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Lian Li Strimer Plus 24-pin & 8-pin Review

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I would like to thank Lian Li for supplying the review sample.

Lian Li presented the Strimer ATX extension cable as a way to offer enthusiasts yet another way to light up a system in a unique fashion. We used it in the Lian Li OC-O11 review as a little additional tidbit and today get to look at the Strimer Plus series, which does not only improve on the original, but also expands the product line from the lone 24-pin ATX variant to a dual 8-pin cable for you to also light up the power delivery to your GPU.

Packaging and Contents

The Strimer Plus cables come in a compact black box with some printed elements on it that are shiny, and the differently sized packages mention which variant of the cable you will get as well.

Out of the box, focusing on the 24-pin Strimer Plus as it is the main unit you would want to start with, it ships with all the cables to connect the separate control unit to power as well as your motherboard and even extend the system beyond these special LED cables. Unlike the original Strimer, which utilized a PCI bracket with a built-in controller, you get a standalone unit with buttons in the Strimer Plus. The manual for both units is the same and covers all the necessary information to get it up and running.

Looking at the contents of the 8-pin GPU power Strimer Plus, all you get next to the manual is a cable to directly connect it to your motherboard should you not have gone with the 24-pin unit and thus don't have the RGB controller mentioned above.
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