners, attached them to the drive, then slid the drive into the rack. There is no need to remove the rack like I did, unless you want to position it in another bay area. The drives just sit in the rack, and are quite secure. If you want to make sure they wont move, you can put a screw into the rack, and into the drive.

For the installation of the motherboard, take the M/B tray out, attach the standoffs to the tray and then mount the board. You can put the tray back into the case any time, but it's easier to wait until the PSU is mounted.

The Power Supply Unit mounts onto a small bracket via four screws. Once the bracket is a applied, the PSU simply slides into the back of the case and is retained by four thumb screws. This allows for easy removal of the unit, and also, the user can put the PSU in upside down like I did. With the PSU in upside down, the wires are at the back of the case, and sometimes makes for easier wiring.

One issue I ran into was not being able to use the top 5.25" bay. This shot was taking from the front of the case, while a optical drive was in the second bay from the top. As you can see, the wire to the right (power/reset/LED cable) is quite tight on the drive.

Finished Look

My wiring skills aren't the best, however, it is very easy to route and tuck spare wires behind the drive bay area. The biggest issue when trying to make your wires neat with a PSU like the OCZ PowerStream is that there are so many long wires coming off of the PSU, it's hard to get them neat and find places to put them. I tucked most of the spare wires behind the drive bay area, but for the lengths of the main 24pin wires, there was not much I could do about that.
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