NZXT HALE90 850 W Review 2

NZXT HALE90 850 W Review

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NZXT is a company that targets mostly gamers, who known for their high demands and also want pretty looks. Here you should be wondering what looks has to do in a PSU; well if you have a case with a side panel even the PSU counts in the system’s total picture.

Without any doubt NZXT’s HALE90 series units enjoy a really cool look with the white paintjob and the white fans. Also NZXT decided to make their first entry into the PSU market not with a mainstream product but with a high-end one. So all HALE90 members feature 80 PLUS Gold efficiency (at their release time Gold was the highest efficiency level), utilize a modular cabling design, are equipped with an ultra-silent fan and finally have a single +12V rail so you don’t have to bother in which socket to connect each modular cable. In fact in an effort to make the modular connections even easier, all sockets are the same so you can connect any cable to any socket of the modular panel. This is really convenient and simplifies the modular connection procedure.

Several months ago we had reviewed the HALE90 750W and were quite satisfied with it. In today’s review we will take a detailed look at its bigger brother, the HALE90 850W, which is the second strongest unit of the series after the 1000W one. With the six PCIe connectors it has it can support up to three VGAs with two power inputs so it will cover most gamers out there.

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